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As I guess you know, this beautiful Mediterranean island is known worldwide for its stunning sunsets. Throughout this article I will tell you where to see the best sunsets in Ibiza, something you should not miss if you visit this paradise, comparable only to the beautiful sunset in Formentera, Santorini or Zadar in Croatia.

Sunset in Benirras

The sunset in Benirras is undoubtedly the most picturesque sunset in Ibiza. From one of the best coves of Ibiza hundreds of people witness every summer evening the sunset behind the Cap Bernat islet, popularly known as the „Finger of God“.

One of the best sunsets in Ibiza that you will have the opportunity to contemplate every Sunday of the summer months accompanied by the rhythm of the drums of the hippie community of the island, one of the most important in the world along with those of San Francisco and Amsterdam.

If you feel like it, you can contemplate this beautiful sunset in Ibiza having a mojito, a coffee or a drink from the terraces of the beach clubs „Elements“ and „Roca y Mar“.

As a tip, if you want to see this beautiful sunset in Ibiza, especially on Sundays, I recommend you to come early because due to the crowds of people, the police can even cut the road.

You can check the exact time when the sun sets in Ibiza on the website of the National Astronomical Observatory of Spain.

Sunset in Ibiza from the viewpoints of Es Vedra

How about a stand-up paddle sunset tour?

Among all the places to watch the sunset in Ibiza, my favorite is Cala d’Hort.

Although you can see the sunset from the beach itself, I recommend you to go up to one of its viewpoints, the one located at the foot of the watchtower of Es Savinar and the one located in the same tower. I assure you that you will be amazed with this fabulous sunset in Ibiza, watching the sun sets behind the mysterious Es Vedrá, an islet of 382 meters high of which many stories are told as it is the third most magnetic place on the planet, which inspired Homer’s Odyssey or that is a piece of the mythical Atlantis, among others.

Sunset in San Antonio Ibiza

The sunset in San Antonio Ibiza, is perhaps the best known of the island. From the famous ‚Sunset Strip‘ or Paseo de ses Variades, where the mythical Café del Mar and Café Mambo are located, you can contemplate one of the most beautiful and popular sunsets in the world.

Here you can choose to witness the spectacle between a bench on the promenade, a seat in one of the cafes, taking a delicious cocktail accompanied by the music of a DJ or just a rock by the sea. This last option is the one I chose the first time I visited the island more than 12 years ago and although since then I have witnessed countless sunsets in Ibiza, the first I keep a very special memory of something to do in Ibiza without a doubt!

Sunset in Cala Conta or Platges de Comte

Another of the best places to see sunset in Ibiza is Cala Conta or Platges de Comte, a set of beautiful beaches with beautiful turquoise blue crystal clear waters, 15 minutes from San Jose and almost 20 from San Antonio.

For many this is one of the best sunsets in Ibiza due to the orientation of the beach to the west and the atmosphere of the people who are concentrated in it.

From this place you can see how the sun sets behind the islets of S’illa d’es Bosc and S’Espartar. To do this you can choose to do it from the sand, sitting on one of the cliffs or in the beach bars Sunset Ashram or Cala Escondida, an ecological establishment located in Racó d’en Xic, a small nudist cove. Always, of course, accompanied by a rich cocktail and good music that make this one of the best sunsets in Ibiza.

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