Lisbon in Winter

Lisbon is probably one of the most booming cities in the south of Europe. No wonder – with the colorful mix of culture, cuisine, sea and sun it’s the perfect destination for a city trip.

The fact that you can get cheap flights from pretty much every other European country facilitates it even more! And there’s more! Wanna know what? Here are our top 3 reasons for a short trip to Lisbon in winter!

Lisbon's colors by night
Lisbon’s colors by night
  1. There are fewer crowds at the tourist attractions in Lisbon in Winter

The first and probably most obvious one of the top 3 reasons for a short trip to Lisbon in winter is the fact, that there are a lot fewer tourists in the city! This way, you can visit all the main tourist attractions without having to wait for too long in the queues and take pictures of the monuments without many people around!

The tower of Belém, Jeronimos monastery, São Jorge castle and the famous Cristo Rei are just some of the main attractions in Lisbon you can enjoy and admire during your short trip to Lisbon in Winter without them being overcrowded! If you want, you can also join one of our sightseeing boat tours in Lisbon. In our opinion, it’s the best way to explore the main attractions from the River Tagus!

Get aboard of "Évora" for a sightseeing cruise
Get aboard of “Évora” for a sightseeing cruise

Sitting on the deck of a comfortable boat in the sun, sipping on a coffee and at the same time admiring all the historic attractions of Lisbon while cruising past them – there’s no better way to relax! Who said boat tours are only fun in summer? In winter you get to enjoy them just as much, we promise!

  1. The mild weather 

Did you also know, that this city has 3x more hours of sunshine during the winter months than the average of northern Europe? And that in the coldest month, which is January, the average temperature is between 11°C and 19°C. Doesn’t sound too bad for winter, hey? Surely if you come from Nothern Europe, these mild temperatures will be a total plus for you and one of the top 3 reasons for a short trip in winter!

On some days, your can even enjoy a coffee in the sun wearing only a t-shirt!
On some days, you can even enjoy a coffee in the sun wearing only a t-shirt!

Walking around the cute little streets of Lisbon without a big coat and a lot of layers to keep you warm sounds pretty inviting, don’t you think!? If you visit Lisbon in winter, you can enjoy your “bica”, a small coffee, and the delicious pastry Pastel de Nata sitting on the terrace of a cute café in the sunshine.

If you sit there long enough, you’ll even be able to get a little tan  in the sweet sun of Lisbon! Surely this is a great alternative to those dark and cold winter days!

Lisbon Portugal
Stall along Lisbon’s narrow streets or catch the tram

Another reason for the mild weather being one of the top 3 reasons for a short trip to Lisbon in winter is that you can actually walk around the city without getting too hot! The temperatures in summer can get pretty high in Lisbon! All those hilly streets don’t look too inviting if you’re pouring down sweat! In winter you can explore the city walking, and don’t start sweating like a pig!

  1.   More affordable accommodation and meals

Obviously, most of the prices for hotels, etc. are lower during the off-season than they are in high season! So if you look around, you might find some pretty amazing deals for your short break in Lisbon in winter.

From flights, hotel, to boat tours and any other kind of activity, like dolphin watching for example – mostly you will find cheaper prices and pretty good deals during the winter months!

In fact, January is actually the time of the year where you can get the cheapest hotel rooms! Flights are generally the cheapest in November, but really they are still super cheap in January.

If you’re lucky, you can, for example, fly from Germany to Lisbon and back for only 20€! That’s definitely a reason for a short trip to Lisbon, right!? As we saw, you can actually enjoy the city better than during summer and spend a lot less money!

Even some restaurants and cafés have the low season and high season prices. And compared to northern european countries, the cost of eating out in Lisbon and Portugal in general is a lot cheaper.

So if you visit Lisbon in winter and save money for hotel and flights, you actually can spend more money on yummy food and other fun stuff! Why not try surfing in Lisbon with the extra money? 

Surfing in Lisbon
Surfing in Lisbon is done all year round

As you can see, Lisbon is a perfect destination for a little winter getaway! These were our top 3 reasons for a short trip to Lisbon in winter, but we can assure you that there are maaaaany more!

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  1. Also, if you want to surf you have to travel quite a bit. Closest beach is probably Carcavelos beach which takes you at lest 30-40 minutes by car from Lisbon.

  2. We visit Lisbon more often during the winter months. Being able to enjoy the city (still often in sunshine) is so much nicer without the crowds and the best part is the photographs, it is a photographers dream as many of the sites can be photographed without having somebody stood in front of you.

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