Dolphin & coastal sailing in Madeira

Dolphin, Sailing

Are you ready to go sailing in Madeira along the coast and to observe the dolphins?

Sailing in Madeira is an incredible experience for all, adults and children. This experience sailing in Madeira will take you on a cruise along the coast and to observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. The observation of these magnificent marine mammals in their natural habitat is a moment that stays forever in our memory. This experience sailing in Madeira takes place on our beautiful traditional wooden sailing boat. 

The waters in Madeira Island are very rich in cetaceans: marine mammals that live exclusively in an aquatic habitat, like the whales and dolphins. Almost 30 species of cetaceans can be found around the Madeira Islands, like: Common dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Pilot whales, Bottlenose dolphins, Striped dolphins, Fin whale, Bryde's whales, Killer whales and Sperm whales. During this tour, the chances to experience encounters with cetaceans are very high.

However, we cannot promise that we find marine wildlife on every trip because we deal with wild animals that are not fed. Fortunately, our skippers are very experienced and as such, especially in some seasons according the different species and their migrations by Madeira archipelago, our success rate is extremely high. If if you are unlucky and did not find any on your first ride, we invite you to join us for another trip at no cost.

After a complete briefing about the tour, we will sail about 5-6 nautical miles off the coast, where we will do our best to observe closely the fun loving dolphins and the peaceful whales and sometimes the amusing turtles! Later on, if the weather conditions allow, you will have the chance to have a swim at the base of Cabo Girão. Cabo Girão is the 2nd highest sea cliff in Europe with 580m in height!

This tour operator is part of the Responsible Whale Watch Partnership ‘Planet Whale’, which recognizes the best Whale Watching Operators, and is associated to the 'Madeira Whale Museum’ and the ‘Natural Park of Madeira’ collecting sighting data and following the best practices when with dolphins and whales.

  • 2,5-hour excursion sailing in Madeira takes you to discover the Southwest Coast of Madeira;
  • We’ll also go out deeper in the Atlantic in search of whales and dolphins;
  • Marine wildlife guaranteed; if not on first tour, go again!
  • This  excursion sailing in Madeira can be done all year round, depending on sea and weather conditions;
  • Take a dive at the base of Cabo Girão to refresh;
  • Is it cold and forgot your jacket? We can lend you a warm coat for your comfort;
  • Enjoy our enchanting traditional sailing boat with a very cosy and familiar environment, extremely comfortable, suitable for all ages (has toilet and bar).
Don’t forget:
  • Bring sunscreen, swimming gear and a towel;
  • Safety briefing and life-jackets included;
  • Includes one drink and additional snacks and drinks can be bought on board;
  • Check-in should be done 20 minutes before departure;
  • We’ll send you detailed operator information, including phone number and address, in your confirmation email.  


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Dolphin & coastal sailing in Madeira