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Algarve Boat Festival, the unique concept to party in times of pandemic is ready for its third edition

Algarve Boat Festival

It’s already the second summer in times of pandemic and festivals and other events continue to be postponed or cancelled. Confronted with this scenario, the Algarve Boat Festival was born: one stage, multiple dance floors, at sea. It is SeaBookings, a Portuguese Start-Up dedicated to maritime tourism, with the support of the Municipality of Lagos, that hosts this innovative concept of partying for the third time. It’s a unique concept, like a Drive-in Cinema where the cars are boats and the screen, a stage-boat, creating a safe event according to the guidelines of the Directorate-General of Health of Portugal (DGS).

The Algarve Boat Festival is an exclusive concept to party in times of pandemic. “The Festival consists of various separate parties, united in one single event! And out at sea, of course!”. The two first editions, the festival tickets were sold out in a few days. 

Lagos hosted locals and tourists from all different age groups that came together at sea, surrounding one main boat – the stage-boat. Each group has their own unique dancefloor: a boat! Groups can join with their own boats, or rent one through the SeaBookings platform. One stage, multiple dance floors. At sea, social distancing and fresh air are guaranteed! 

Like its first edition, the date for the next edition will be August 29th, to celebrate the typical “Banho 29” in an original way. “Festa do Banho”, as this festivity is also known, is a local tradition that has transformed into a popular party, part of the culture of Lagos, for many years.

After the epic first edition of the festival, the second edition took place in June this year, to celebrate the start of the summer. For its third edition, the algarvian DJ Pete Tha Zouk will be the spotlight of the line-up, a true national reference when it comes to electronic music with international success. To warm up, DJ Astrella will be pairing up with Carlos Glória Sax, Lagos local, to get the party boats ready for this incredible end of summer party! The artists will play at the main boat, which won’t have any guests beside the organization team on board.

Festival guests can join with their boats, whether it’s their own or a rented one. And there are also limited spots available on bigger shared party boats, for those who don’t have their own boats and don’t want to rent one for themselves. However, the Early-Bird tickets for these boats have already sold out.

The Algarve Boat Festival is supported by the Municipality of Lagos and the Marina of Lagos. The Marina offers a night’s stay after the festival for boats from other Marinas. And the Port of Lagos, as well as the maritime police, will be present to enforce the Contingency Plan in order to comply with the “Safe Event” requirements by DGS.

The start of the event will be at 15h00, with a Festival Parade, along the coastline from Lagos to Luz Bay, where the boats will anchor. The party will go on for approximately 3,5 hours. Tickets can be bought online, on the website of the festival, via email or through official partners of the event. For those who can’t party at the site, the festival will be streamed live on the Facebook pages of SeaBookings and the Município de Lagos

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