Your luxurious private boat in Lisbon up to 50 guests

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Book your luxurious private boat in Lisbon for a unique event on the Tagus up to 50 guests

Lisbon, located by the emblematic Tagus River is the perfect city for an event on a boat. We’d like to introduce you to this luxurious private boat in Lisbon up to 55 guests. It’s a motor yacht ideal for corporate and private events. We’ve organized many successful networking drinks and parties like bachelor and birthday parties in Lisbon.

This luxurious private boat in Lisbon has a capacity up to 55 guests, however, we recommend to keep the group up to 45-50 passengers, so there’s enough space to dance! Talking about dancing… You can bring your own playlist and tune into our sound system via a mini-jack cable or we can put on our playlist, according to the mood of the event. Alternatively, how about inviting a DJ onboard?

Details about the luxurious private boat in Lisbon:

  • Maximum capacity: 55 passengers
  • Maximum recommended capacity: 45 passengers
  • Length: 15 meters
  • Width (mouth): 5 meters
  • Number of WC's: 1
  • Marina: Santo Amaro docks, Alcântara, Lisbon

Regarding catering, for safety reasons, it’s not permitted to bring your own drinks, sorry. If you’re up for organizing your event on our luxurious private boat in Lisbon, let us know. We’re happy to help you customize it to your needs to make it truly unforgettable! 


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Your luxurious private boat in Lisbon up to 50 guests