Dolphin Observation in Lagos with Marine Biologists

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Are you ready for dolphin observation in Lagos?

The dolphin observation in Lagos is one of the most popular things to do when on holidays in the Algarve. Most likely, the dolphin observation in Lagos will be the most exciting day of your holidays! Come aboard on one of our super-fast and comfortable rigid inflatable passenger boats or the brand new 22 seater Motor Catamaran with bench seating and extra viewing room!

Embrace this ocean adventure searching for various species of wild dolphins, and occasionally whales, observing them up close. Dolphin observation in Lagos will create memories for you and your whole family!
This dolphin observation in Lagos is carried out by one of the first dolphin watching companies in the Algarve with Marine Biologists on every trip. We invite you on an exhilarating wildlife safari on the Atlantic Ocean. We will take you out onto the ocean in search of these beautiful creatures. The crew will do all it can to make sure you get to observe the dolphins. T

he passengers are also engaged in the fun search of these creatures. However, we deal with wild animals and we cannot guarantee a 100%. Usually, we see dolphins on 95% of our trips, so the chance is extremely high. Dolphin observation in Lagos is a true adventure! Will you join us?

Come and join us for an experience of a lifetime! Believe us: dolphin observation in Lagos is a truly magical moment.


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Dolphin Observation in Lagos with Marine Biologists
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