sailing with kids in the Algarve

The Algarve, the South of Portugal, is a popular holiday destination for families from all over the world. In fact, there are many reasons why the Algarve is a great destination for those traveling with kids. The Algarve has a mild climate all year round, it’s super safe, there are great family-friendly restaurants and accommodation options as well as things to do. We went sailing in the Algarve with kids and it was one of the most unforgettable experience during these holidays in the Algarve.

We visit the Algarve quite often as my parents and sister live here and my husband and the little one just love it as much as I do. This time, on a summer-like day in March, we grabbed the opportunity to go on a half-day sailing trip in Portimão. We had such a great time that we decided to write this post to convince you to take you kids out sailing in the Algarve too!

Here are our 5 reasons why you should go sailing with kids in the Algarve:

These sailboats are very spacious!

1 – Sailing boats are very kid-friendly

Among the different types of vessels we have at SeaBookings, sailboats, be it monohauls or catamarans are some of the most kid-friendly. Especially on private charters, you have plenty of space for you and your family. While some may be actively helping in the sailing, others may be relaxing in the sun and the youngest ones may even be napping in the shade. When the sea is calm, sailing boats are suitable for all ages, from babies to grandparents!

Why such a serious face if sailing is so relaxing?

2 – You’ll be involved in the sailing and your kids too

On the sailing trip we did in Portimão with the kids, we were actively participating in the sailing. If you prefer not to, of course, you’re free to simply sit back and relax, but for us, learning some new skills was super exciting!

Is sailing a new hobby or will she continue preferring to draw?

3 – You and your kids may discover a new hobby

As you’ll be sailing yourself, pushing the ropes and steering the boat, you may discover that you actually really like it and want to learn more about sailing. Or maybe, you’re an avid sailor and would like to show your kids what sailing is all about. Well, here you’ve got the perfect setting to do so: great boats, experienced skippers and incredible scenery and some of the best conditions in Europe!

Just being outside and exploring nature would be a reason to take the kids sailing!

4 – You’ll be doing an outdoor activity together

It’s scientifically proven that experiences bring more happiness than things. Spending time together with our kids is one of the most valuable things we can do. We can guarantee you that the morning we spent out sailing with the kids in the Algarve won’t be forgotten soon! And how healthy is breathing the fresh sea breeze and charing up some vitamin D?

Enjoy the stunning coastline around Portimão

5 – You can adapt the experience according to your preferences and needs

With our 6-year-old, we thought a full-day sailing experience might be a little too much this time of the year. In March, the weather can still be a bit tricky in Portugal but fortunately, we were blessed with 20 degrees and a blue sky. In reality, time flew by while we were sailing along the beautiful Algarve coastline! Next time, we’ll probably go for a full-day experience to have more time to explore some of the many cute secluded beaches of the area. And one day, we already promised the little one, we’ll be spending a night or two on a boat. How cool is that?

As you can see, sailing with kids in the Algarve is a great thing to do when visiting Portugal. And you don’t need to worry about catering as this can be arranged (and we highly recommend it! We had a delicious brunch on board!). The only thing you need to care about is to bring a wind-jacket (which we did not use this time, but you never know) and a hat and sunscreen (yes, even this time of the year the sun can be strong already!).

Feel free to book your sailing experience here or contact us if you’ve got any questions or suggestions about sailing or other boat tours with kids in the Algarve. Happy holidays!

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