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Lagos is the perfect holiday destination for your summer vacation! Why? Well, how can you beat a super cute little town centre with amazing cafés and restaurants right by the beach? Actually, the beaches! In Lagos, you have a couple of beautiful beaches to choose from!

In Lagos you really feel like you’re in Portugal! Small white houses with colorful window sills, cobbled streets and always with a view to the blue Atlantic Ocean. Here you can do everything: party all night, relax on one of the amazing white-sanded beaches or, our favorite thing to do: go on a boat tour in Lagos!

We’ve prepared a little selection of the best boat tours in Lagos for you! Since we are experts in boat tours, it’s just a given that we know the best boat tours in Lagos, right?

So here are some of the best boat tours in Lagos:

The sunset is stunning!
The sunset is stunning!
  1. Sunset Wine Cruise in Lagos

The first one of the best boat tours in Lagos is this beautiful and relaxing sunset wine cruise in Lagos. Join us on board this beautiful catamaran with seats in the sun and the shade for a 2-hour trip along the impressive rock formations!

Not only are you able to admire the famous Ponta da Piedade, fascinating cliffs on the coast of Lagos, but can also try delicious local and regional wines, cheese, local snacks and/or seafood. And all of this during the most magical of the day: sunset!

Because of the relaxing atmosphere and the amazing wines and snacks, this is definitely one of the best boat tours in Lagos!

kajak tours in Portugal
The kayak tour takes you very close to the caves and rock formations
  1.  Boat and Kayak Tour to Ponta da Piedade

Yes, this boat tour in Lagos is 2 in 1! First, you get aboard of the beautiful spacious and modern boat. On this boat, we take you to the region of the impressive Ponta da Piedade. Here you can over to the kayak.

A kayak is the best way to discover the amazing caves and grottos of the region around Ponta da Piedade! You can get really close to the rocks and sometimes even inside of a cave! And of course, you stay fit too!

The combination of sightseeing, boat tour and kayaking around the caves and grottos in Lagos makes this boat and kayak tour to Ponta da Piedade one of the best boat tours in Lagos, don’t you think?

Schifffahrt für die ganze Familie in Lagos
You’ll love our catamaran
  1. Family Boat Trip in Lagos

Next up on our list of the best boat tours in Lagos has to be this family boat trip! If you’re on family holidays in Lagos or even with a group of friends or even just alone, don’t miss out on this fun boat trip in Lagos!

This boat tour in Lagos on a catamaran takes you all the way along the coast of Lagos to the famous and beautiful Praia da Luz! On the deck of this amazing catamaran where you can sit in the sun or the shade, you can relax and just admire the natural beauty of the coast. There’s also time for snorkeling, paddle boarding or jump on the water trampoline. So your kids will be entertained!

With so much fun in the sun, this family boat trip in Lagos is definitely one of the best boat tours in Lagos. Oh, and on this boat tour you can also, of course, admire the Ponta da Piedade!

Bootstour nach Ponta da Piedade
Stunning Ponta da Piedade in Lagos (by João Coelho)
  1.  Coastal Cruise in Lagos with Lunch

This coastal cruise in Lagos with lunch just has to be on our list of the best boat tours in Lagos! Why? Easy! It’s the best way to explore the amazing coastline between Lagos all the way to the secret beach called Cabanas Velhas.

On the way to this amazing and secluded beach, you will also be able to see Burgau. Burgau is a real authentic fishermen village in a beautiful bay. The bays of Burgau and Cabanas Velhas are truly beautiful and we’re sure you’ll love them.

In one of the amazing bays, the boat anchors and the friendly crew will serve you a super delicious lunch. And of course, you can also do snorkeling, SUP or jump on the water trampoline. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s one of the best boat tours in Lagos!

5. Sailing and grotto tour

If you like sailing, this sailing and grotto tour is the best option. You will go on an very cool sailing boat to Ponta da Piedade, to change to a smaller boat to visit the caves.


So if you’re on holidays in Lagos, make sure to include at least one of the best boat tours in Lagos in your plans. You wouldn’t want to miss the best time of your life, would you? We hope you enjoy this town and surrounding region as much as we do!

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