The Algarve, beside being a popular holiday destination for ocean and beach lovers, is also an attraction for party people. Cities like Vilamoura and Lagos are known for their bubbly nightlife. These cities attract party people from all around the world, all year round. There are several party boat tours in the Algarve and we found the best ones: the party boat in the Algarve that departs from Vilamoura and Lagos.

The girls on the boat party in Albufeira
The girls on the boat party

These boat parties depart from the modern Marinas of Vilamoura and Lagos. These Marinas is very easily accessible and you can park easily.

Of course, we had reserved our spots via SeaBookings, so once we arrived at the check-in spot for the party boat in the Algarve, we only had to mention our name. After checking-in, we still had some time to grab a drink on the cosy terrace of the Marina.

The testing team!
The party team!

The party boat in the Algarve

When it was time for boarding, we were called by the friendly crew. The boat was totally booked but there was still enough space to lay on the deck and enjoy some sun or to dance. The people on the boat were mainly aged between 25 and 35 years old. The main nationalities that were present among the party people were Spain, France, Portugal and the Netherlands. All were party people looking for an unforgettable afternoon with great music on a stunning boat.

At 18h30 the boat was ready to depart. We settled on the upper deck, where we found a comfortable space to put our bags and flipflops. The music started to play. The DJ was playing the best house tunes of this summer. The music suited the stunning scenery of the coast of the Algarve perfectly.

We sat on the upper deck and went to get our drinks two by two. As the rhythm of the music was inviting for a dance, we went to the deck downstairs. Here there was enough space to dance while enjoying the beautiful sights of the coast of the Algarve.

It was a warm summer day and the temperatures, even around sunset, were high. The good news was that to refresh, we jumped into the water of the blue Atlantic. The water felt great. Almost everybody got into the water. A lot of fun.

The three hours of the boat party went by super fast as we cruised along the coastline while the sunset created stunning colors in the sky. Every time we came along another boat, the crowd went crazy, singing, dancing and putting the hands in the air to greet the other boats.

Overall, the four of us agreed: this is the best party boat in the Algarve. It’s the perfect vessel to host an event like this. The party has a good sound system with great music. The bar works perfectly. The crew is very nice and the environment aboard was just amazing! We’ll be back!

This is the best party boat in the Algarve
This is the best party boat in the Algarve

Our tips for the boat party in the Algarve

  • This boat party in the Algarve is great for groups of friends and even bachelor parties;
  • The party boat in the Algarve combines two of the best things of the Algarve, its stunning coastline boat trips and unforgettable parties;
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen;
  • Eat something before you get aboard as you’ll only have dinner very late;
  • Bring a nice summer outfit but don’t forget your swimming wear for a refreshing dive;
  • The boat parties only run during the summer and tend to get fully booked, so book on time!

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Book your party boat in the Algarve now and have fun!

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