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    We went sailing in Lisbon on the Tagus River

    We went on a private sailing tour on the Tagus River, in Lisbon. We met our skipper, Nuno, at the Docas de Santo Amaro where he welcomed us on his lovely and cosy “Alchemist”. As we did this sailing tour during the post-lockdown period, Nuno helped us disinfect our hands and shoes before boarding and he’d wear a face mask. These are the protocols by the national Clean and Safe seal. Once we were all comfortably seated, we were ready to set sail. The wind was on point so we were lucky to almost not use the engine.  Nuno has a passion for sailing in his veins and you could…

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    The best of sailing in Portugal

    The best of sailing in Portugal Portugal has an enormous coastline. Portugal mainland has a coast of almost 1000km. To that, we should add 670km from the Azores archipelago and 250km from Madeira. Enough space to develop a broad variety of water sports and boat tours. Today we’ll share the best of sailing in Portugal. Beside its geographically fortunate conditions for sailing, Portugal is also blessed with amazing weather conditions for sailing. With its mild climate and characteristic ocean breeze, sailing in Portugal can be done all year round. Another factor that makes Portugal a great sailing destination are its many sophisticated marinas along the coastline, from North to South…

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    We went sailing in Cascais with the whole family

    Living in Lisbon, we’re blessed with a mild climate all year round. Sailing can be done all year round and we go sailing in Lisbon, on the Tagus River, quite often. We had never gone sailing in Cascais yet so we were happy when we were invited to join go sailing from Cascais to Lisbon. Going to the beach in March or October actually happens quite often as we love the beach and there are many nice beaches around Lisbon. And yes, to truly catch some sun and not only for a nice beach walk. It was the mid October when we were invited to go sailing in Cascais. The weather…

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    Sailing in Lisbon – Sunset, Friends and Fun

    Our client and friend, Inês, offered us to share her experience about sailing in Lisbon. It’s a great way to get to know the city and enjoy the Tagus River by sunset. Check it out: Sunset, Sailing, Friends and Fun The Dock of Belém, Lisbon, on a late afternoon of a beautiful summer Saturday, friends and a sailboat just for us, with skippers, beer, champagne and fresh cherries waiting for us. We’re gonna go sailing in Lisbon! Yes, I know it sounds like a scene from a movie or who is a multimillionaire, but is not the case, I assure you! It was just what I did last weekend and…