As we did with some other activities and boat tours that we have available on SeaBookings, we had to try the jet boat Algarve. We’ve had a lot of great feedback about the jet boat Algarve and now it was our turn to try it out!

The Marina of Albufeira

The jet boat Algarve departs from the Marina of Albufeira. Albufeira is located only 45 minutes away from Faro airport, the main airport of the Algarve. Albufeira is a major holiday destination in the sunny south of Portugal. Albufeira is known for its sunny stunning beaches, good food, fun nightlife and a lot of ocean activities. The jet boat Algarve is one of the most popular things to do in Albufeira. We went to try it out.

The jet boat Algarve departs from the Marina de Albufeira
The jet boat Algarve departs from the Marina de Albufeira

The jet boat Algarve has two possible durations: 30 minutes and 60 minutes. We went on the 60 minute jet boat Algarve experience. The main difference between the two is that the shorter one is more focussed on pure adrenaline. The longer one, in addition to the adrenaline and fun part, does some sightseeing to the fantastic coastline of the region, with visits to the caves. There are two jet boats available in Albufeira.

Getting to the Marina of Albufeira, where the jet boat Algarve departs from, is very easy. From the city center of Albufeira it’s a nice 30 minutes walk. Grabbing a car or a taxi would take about 15 minutes. Parking in the Marina is free and there is plenty of space in the underground carpark.

Checking in for the jet boat Algarve

In the Marina you’ll find the meeting point for the jet boat Algarve next to the Gate4 Café. We were welcomed by Beatriz and Luiza, two very kind girls, who’ll check you in and take you to the boat. It’s recommendable to be there 15 minutes before your trip departs.

Before getting onto the boat, it’s recommended to take of your shoes or flipflops. Yes, it is. Believe us. We’ll explain why in a bit. Beatriz warned us we’d get totally wet. Totally. And we were like “yea right”, so we brought our dresses instead of wearing just a bikini. Then Beatriz introduced us to Miguel, or skipper, who gave us our life vests.

Team SeaBookings on the jet boat Algarve
Team SeaBookings on the jet boat Algarve

Jet boat Algarve: our experience

Getting into the jet boat Algarve is easy. You just step from the dock into the boat. There are three rows with 3 seats and one front seat for the skipper. When Miguel started the engine, you could immediately feel the 500 hp of the jet boat Algarve. Miguel gave us a quick briefing about the tour: “We’ll first speed up and go to the end of Armação de Pêra. There, we’ll slow down and head back close to the coast and go into some of the caves. Along the way, we’ll do some maneuvers”. If so, he’d lift his hand and we’d have to hold on tight. After putting our belongings like phones and wallets into a waterproof box, we were ready to go.

jet boat Algarve
Getting on the jet boat Algarve

Wow, this jet boat Algarve is so powerful and Miguel, as a professional skipper, made us scream. He was speeding, doing tight curves and even some 360º, 180º, powerbreaks and slides. Everytime Miguel lifted his hand, we’d hold on tight to the bar in front of us and start screaming of joy! The powerbreaks are incredible. Miguel speeds and then all of the sudden breaks. As such, the boat creates a wave and almost dives into the ocean. And yes, here you’ll get soaking wet! The people who were too stubborn to take their sunglasses of even had them taken from their face with the wave and the whole boat ends full of water. This is a lot of fun. We never expected this to be so cool and it’s super refreshing too!

Stunnign views from the jet boat Algarve
Stunning views from the jet boat Algarve

Before going back into the Marina, Miguel gave us the joy of one more powerbreak. So, we ended up this jet boat Algarve experience soaking wet and with a great smile on our face. Back in the Marina, you can get dresses again and grab your shoes. Beatriz was waiting on us with our pictures that she took before departure!

Such a great experience! We highly recommend it to speed lovers and adrenaline lovers! It’s so cool! The total capacity of the jet boat Algarve is 12 and one skipper. The jet boat Algarve experience is not suitable for young children and people with back problems or pregnant women. We recommend you to book a few days ahead as the jet boat Algarve tends to get fully booked.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions or suggestions about the jet boat Algarve or simply book now!

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