Benagil or Ponta da Piedade

Benagil or Ponta da Piedade?  What’s this about?

The Algarve is probably one of the most beautiful regions to visit during your summer holidays in the whole of Europe! At least we at SeaBookings are in love with the white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and cute little villages all along the coast from Tavira over Faro and Albufeira to the wild cliffs of Sagres. No wonder that the Algarve won the award for Europe’s Leading Beach Destination in 2017!

One thing the Algarve is especially famous for is the stunning rock formations. In the south of Portugal, you can admire some of the most impressive sea caves and grottos in the whole of Europe and actually the whole world. The two most famous caves are Benagil and Ponta da Piedade in Lagos.

Bootstour nach Ponta da Piedade
Stunning Ponta da Piedade in Lagos (by João Coelho)

The Benagil caves are really famous and are one of the top tourist attractions in Portugal. Even the famous paper The Huffington Post included the Benagil sea cave in their list of the 10 coolest caves around the world. But also the Ponta da Piedade in Lagos is one of the Must-Dos during your holidays in the Algarve! The beautiful rock formations at this spot will amaze you, we guarantee it! So, the question is: Benagil or Ponta da Piedade?

Luckily, the Algarve is not too big. So if you’re on holidays in the Algarve, you can actually visit both of the famous caves in Portugal in one day. The best and quickest way to visit both is with a full day private boat tour from Portimão, that will take you first to Benagil and then all the way to Lagos to see the Ponta da Piedade as well as all the other cute bays of the region.

Our Private Boat tour to Benagil and Ponta da Piedade is probably the best option for you and your family or group of friends to see both of stunning rock formations in just one cruise! Just be aware that due to the distance between the 2 caves, it’s not possible to do see both sites in less than 6 hours boat tour.

The caves of Benagil are very photogenic ;)
The caves of Benagil are very photogenic 😉

If you only want to visit one, Benagil or Ponta da Piedade, and need some help in deciding which one, let us help you! Benagil or Ponta da Piedade – we will help you make your best choice!

  1. Benagil caves

So as we already know, the Benagil caves are absolutely amazing! They are the top attraction of the Algarve by far. The natural beauty that was created by the pure force of the sea is just impressive. No wonder that so many people are attracted by this unique piece of art created by mother nature herself.

Benagil Tour von Portimo How to get from Lisbon to Benagil Bootstour nach Benagil von Lagos
Benagil is one of the most impressive caves of Europe (be aware that getting off the boat is not permitted on most tours)

The caves of Benagil are located near the town of Lagoa. The Benagil caves are great to visit especially if you’re staying around the area of Vilamoura, Albufeira, Carvoeiro and Lagos, as they are located not even an hour away by car. Portimão is the nearest harbour to the Benagil cave. We actually have quite a lot of different boat tours from these destinations all going to Benagil.

However, be aware that due to local regulations passengers are not allowed to get off the boat to walk around the beach of Benagil.

On a SUP tour you can explore the inside of the cave
On a SUP tour, you can explore the inside of the cave

If you actually want to walk around inside of the cave, the best ways to do so if with a Kayak tour or even with a Stand-Up Paddle tour! That way you can get really close to the fascinating rock formations and actually walk inside of the cave. Here you can also take the most beautiful pictures to show back home! Most tours to Benagil, be it by boat, kayak or SUP will take you to many different caves and rock formations. The arches of Praia da Marinha are also a highlight!

Benagil Grottenfahrt
The famous rock formations of Marinha are very near Benagil

The best time to visit the Benagil caves is actually after midday because that’s when the sun shines her light inside of the cave, creating wonderful scenery. However, in the morning it can be better as there’s usually less wind and waves. During summer, it can get quite busy around the cave because it is so popular. But don’t worry, it is still absolutely fascinating and you will not be disappointed!

  1. Ponta da Piedade

The beautiful rock formations of Ponta da Piedade are just outside the centre of the authentic Portuguese little town called Lagos, a little further west than Benagil. The cute little beaches with the high cliffs and amazing rocks are characteristic of Lagos. Ponta da Piedade is the highlight of this scenery, with its impressive cliffs and caves.

kayak tours lagos - kayaktour
If you like to stay active during your holidays, we recommend this kayak tour

You can walk along the small paths all along the cliffs along Praia Dona Ana, Praia do Camilo and Praia do Pinhão and stand on top of the edge of Ponta da Piedade looking out on the sea. But the best way to explore this natural beauty is from below, from the sea looking up! That’s when you really feel the power of nature!

Boat tours are definitely the most relaxed way to see the Ponta da Piedade and all the amazing region around it from up close. If you want to do something more sporty, we really recommend a kayak tour or even a Stand-Up Paddle tour. Especially the early morning SUP Grotto Tours in Lagos are amazing because you get to admire Ponta da Piedade while everybody else is still asleep!

boat tour to Benagil and Ponta da Piedade How to get around in the Algarve pic by João Coelho
You can walk to Ponta da Piedade or go by sea

So for all those staying further in the west end of the Algarve, Ponta da Piedade is geographically closer. But you can actually also get on a boat tour from Lagos to Benagil! So in this case – no more excuses, you just really should visit both caves during your holidays in the Algarve 😉

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