Last Saturday finally I joined one of the surf days in Lisbon. Surfing in Lisbon had been on my list of the activities to test for a long while. I’ve been a surfer myself for many years.

Me and my sister (and co-founder of were pretty good surfers when we were kids. From our 12 to 18 years old we even used to participate in national surf competitions.

surfing in Lisbon

Good times we had while surfing along the whole Portuguese coast and participating in surfing competitions with our surf school. Then, at 18, when I moved to Lisbon to study, slowly I quitted surfing. It’s a pity because I love the sport. The close contact with the ocean in undescribable.

Surfing in Lisbon is hot. Young people who visit the Portuguese capital like its surf scene which is booming. For surfing in Lisbon, SeaBookings partnered up with a surf school owned by two young surfers who we know for many years. Tomás and António are pro surfers themselves and decided to create a school to share their passion for surfing in Lisbon.


Our experience surfing in Lisbon

It was 9AM on a saturday morning when we were picked up by António at the previously agreed meeting point in the center of Lisbon.

From there António drove me, my friend Ella and a customer, Tiago, to the best surf spot for that day. The flexibility of choosing the beach on the day and according to the level of the participants allows for a great surf experience.

Within about 20 minutes drive, we arrived at Praia da Torre. Here, the waves seemed tiny but in fact they were perfect for a first time surf lesson.

We got our wetsuits and went down to the beach where we could drop our stuff and get our wetsuit on. It was an amazing day in Spring, ideal for a day surfing in Lisbon.

After suiting up, Tomás guided us through a short warming up to get our bodies ready to get into the fresh Atlantic.


After the warming up it was time to practice the “standup” movement on the beach. Tomás showed us first and then we repeated several times. When Tomás though we understood the movement well enough, there was no further time to waste in the sand, and we got into the ocean.

The surf lesson was very personalized and therefore Ella and Tiago learned very fast. Tomás was helping them to choose and catch the right waves. I was impressed by how quick both Ella and Tiago were able to stand up on their boards and ride a wave.

As you can see in this video we had a lot of fun. The surf day in Lisbon consists of the surfing lesson as I described here and in the afternoon, you’ll can use the gear to catch some waves yourself. Lunch is not provided, so you can either bring it from home or buy something at the beach. We recommend to bring a hat, sunscreen, swimming gear, a towel and water and a snack. Booking a few days ahead is recommended as some days the surfing trips in Lisbon may become fully booked.

Enjoy surfing in Lisbon and let us know if you’ve got any further tips, suggestions or questions!

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