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Finding cheap airline tickets for students can be tricky. Most sites that claim to offer students discounts on airline tickets actually only offer a fare search system similar to major travel sites. However, while student airfare discounts often vary, some sites do target student travelers looking for the best deals. In some cases, you must provide proof that you are a student to access the search fares. But others are more lenient and don’t require ID to book.

If you have already spent money to buy persuasive essays so you don’t have to worry about it when you travel, contact one of the services below and get a discount on your tickets.

STA Travel 

STA Travel, the world’s largest student travel agency, should definitely be your first destination. They offer an easy-to-use search engine and many resources for first-time travelers across the country or abroad. Check out STA’s weekly airfare deals for students to find the cheapest fares as a group.

Student Universe

Student Universe sticks to its motto: “Students fly cheaper”. And they live up to it. The company is registered with the Better Business Bureau and has thousands of reviews, ensuring that this is not a one-day deal. Registration is required, but it’s free and worth the time. However, there is a caveat on the website. 

Only university students and faculty can buy student airline tickets. Student Universe confirms that you are indeed a student and therefore eligible for student airline tickets before checking your enrollment status.

However, don’t worry. The approval process is simple and should not delay your flight search. As an added bonus, Student Universe airfare prices include all fees and taxes, so there are no nasty surprises at checkout.

Travel Cuts

Canadian Travel Cuts offers some unique features in addition to the usual flight search. You’ll find links to adventure tours and a handy search engine for events and activities. Choose from life-changing experiences like the annual Rhino Charge in Kenya, then book your itinerary to include this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Travel Cuts also offers great deals on more than just flights. For example, students can get discounts on airfare, trips, and travel insurance. It’s worth checking out their website before booking.

CheapOair Student Fares

CheapOair’s website has a special section for student travelers, where you can often find great deals that are hard to find elsewhere. When you enter your destination and dates, be sure to check the “Youth (16 to 25 years old)” box to get the discount.

Generation Fly

Lufthansa operates the Generation Fly website, which offers the lowest airfares for students. The program is for U.S. students ages 12 to 25 with a valid “.edu” email address. If you are lucky enough to have this email suffix, sign up because Lufthansa flies to 81 countries. However, the best deals are to European countries served by Lufthansa planes.

Secret Flying

Secret Flying is not specifically for students, but it is one of the travel industry’s best-kept secrets. Every day the site posts fantastic deals on flights around the world, such as from San Francisco to Barcelona, from Boston to Xi’an, from Seattle to London, and from Boston to Aruba. Sign up for Secret Flying’s email newsletter or visit their website every day for new travel deals from North America – and don’t miss out on your choices! It’s one of the easiest ways to pick up a flight much cheaper than a student.

To that end, when planning your trip, be sure to look for great deals. Some airlines themselves may have great sales that will get you a better deal than any student fare. Go to Skyscanner and do a broad search before you click “confirm”. While student deals often get you the best fares, they are not always 100 percent guaranteed.

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