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Tips for your holidays in Mexico

Mexico is the most southern part of North America and holds a rich culture, exciting history and most importantly a stunning coastline on offer! The Mexican Caribbean coast is one of the most renowned beach destinations in the world and the strip between Cancun and Tulum is famous for its incredible beaches and nightlife like hardly any other Caribbean destination on the map.

Mexico’s history is unique and until today the remains of ancient Maya empires attract thousands of tourists every month. The white Caribbean beaches and trendy towns like Tulum add to the fascination, which makes Mexico the perfect destination when looking for a relaxed holiday with a few sprinkles of Indianer Jones!

Language and Currency in Mexico

The official language in Mexico is Spanish, which is spoken by 90% of the population. It’s very useful to know at least a few words to get around. Even though in hotels and resorts the staff will speak at least a little bit of English, you won’t encounter the language much with the rest of the population. 

The official currency in Mexico is the Mexican Peso. It’s exchange rate lies at about 24:1 with the Euro, which means you will get about 24 Mexican Peso in exchange for 1 Euro. 
You will find a large number of local banks and money changers in and around Cancun, Mexico City and other tourist destinations and most resorts and restaurants in those areas accept credit cards.

Getting around in Mexico

Most guests in Mexico will take advantage of the large number of tourist resorts offering pretty much all you can ask for within walking distance. That’s very convenient and will leave you in the pleasant position of not actually having to travel to discover the amazing beaches and coastline of Mexico. If you decide to explore beneath this comfort zone, there are a few things to be considered with transportation in Mexico, but it’s yet very much worth it!

Rental Car
Driving yourself in Mexico takes a lot of care and focus and will most likely involve at least one brush with the local law enforcements. Traffic can be chaotic and you will want to get out of the way of bus and truck drivers. If you decide to take a rental car though, it is a good option to explore smaller areas in little time and really get in touch with the beautiful country. And it will give you easy access to some stunning, less frequented beaches around the coast!

The bus is the most common transportation in Mexico and buses cover short routes as well as long distances between major cities. However, taking a bus in Mexico can be a bit of an adventure, since drivers tend to go quite fast and traffic can seem chaotic. The government has put an effort into taming those speedy drivers, so the situation has been improving.

Taking a taxi in Mexico is a nice way of independently getting around, when you’re conscious about a few things such as how to agree on a fare and safety measures. Most taxis in Mexico run without a meter, so unless yours is undoubtedly an exception, you will want to agree on the fare before starting your journey. For safety reasons nobody should ever get into an unmarked or unofficial cab and rides home alone late at night are to be avoided. Especially in Mexico City we highly recommend using the voucher stations selling vouchers for official and registered taxis to avoid any kind of negative experience during your ride.

Best things to do in Mexico

From discovering ancient empires to enjoying cocktails at the clear blue Caribbean Sea, Mexico offers a wide range of activities to turn your holiday into a dream vacation. It doesn’t matter which part of the country you spend your days in, we’re sure you will be amazed by the beauty and electricity of Mexico!

Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza is one of the most famous Maya sites and offers a picturesque scene for some amazing holiday shots! Explore the many stone buildings of this ancient civilization hidden in dense forest and learn about the interesting history of a world long gone.

Snorkel with Sea Turtles
An absolutely unique experience that nobody should miss out on! Snorkeling with Sea Turtles allows you a glimpse into the marine world, where unwieldy sea turtles turn into gracious birds of the ocean. Those snorkeling experiences can be found all around, but numbers of turtles are especially high at Akumal Beach. To keep it that way, there are certain rules in place for your snorkeling adventure so the turtles don’t get disturbed. 

Swimming in Cenotes
Cenotes are underground caves filled with freshwater and have been used as freshwater supplies by indigenous people for centuries. Many of those cenotes are accessible and will give you an opportunity to cool down from the heat of the day by taking a swim in the crystal clear water. Due to the caves lying underground, the water inside will always be cold and extremely refreshing. And the scenery for this dive is simply unbeatable!

The best boat tours in Mexico

Whatever you decide to spend your days in Mexico with, you should not miss out on a day discovering the Caribbean Sea by boat! There is just nothing comparable to the feeling of floating across the crystal clear waters, admiring the white sand beaches at the coastline and relaxing like there’s no tomorrow. And whenever it gets too hot aboard, you can simply cool off with a dive into the Caribbean Sea! You might even come across some turtles or explore the colourful coral reefs with the snorkeling gear on board with your private sailing tour with snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas
For all those of you who just need a little bit more action, Mexico holds the perfect option for you as well. How about you spice up your beach day with a jet ski ride across the turquoise waters? Or enjoy some romantic hours on your private sunset sailing tour
No matter if you’d like to spend a quality time-day with your loved ones on a private charter or get to know new people on a fun open group tour through the Caribbean, we’re convinced Mexico will not disappoint!

Where and what to eat

Mexico’s cuisine is rich, colourful and surprising! Dishes like enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas and chilaquiles will treat your taste buds during your holidays and you will likely add another cheat day to your week’s list here! Dishes involve quite a bit of meat, often marinated and spicy and full of flavour. Vegetarians and vegans will benefit from Mexico providing the yummiest avocados and therefore guacamole everywhere! That makes it easy to find tasty and healthy dishes without meat, even though it’s so common in Mexican cuisine. 
For some real vacation treat, try Lorenzillo’s in Cancun for a dinner right by the marina and take in the incredible view from the terrace while enjoying some amazing fresh seafood! The atmosphere in this beautiful location is simply stunning and you can taste the ocean with every bite!

Enjoy the beautiful beaches in Mexico

A holiday is supposed to give you a break from having to make decisions, except maybe from “What will I have for dinner” or “Is it too early for this cocktail”. Great that when it comes to choosing the perfect beach, there isn’t much that could go wrong! Mexico is blessed with countless stunning white sand beaches all around its coast. You will basically fall out of your hotel room right into paradise without having to make any decisions at all. Just in case you wanted to though, there are some great recommendations we’d like to draw your attention to! Our favourite beach to start with is definitely Akumal Beach, a stunning stretch of white coral-sand, crystal clear waters and palm trees lining the beach. This area is famous for sea turtles gathering in the clear turquoise waters and nesting on the beach. During nesting season it is pretty much a given to encounter those beautiful marine creatures here and their nesting areas are protected to preserve their species. 
Not too far from Akumal Beach you can find Playa Maroma, which has often been called the most beautiful beach in the world! The colour of the water in contrast with the stunning white sand leaves you thinking you got dropped right into a travel brochure.
Pretty much all of the touristic beaches also offer some amazing water sport activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, jet ski rides or stand up paddling. The clear waters are a sheer invitation to try those adventures to really get as much out of your Caribbean experience as possible!

Whatever you decide to do during your trip to Mexico, we promise you will love this part of the Caribbean! Sun, beaches and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.