Team building Regatta in Lisbon

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This team building Regatta in Lisbon is an ideal and fun team building event for all types of companies. It motivates the employees and encourages communication and teamwork. It's challenging but everyone can enjoy regardless of the fitness level. The team building regatta in Lisbon is suitable for groups from 8 to 70 people (or even more!). We recommend having about 7 participants in each boat for a demanding and fun challenge. We’ll use identical boats of 12 meters, prepared for regattas and destined to the practice of Match Racing!

These boats allow an extremely radical experience where fun and adrenaline are guaranteed. With a maximum capacity of 10 people per boat, the recommended capacity is 7 participants plus skipper and sailor. The group will be divided into smaller groups that will leave Belém on two, three or four (or more) 12-meter sailboats. The route will be defined on the same day, according to the wind conditions. We’ll set short distances forcing the boats to manoeuvre sharply and fast for at least 1 hour each race. After all the excitement, we'll take you on a relaxing sightseeing sailing tour to enjoy Lisbon from a unique perspective. 

Team building Regatta in Lisbon Program:
  • Meeting in Belém
  • 15 minutes briefing to explain the race 
  • 30 minutes of sailing practice 
  • 45 minutes race (1nd Match Racing)
  • 15 minutes rest
  • 60 minutes race (2nd Match Racing)
  • 60 minute relaxed sightseeing sailing with drinks and snacks
  • Return to the Dock  

€ 1,250,00 (2 sailboats) 
€ 1,675.00 (3 sailboats) 
€ 1.875,00 (4 sailboats)

Total duration: 3 hours approximately

  • Vessels
  • 1 support vessel
  • 1 skipper per boat
  • 1 sailor per boat
  • Trophies
  • 1-hour relaxing sailing tour
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Insurance  


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Team building Regatta in Lisbon