SUP Tour in Lisbon

Lianne was happy to tell us about her experience on the boat tour to see the dolphins in Setúbal. After that, we send her immediately to Cascais to experience a SUP Tour in Lisbon!

Proudly standing on my board!

I heard a lot of stories about stand-up paddle and I couldn’t wait to experience this myself! I asked some information at SeaBookings about a SUP tour in Lisbon. Therefore SeaBookings immediately arranged a SUP class in Cascais (which is very close to Lisbon). Besides the SUP tour, it was also worth it to visit Cascais!

The train from Lisbon to Cascais

To avoid long waiting lines it’s best to skip these lines and buy your ticket in advance (this is possible at every metro station). You only have to charge your public transport card with credit (“zapping”) instead of rides. With this money you can travel by train and bus. Every 20 minutes there is a traindeparting from the station Cais do Sodré to Cascais. Cascais is a very nice place to be if you want to escape the busy life from the city (Lisbon). Here you find beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe, swim and of course also stand up paddle! So, because SeaBookings told me so, I put money on my travel card so I could take the train immediately. As you can see on the photo below, the waiting lines are longggg…

If I had to wait in the line I would probably be too late for my first SUP class!

People trying to buy a train ticket to one of the beaches along the “Linha”

A one-way ticket only cost me 2€. And if you are travelling by train I can recommend you to sit on the left side of the train to enjoy the stunning ocean view!. And because SeaBookings already gave me these recommendations, I could enjoy everything before I even had arrived!

The SUP tour in Lisbon, or more precisely, Cascais

From the train station in Cascais it is not difficult to find the SUP school. After a walk for about 5 minutes, there was a warm welcome along the beach of “Duquesa”. I just arrived from Holland to Portugal so it was necessary to have some good sunscreen protection on the water! I didn’t want to become a lobster!

Praia da Duquesa

And there we went, with two other people we each receive a paddle and there was a very good briefing by Nuno. He told us the do’s and don’ts on a paddle board! It’s not difficult because the briefing only took about 10 minutes time. That is the benefit of stand up paddle. It is not difficult to learn. There was even a boy of 10 years old joining our group!

Nuno giving us a beach lesson

At the beginning, you can choose you to go on your board with your knees (if you thinks it is scary to stand immediately). This way you definitely don’t have to be scared to fall because it is easy to keep your balance. Well, but eventually you have to stand right? The trick is not to look down! Just keep on looking forward and it’s a piece of cake! Only my legs were a bit afraid so they were trembling (but let’s forget that part  because I looked like Bambi for just a few seconds). But luckily I wasn’t alone! This is so normal and because of that, we did some exercises to look like a pro eventually.
IMG_20160821_122012With Linda from hungary, ready for our first SUP experience!

And all of the sudden someone said: “Don’t forget to enjoy the view!”  At that moment I looked around me and I thought: WOW! It is as if you are walking on the water and floating between the boats. Really, an experience to never forget!

[youtube height=”300″ width=”600″][/youtube]

It is not difficult and if you ask me, a good way to enjoy the sea because you can see it from the other side instead of the beach. The next time I’m going to do a SUP tour I will go for more hours. This time it was only one hour but it felt like 5 minutes! It is also possible to do a tour for about 2 or 3 hours. That would be perfect! If you want to do more than only stand up paddle then try to combine this with some yoga!

Thanks to SeaBookings and the SUP school this trip was amazing and I will never forget it! Many thanks for this! Oh and also, many thanks to SeaBookings for the great tips you gave me. That way my first SUP experience was more than perfect! I am looking forward to the next SUP tour in Lisbon or Cascais!

This was the experience of Lianne who really liked the SUP tour in Lisbon! Would you like to join a SUP tour in Lisbon? Book now!

Do you also have a nice SeaBookings experience to share? Let us know!

Obrigada, Lianne, for another great review and SEA ya soon!

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