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By Femke Irik, co-founder and experience-tester at SeaBookings.

The kayak tour in Lagos is a must for everyone who is capable to do so. But no worries, it’s not very demanding. You don’t need to be in top shape, only to be able to swim 😉 Ponta da Piedade is known for the most impressive caves, cliffs and amazingly clear water. While kayaking in Lagos, you’ll discover this little paradise on your kayak. Ready?

People often ask me:

What is the best way to discover Ponta da Piedade?

Well, for me there is no doubt! Go kayaking in Lagos! 

Be impressed by Ponta da Piedade
Be impressed by Ponta da Piedade

Here are 5 reasons why I love kayaking in Lagos

1. You can’t get closer to the caves than on a kayak

There are many small caves and tunnels which are only accessible by kayak or SUP.

You can make stunning pictures
You can make stunning pictures

2. Breath, live and enjoy

There is no better feeling than being healthy, sporty and having fun at the same time. The fresh sea breeze will make you feel alive.

kajak tours in Portugal
The kayak tour takes you very close to the caves and rock formations

3. Be together

Kayaking in Lagos is done with 2 people each kayak. I have never seen someone not smiling on this tour. It’s great for family fun or even team building.

kayak tours - lagos, portugal
It’s a true teamwork

4. Time to swim, snorkel and rest on a beach

The kayak tour in Lagos takes you over to a lovely beach, where everyone can swim or do some snorkelling. Ponta da Piedade has amazing beaches along the coastline, you will have the chance to rest a bit on a beautiful beach which is inaccessible by land.

You can even bring your dog!
You can even bring your dog!

5. Unforgettable memories

I have kayaked in Lagos several times now, and I will never forget how much fun it was. I should book a kayak tour in Lagos myself soon 😉

kayak tours - lagos
You can take a rest on a hidden beach


In Lagos, we have two kayak tours:

I recommend to book on time and to bring a waterproof camera or GoPro to capture the moments! Don’t forget to share #seabookings. Enjoy!


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