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    Our travel tips for a short trip to Madeira

    We went on a 3-day trip to Madeira, a Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic. Well, not exactly in the middle, as it’s less than a 2-hour flight from Lisbon, but it feels like the middle of the Atlantic 🙂 We did this trip to get to know the island a bit better and check out the best sea experiences for you! Madeira‘s truly a natural gem. It’s the ideal holiday destination if you need some contact with nature in its purest state. On Madeira, you’ll find very steep and green mountains but also a very impressive coastline. The weather in Madeira is very pleasant all year round and the water temperatures are way nicer than on…

  • Madeira whale watching
    Madeira,  Portugal

    A must on Madeira: whale watching boat trips

    By Bo, co-founder of SeaBookings, working from Lisbon:  As you may have already read on this blog, we’ve been on a short 3-day trip to Madeira island Portugal. Our goal was to check out some of the coolest things to do on Madeira and share them with you. One thing is a true must on Madeira: whale watching!  We went on a dolphin and whale watching tour on Madeira with departure from the Marina of Funchal. After a very complete briefing about what we species we could expect to find, about the tour itself and about respect for nature (which is very important for this tour operator), we headed down…

  • swim with dolphins in Madeira
    Madeira,  Portugal

    To swim with dolphins in Madeira – a dream come true

    By Bo, co-founder of SeaBookings, working from Lisbon:  From all sea experiences that we provide on SeaBookings, swimming with dolphins has always been the one that fascinated me most. In Portugal, you can only swim with wild dolphins on the islands of the Azores and Madeira. The first time I was on Madeira, I did not have the chance to make this dream come true. Fortunately, the second time, I made my dream to swim with dolphins in Madeira come true. And it totally exceeded my expectations. For me, regarding all tours involving cetaceans, like the whale and dolphin watching and swimming with dolphins tours, it’s very important to be…

  • Canyoning in Madeira
    Madeira,  Portugal

    Coasteering and Canyoning in Madeira – the full island experience

    By Bo, co-founder of SeaBookings, working from Lisbon: We had such a great time on our 3-day trip to Madeira Island this Spring! We did the trip to explore some of the best things to do on Madeira and then to share our experience with you. Well, if you love nature and some adventure, this pack that combines coasteering and canyoning in Madeira is a must. If you relate to the following, please read further! Adrenaline, nature, sea, mountains, cliff jumping, climbing, challenge, fun…  Both experiences should be done in separate days, first because you’ll be tired after each of them and second because the canyoning can take quite some…

  • SUP tour in Madeira
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    We went on a SUP tour in Madeira

    To-do on Madeira: SUP tour By Bo, co-founder of SeaBookings, working from Lisbon: We had the chance to visit the beautiful island of Madeira for 3 days this Spring. We went on a SeaBookings trip to discover the best things to do on Madeira and then to share them with you, of course! This SUP tour in Madeira is one of them. View this post on Instagram Any idea where this stunning picture was taken? ⛵ #CaboGirão, #Madeira 🏝 We spent a few unforgettable days on #MadeiraIsland to test some of our amazing #sea experiences there and simply "feel" the #island 😍 You can expect a lot of content soon…

  • Coasteering Madeira
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    A coasteering adventure in Madeira

    By Fábio, CTO at SeaBookings, who fell in love with coasteering in the Algarve, and repeated the coasteering adventure in Madeira. At SeaBookings, we like to visit the places where we operate so we can better understand what are the best things we can offer to our sea lovers. This adventure was in Madeira, a Portuguese gem in the Atlantic coast north of Africa. Untouched Nature in Madeira From the sky, right before landing, we could see that Madeira landscapes live to their fame. You have the feeling that everything is still very raw, very natural. The vegetation and vertiginous cliffs are spectacular, and one of the reasons almost all of its territory…

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    9 reasons to visit Madeira during the Fall / Winter

    We went to visit Madeira in low season and had a great time. That’s why we’d like to share this 9 reasons to visit Madeira during the Fall/Winter. Madeira, along with the Azores, are truly unknown natural gems of Europe. Madeira during the Fall / Winter is the perfect holiday destination. The Portuguese islands of the Madeira archipelago, an autonomous region of Portugal, comprise 2 habited islands off the northwest coast of Africa that were settled in the 1400s. Madeira and Porto Santo are known for a warm, subtropical climate. The islands are mostly visited by active travelers who seek for outdoor adventures like hiking along old “levadas” (aqueducts) in…

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    Emily on holidays in Madeira

    We were delighted when we got in touch with Emily, a fashion blogger from London. With a love for fashion, food, drink and travel, it was time for Emily to go on holidays in Madeira to explore this beautiful island. As you may know, one of the must-do’s on Madeira are the dolphin watching tours, or even better, the swimming with dolphins tours. We hereby share Emily’s experience on holidays in Madeira, which she also shared on her blog, The London Blogger: Off of mainland Portugal sits the small (800km) island of Madeira; mine and my Mum’s residence for a week of R&R. The island volcanic, green and rugged, with high cliffs, pebbly…