Best watersports & boat tours in Cascais

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Best Sea Experiences in Cascais

Experience Cascais

Once a quiet fishermen town, Cascais has developed into a hip little town just outside of Lisbon. Now famous for delicious restaurants and a nice center with shops for people with good taste, people from all over the world come to Cascais to stroll along with the locals.

Around Cascais, you have a lot of beautiful beaches to choose from to enjoy the sun. Praia do Guincho is the best one for fans of surfing. Surfing in Cascais is one of the top things to do, as well as going for a SUP tour or learn kitesurfing. A SUP tour in Cascais is a fun way to spend your holidays, and there’s even the possibility for SUP yoga! 

Cascais is the perfect day trip destination if you are staying in Lisbon, or those who want to be close to a city but still enjoy less crowded beaches with a more typical Portuguese village flair.

  • Our favorite beach: Praia do Guincho
  • Our favorite restaurant: Fortaleza do Guincho
  • Our favorite watersport in Cascais: Paddle yoga in Cascais
  • Our favorite watersport in Cascais: Dolphin watching in Cascais

Language and currency in Cascais

In Cascais, like in the rest of Portugal, Portuguese is the official language. Being a city that’s very tourist-oriented, you’ll find that most locals speak English very well. Actually, practising your Portuguese can be tough as you’ll probably get answers in English. Like other destinations with a different language than yours, it’s kind to learn some basic words like “Bom dia”, “Obrigada” and “Se faz favor”. The local currency is the Euro. At most places, you can pay by card and you’ll also find a lot of ATMs (Multibancos) around the city.

Getting around in Cascais

The best way to discover Cascais is on foot! Cascais is a rather small city and you can do almost everything on foot. If you want to go a little quicker or further, you can always rent a bike. Also, to get to the Marina, where most boat tours in Cascais start, you can easily go on foot. It’s about a 20-min walk from the train station or 7-8 min by taxi.

The train line from Lisbon to Cascais works rather well, It’s actually a very nice ride, along the sea and the river. If you’d like to explore the region around Cascais from Lisbon to Sintra, we recommend renting a car.

Best things to do during your holidays in Cascais

  • Day trip from Casais to Lisbon

Cascais is only half an hour away from Lisbon, the Portuguese Capital City, so a day trip to Lisbon is a must. Lisbon offers a broad variety of things to do, from incredible musea to some of the finest restaurants. You can read more of our favorite things to do in Lisbon in this article.
  • Day trip to from Cascais to Sintra

Sintra has been a longtime royal sanctuary and is now known for its green forested terrain studded with pastel-colored palaces. To get from Cascais to Sintra, we recommend going by car (it’s a 20-min drive). You can rent a car for a day to explore the picturesque town of Sintra and its magical surroundings.

In Sintra, we recommend visiting Quinta da Regaleira, near the historic center of Sintra. This old palace and its gardens are classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO within the "Cultural Landscape of Sintra". And when in Sintra, don’t forget to eat a “travesseiro”!
  • Bike from Cascais to Praia do Guincho

Praia do Guincho is a very pretty white-sanded beach known for its amazing surf, windsurf and kitesurf conditions. You can bike (or run) from Cascais to Guincho along the coast. It’s about 10K. It’s a very scenic route with proper cycling paths on most of it.
  • Boat tours in Cascais

There are many types of boat tours in Cascais. Sunset tours are some of the most popular boat tours in Cascais. Prices start at 39€ per person in a group or 180€ for a private charter up to 5 people.

If you’re up for a full-day experience, we have boat tours in Cascais that take 8 hours. We have several types of boats available, from luxury catamarans to motorboats. Dolphin watching in Cascais is a must for families who love nature and adventure. 

And for the ones who like fishing, we have several options in Cascais: half-day fishing in a group, shark fishing and a private sunset fishing tour.
  • Watersports in Cascais

If you’re up for some watersports, Cascais is a great place! How about a SUP tour? We have a regular stand-up paddle tour or a challenging SUP tour in Cascais. And if you like yoga, how about trying some SUP-yoga? If you’re in Cascais and would like to learn a new sport, kitesurfing is a must! 
  • Eat the freshest seafood

For you foodies out there, Fortaleza do Guincho is the ultimate culinary experience in Cascais. The French Chef Antoine Westermann started with a classic French concept but since 2015, the Portuguese traditions have been gaining prominence on the menu inspired by the Atlantic. You’ll find the best fish and seafood from the Portuguese coast. The restaurant has a 1*Michelin since 2001. The service in this restaurant is impeccable. The food is very fresh and local and the location and view are fabulous. Yes, it’s expensive but for a special treat, it’s really worth it!
Whatever you decide to do during your trip to Cascais, we promise you will love this part of Portugal! Sunshine and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

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