Are you ready to learn how to surf in Madeira?

Visiting the island of Madeira and would like to learn a new sport? How about an island-surf lesson? The lessons to learn how to surf in Madeira are given on the beautiful beaches of volcanic sand, in the north-eastern part of the island. Learning how to surf in Madeira is accessible to all ages and suitable for all levels of experience.
The coaches who’ll teach you how to surf in Madeira are certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation and have an extensive experience in teaching and surfing. Surfing is rather dependent on weather conditions. On Madeira Island, weather and ocean conditions vary a lot and we shall always search for the best alternative to ensure the complete enjoyment of our activities.
Surfing first started in Madeira in the 1970s, namely in the villages of Paul do Mar, Jardim do Mar and Ponta Pequena. Nowadays, Lugar de Baixo and São Vicente are also popular surf spots and the beaches off Funchal, Madeira’s capital, sometimes have fun left-handers.

  • Did you know that in 2001, the World Big Wave Championships were held in Madeira?
  • All surf classes include a theoretical session and warming up of about 15 minutes and about 1h30m of practice;
  • We provide pick-up and drop-off from and to your hotel in Funchal, Caniço, Garajau and East side (West side we charge an extra cost of 10,00€ per way);
  • The whole crew has acquired specific training in each operating field, which allows us to render an excellent professional and safe service;
  • The surf lessons are given in small groups for better learning and personal attendance (max 8 pax);
  • We’ll take you to exclusive surf areas far from the busy touristic zones to enjoy nature and good waves.  
Don’t forget:
  • Bring sunscreen, swimming gear, towel, hat, sun protection;
  • Surfboard, wetsuit, leash and insurance are included;
  • Does not include drinks and snacks, so bring water and a light meal if you want;
  • Please check-in 20 minutes before the lesson or agree on pick-up location and time;
  • We’ll send you detailed information about the surf school, including phone number and address, in your confirmation email.  


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