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Edwin Hill, a 28-year-old graduate in political science from Saskatoon, Canada, has spent the past four years traveling abroad as a freelance writer and tutor in English, History, and Philosophy. He has a keen interest in Eastern Europe and has dedicated much of his time living in Ukraine and the Baltic states. At the moment, Edwin lives in Moldova, serving as a political advisor for the Moldovan government. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and exploring remote locations.

Croatia, the heart of Dalmatia. Whenever I cast my mind back to that country, my stomach releases myriads of butterflies. 

This epic sailing journey was the most memorable throughout my Balkan adventure, producing numerous emotions I cherish today. 

Allow me to bring you on this trip I took a few months ago. I hope you’ll be able to relive at least a fraction of what I experienced. 

A Few Words on My Trip

Before jumping into my Croatian adventure, let me step back and give you a bigger picture of my tour. It was September 2022 when I decided to explore Europe and interact with the locals using Couchsurfing (the app where users allow travelers to spend a night at their households in exchange for good talks and positive emotions). 

Having 1.5 months at my disposal, I started my trip in Germany, visiting Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic afterward. Fine times, everlasting memories, I must say. Next, I flew to Istanbul, Turkey, spending three beautiful months at my friend’s. While my primary goal was to withstand cold European winters, I got to know new people while exploring this gigantic city and its unforgettable, quirky, and splendid vibes. 

Magical City of Istanbul

Balkan Adventure

Winter started fading away, so I decided to move forward. Adventures await, right? Anyway, I flew to Greece, where my Balkan tour began, leading me to North Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro. Fast forward four months, I crossed the border with Croatia. 


I’d be lying telling you that Croatia met me wholeheartedly. Picture this: It was raining so heavily that people going to Split had to spend the night in Dubrovnik as the bridge was flooded. Luckily, I’d booked two nights in this cute small city beforehand. Although the weather wasn’t too accommodating, with rains knocking on the roof now and then, I managed to walk in the old town and savor the city’s one-of-a-kind architecture. The photos turned out to be super cool, mainly thanks to my friend, who recommended using an instagram post template. My low-cost adventure looked like a luxurious trip!

The Sailing Adventure Is Slowly Approaching

Upon farewelling Dubrovnik, I took a bus and went to Split, a city I’ve heard of plenty of times. My peers have visited Split and are planning another trip next year. So you can tell how excited I was to discover the city with my own eyes. 

Sadly, the bad weather followed me, so I came to a foggy, wet, and unpleasant (at first glance) Split. Having no roof over my head, I pulled out my phone and opened Couchsurfing. Two minutes later, I’m writing a request to an American girl. Upon getting a positive response and an address, I head to her place. Although she caught a cold, she showed me the city the following day, showing hidden gems she got to know thanks to her local friends. 

We agreed to stay in touch; meanwhile, my journey proceeded. I felt like I didn’t spend enough time in the city, so I found another host and prolonged my stay. Not only was he from the US, but he also knew my first host, so we met for dinner. Once they got to know me better, they offered me to go sailing. The guy was a retired US marine with a small yacht.

And Off We Went 

After countless ridiculous questions (I still feel uncomfortable while recalling this), we got everything we needed and embarked on a seven-day journey. Our route entailed Split-Sutivan-Pucisca-Vrboska-Loviste-Scedro-Pakleni Islands-Split. Everything I saw, from ancient olive groves, vineyards, and pine forests to well-preserved and gorgeous villas, looted ships, and a monastery, was awe-inspiring and vibrant!

We snorkeled, had fun, caught fish, and cooked mouth-watering food. We even attended a party! A huge yacht was passing us, and an owner invited us in. I got to know terrific people with whom we cooperated the next day and discovered epic caves and stunning islands. I am still in touch with them, and we exchange photos: me from my camper van next to the Alps and them from their summer house in Alaska.

An adventure isn’t an adventure without a situation, right? One day, my friend said something was wrong with the rudder and propeller. My first thought was that we were done and my trip was over. But luckily, there was a speed boat sliding through the waves. Seeing that we were trying to troubleshoot our boat, it approached us and offered help. As it turned out, it was a tour boat with a professional aboard. The guy looked at our ship, saying it wasn’t a problem but a five-finger exercise for him, and it looked very much so as he fixed our yacht swiftly. With immense relief, we started the engine and went back to Split, from where I kept traveling until I ended up in France at my girlfriend’s parents’ house.

Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Croatia

Spontaneous Trips Are Always Mesmerizing

If anyone were to tell me that I would embark on a one-week sailing trip with people I haven’t met before, I would not believe it, to say politely. And yet, it’s not for us to decide what life can bring. This sailing journey has jazzed up my entire trip, filling it with heartfelt memories I can’t help but enjoy. I hope you felt the same way as you walked this story with me.

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