We invited our friend, Flávia Mota from the blog “Almost Locals”, to experience our sunset sailing trip in Lisbon. Flávia, from Brazil, shares her experience about the Sunset sailing trip in Lisbon in this article. It’s a great way to get to know the city and enjoy the Tagus River by sunset:

Sailing tour Lisbon
The sight over the North Bank of the River

There is something magical about sunsets in Lisbon. The (usually amazing) sky gets even prettier in dawn time, changing from blue into shades of orange, pink and purple, before the night arrives. But watching the sun go down in the Portuguese capital is even more special when you do it by the river, on a sunset sailing trip in Lisbon.

The sunset sailing trip in Lisbon departs from Docas de Bom Sucesso, a small harbor nearby the famous Belém Tower. This amazing monument is the first one you can see once the sail begins and you will get a very privileged sight of it from the water of the Tagus.

Sailing tour Lisbon
The famous 25th of April Bridge

For the first hour of the sunset sailing trip in Lisbon, the boat goes up river, as close as possible to the North bank of the Tagus. From the boat, you’ll get a glimpse of the Cais do Sodré area, Ribeira das Naus, the very beautiful yellow buildings surrounding Praça do Comércio, and the uphill white maze that is Alfama.

If you are not familiar with Lisbon sights, don’t worry. During the sunset sailing trip in Lisbon the skipper will keep you informed about what you see and share some interesting facts about the city and about the sailing experience itself.

Sailing tour Lisbon
Cristo Rei on the South Bank

Once the boat turns back, the second part of this sunset sailing trip in Lisbon starts: closer to the South Bank of the Tagus you will see the statue of Cristo Rei and the remainings of the fishing industry that once was set in Almada.

As the boat goes down the Tagus, you pass by cargo ships, ferries and other kinds of boats coming and going, passing by. But the most amazing sight is, of course, the sun going down. The beauty of the colors when the end of the day comes is the cherry top of this sunset sailing trip in Lisbon.

[youtube height=”300″ width=”600″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5D47n0gvZQ[/youtube]

Tips for your sunset sailing trip in Lisbon:

  • Sailing through the Tagus is great even if you are travelling alone, but if you are in a group, arrangements can be made so that you can have it all for you and your family / friends;
  • Wear comfortable shoes, so you can move easily inside the boat;
  • Always bring a coat, because it might get too windy even during summer;
  • Make sure you have enough battery and memory space on your camera / phone. You will take amazing pictures during this sunset sailing;
  • If you want to eat something before the sunset sailing, choose something light;
  • You’ll get complimentary beverages and drinks on the boat;
  • Arrive on time on the departure point;
  • There are sunset sailings all year long, no matter when you are coming, jump aboard. But book on time, so you can make sure your spot is secured!
Sailing tour Lisbon
Flávia enjoying her time while sailing in  Lisbon

Many thanks to Flávia for translating this unforgettable experience of the sunset sailing tour in Lisbon into words. Now, grab a group of friends, set a date and enjoy Lisbon from a different perspective with a stunning sunset! Happy sailing!


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