Private traditional boat in Lisbon (up to 56 pax)

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Are you ready for a tour on a private traditional boat in Lisbon?

Onboard of a spacious and charming traditional boat in Lisbon, your event will be unforgettable. We have two traditional boats available in Lisbon. These boats are typical from the Tagus estuary and are one of the most important cultural heritages of its coastal communities. The traditional boats of the Tagus River are known for their incredible typological diversity. Among the various types of vessels, some Of the most popular are: Fragatas, Varinos, Botes, Canoas and Catraios.

With the introduction of road bridges over the Tagus River in the late '60s, these vessels entered into disuse leading to their abandonment. Two of the thousands of boats from those times are now used for boat tours on the Tagus river, both shared and on a private basis:
  • Sejas Feliz (“Be Happy”), typology: Bote de Fragata; built in 1947; 15m and up to 56 pax; 
  • Sou do Tejo (“I'm from the Tagus”), typology: Varino; built in the late 19th century; 19m and up to 40 pax.

Both of these unique traditional boats in Lisbon were fully refurbished in 2014. According to your preference, pick your boat and we will take you for a sightseeing tour in Lisbon. While enjoying your time on board, we’ll show you the city from a unique perspective! Join us with your family and friends and explore the city in the most enjoyable way!

This private boat experience in Lisbon is ideal to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, bachelor parties. For groups up to 56 people, we’ve organized many successful networking and other events aboard. And even the fanciest sunset boat parties! These boats are also very popular for corporate events in Lisbon like team-buildings and even lunch or dinner on board. How about a business meeting on board?

There’s plenty of space to network and dance! Talking about dancing… You can bring your own music and tune into the sound system via a mini-jack cable or we can put on our playlist, according to the mood of the event.

Regarding the itinerary of this boat trip in Lisbon, you can choose what you prefer. The friendly local skippers always have their preferred tour along the main attractions of the city like the 25 de Abril bridge, Torre de Belém (Belém Tower), Praça do Comércio, Cais do Sodré, Cristo Rei and Lisbon Cathedral in Alfama. You'll get the best views of Lisbon, that's for sure!

Details about the private traditional boats in Lisbon:

  • Maximum capacity: 56 / 40
  • Length: 15m / 19m
  • “Sejas Feliz” has a spacious open deck of 19 sqm with removable seats;
  • “Sou do Tejo” has a big  indoor living room with a long table for meals;
  • Model: Bote de Fragata / Varino
  • Crew: 2 pax
  • Number of WC’s: 1 / 2
  • Boarding: Cais do Sodré Ferry Terminal (Transtejo), Lisbon

Rates of these traditional boats:

  • Morning / evening from: 340€ for 1 hour; 565€ for 2 hours; 790€ for 3 hours and 1015€ for 4 hours;
  • Afternoon from: 450€ for 1 hour; 750€ for 2 hours; 1050€ for 3 hours and 1350€ for 4 hours;
  • Sunset from: 1050€ for 2 hours; 1350€ for 3 hours and 1770€ for 4 hours;

Catering on this traditional boat in Lisbon:

  • You can bring your own at no additional cost;
  • Portuguese Snacks: fried finger food, mixed cheese platter and bread from 12,50€ per person;
  • Open bar: red and white wine, beer, soft drinks and water from 15€ per person.

Entertainment services for this traditional boat rental in Lisbon:

  • Live Fado: 2 guitarists and 1 singer from 625€ for two hours and 190€ extra per hour;
  • Guitarist: from 250€ for two hours and 88€ extra per hour;
  • DJ: from 500€ for two hours and 125€ extra per hour.

For safety reasons, we kindly ask you to consume alcoholic beverages responsibly. All private tours include a skipper, fuel, insurance and taxes. Schedules are flexible. Let us know what times are best for you so we can check availability and prices.

If you’re up for organizing your event on our traditional boat in Lisbon, let us know. We’re happy to help you customize it to your desires to make this boat trip truly unforgettable! If you visit Lisbon with a group, a boat charter is a must!


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Clean & Safe
Private traditional boat in Lisbon (up to 56 pax)