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There is nothing quite as exciting and life-changing as the experience of taking a chartered boat through the islands of the Mediterranean sea. There are so many gorgeous sights to see and activities to enjoy that it can really take your breath away. If you are taking a long-term trip, then there is a good chance that you will also be sleeping on the boat at night, and that is where some people have trouble.

Sleeping on a boat is a bit different than sleeping on a stationary bed, so you will likely need to make some adjustments and specific preparations to get the sleep you need so you can enjoy the fun during the day. To help you out, we have some great tips on what to pack, ways to set yourself up for the best chance of sleep, and how to stay comfortable during the night.

The size of the room depends on the type of boat

Pack Accordingly

If you know ahead of time that you will be sleeping on the water and you are not used to that arrangement, then you need to pack accordingly for any potential scenarios that may arise. As far as clothing is concerned, you will want to pack many different combinations so you can be ready for anything, especially when it comes to sleeping. If temperatures are hot, then you want to have shorts and a light shirt. In many cases, nights on the water tend to be cooler, so you may want to pack pajamas so you can sleep comfortably. Layers are always a good bet.

While you’re in a different environment, you will still want to pack the items that you usually sleep with, so you have the best chance of rest while on the water. Some people use sleeping pills while others wear an eye mask, so pack what you need. If you are someone who tends to snore while you sleep, then you may want to bring an anti-snore pillow so you can avoid pain and excess noise for your sake and the benefit of the other passengers.

Depending on the size of your charter boat, there is a chance that you may either sleep outdoors or rest with the roof open so you can view the stars. If you plan to do either, then you may want to also pack some extra insect repellent and give yourself a light spray, so you aren’t disturbed while you sleep. If that is too intrusive, consider packing a mosquito net that you can easily hang over your sleeping space.

Make sure to tay hydrated

Combat Seasickness

One of the biggest culprits that can ruin your sleep while boating is the occurrence of seasickness. Some people have the misconception that seasickness begins with discomfort within your stomach, but really seasickness is a result of conflict within your inner ear, mostly due to your balance being constantly upset by the rocking of the boat. This illness often impacts your sleep because these irregularities confuse your brain, which inhibits your chance to relax.

Remedying seasickness is essential if you hope to get any sleep, and luckily, there are many available remedies, including taking seasickness pills from your local pharmacy. If that is not enough then there are other remedies you can try, including changing your sleep position, drinking some tea as you go to sleep, and nibbling on crackers.

There are other actions that you can take during the day to limit your chance of seasickness at night. While you are out having fun, make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated however you can. When you are dehydrated, it can make seasickness worse. Also, keep busy during the day so you can take your mind off of your potential discomfort. 

Even if you are just hanging out on the boat, you can stay occupied by watching for dolphins, going fishing, or even by playing games like checkers to stay preoccupied and less concerned about potential sickness.

There’s less light pollution at sea, so better views of the sky

Fall Asleep Faster

Since you’ll be busy all day, you want to try to get your shuteye when it gets dark, so to ensure that you fall asleep as quickly as possible, try one of several proven tricks. For instance, you should avoid drinking caffeine for at least a few hours before you go to sleep so it can get out of your system. Nicotine and alcohol can also keep you more awake than you want to be when you lay your head down on your pillow, so avoid it at night.

Although you may want to share your memories on social media and review your photos from the day, you should avoid looking at your phone screen before and while you are lying in bed. Screens emit a lot of blue light that produces high levels of Cortisol, which is a hormone that disrupts your body’s natural sleeping patterns. Instead of looking at a screen, consider reading a book as you lay in bed, especially if it is a book that you enjoy, as it can reduce stress and help you relax.

Finally, you should stick to the regular sleep schedule that you follow when you aren’t on vacation. The easiest way to fall asleep is to have a routine where you go to bed at the same time every night. You may be tempted to stay out later during your holiday, but if you stay up later and wake up early, then you are doing your body a disservice. The goal of every night is to get seven to nine hours of sleep, so focus on that goal. Doing so will provide the rest you need tonight so you can enjoy all of the fun activities tomorrow.

If you are planning on taking a chartered boat through the islands of the Mediterranean sea, then you are destined for an awesome time. Follow the tips discussed here and feel well-rested during your exciting trip.

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