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Are you ready for whale watching tour in San Diego?

This boat cruise in San Diego takes you on a 3-hour whale-watching tour. Our friendly crew will not only provide you with sightings of magnificent whales and dolphins on your boat cruise, but you will also have an educational experience where you can learn about these species that visit the sea near San Diego harbor. Whether you're from Los Angeles or somewhere else in the world, this whale-watching tour is well worth the drive. 

From December to April, you can see a part of the incredible 10,000-mile annual migration of the Pacific gray whale from Alaska to Mexico. These whales, which can grow to be 30 to 50 feet long and weigh up to 40 tons, leave their summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea and travel south to the remote lagoons of Baja to give birth to their calves. We're lucky enough to watch both southbound and northbound migration all the way through April. There have even been sightings as close as a half mile from our bay.

The blue whale is the largest mammal that has ever lived on Earth. They can be 90 feet long or over 100 feet long and weigh up to 200 tons. In terms of size and weight, the finback whale is only second to the blue whale. It is one of the fastest of the big whales, and its nickname, "greyhound of the sea," comes from the fact that it can move up to 23 mph (37 km/hr).  Minke, humpback, and sperm whale sightings are also likely. All of these incredible whales can be spotted 5 to 9 miles off shore feeding on our local banks.

Most cruises include a variety of playful dolphins (Short-beaked and Long-beaked Common, Pacific Bottlenose, Risso's, and Pacific White-sided), with some pods numbering in the thousands! These dolphins will often swim up to the boat on their own to meet you and show you how amazing they are at doing tricks. Our on-staff marine biologists will, of course, have a variety of interesting marine life facts to share with you throughout your cruise.

California sea lions, Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola), and a broad variety of sea birds welcome you on every cruise. This boat can accommodate up to 128 passengers and has indoor and outdoor seating as well as bathrooms. We'd love to be able to show you real whales on every trip, but these large, gorgeous animals don't always want to be seen. So here's our guarantee to you: if you don't spot a whale or dolphin, you'll get a free ticket to join us on another whale watching tour.

What are you waiting for? Join us now on this whale watching tour in San Diego!



  • This experience provides a close encounter with these wonderful mammals;

  • Extremely high chance of spotting wild dolphins with the experienced crew;

  • Search for and observe wild dolphins and other marine life in their natural habitat;

  • Seeing these mamals in their natural habitat is really a magical moment;

  • We will do our best to find some marine mammals, and if you are unlucky to not find them on your first ride, we invite you to join us for another trip;


  • We can't guarantee you'll see dolphins / whales. They are totally wild and not fed. Success rates are very high;

  • All sea experiences are subject to the weather and sea conditions. In case of bad conditions, we'll contact you to reschedule or arrange a refund;

  • Detailed tour operator information, including local phone number and exact address, is included in your confirmation email;

  • We recommend bringing sunscreen and comfortable clothes;


  • Perfect activity for your group of friends or family to celebrate special occasions;

  • The dolphin watching tour will be accompanied by a marine expert who can tell you all the secrets about the animals and other life in the sea;

  • On board, you’ll have access to toilets and there are shaded areas;

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Whale Watching Tour in San Diego