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Ana, a friend of the SeaBookings team, was very curious to do a tour on a kayak in Almería, Spain, and went on to try it. Here you can read all about her experience:

A Ana e o Bruno gostaram muito!
Ana and Bruno had lots of fun!

Almería! For me, it’s clearly a synonym for sun, beach and holidays! And this year we wanted to try out something new during our vacations in Almería. The tour on a kayak in Almería seemed like a lot of fun, so we chose this activity! This kayak tour starts from San José, which is a beautiful little village about 40 km away from the city centre. It is a very popular destination in Spain, and we could definitely see why!

I was honestly very excited about trying this new adventure, especially because I simply fell in love with the amazing landscape of the region. Untouched beaches and crystalline waters, you get me! The region is part of the Natural Park Cabo da Gata in Níjar. It is a protected area and because of a plant that grows there called Passeionária (which prevents the sand to fall down in the ocean due to its roots), the waters of this area are simply breathtakingly clear! That’s also why Clear Kayak chose this destination to be the first European operator to offer tours in their own transparent kayaks!

San Jose fica a 40km do centro da cidade de Almería
San Jose is about 40 km away from the city of Almería

Alright, now about our experience! As soon as we arrived in San José, we looked for the tour operator. We arrived about 15 minutes early and so did the rest of the group. One staff member took care of us and asked us if we were all fine speaking Spanish. As we still struggle, we kindly asked him to speak English which wasn’t a problem at all.

Once everybody had arrived, the staff started the briefing both in English and Spanish. To make everybody more comfortable, they did some funny jokes before we went out on the adventure. At the same time, they took very good care of us and made sure to answer all questions thoroughly. In the water, we were welcomed by Kadine, who helped us board the kayaks. Pablo was our guide who then took us out!

A água é mesmo super cristalina
The water is extremely clear

The weather couldn’t have been any better: clear skies, calm sea (as always) and beautiful sunlight. And off we went, kayaking along the impressive coastline and enjoying the wonderful view during our tour on a kayak in Almería.

The first stop was at Cueva del Tabaco, a little cave that is only visible and accessible by sea. In the past, tobacco traffickers used this for their businesses. After that, we went further along the coast past little caves and grottos, that you can only enter one kayak at a time. Along the way, our guide Pablo gave us a lot of information about the history of the different sights. As he knew that we were from Lisbon, he also engaged in an interesting conversation with us about his time in our city during his Erasmus. In the meantime, I was absolutely enchanted by looking through my kayak down at the bottom of the sea. It’s amazing to see all the big fish right beneath you!

O grupo é pequeno e o guia teve sempre muito próximo de cada um dos caiaques
The group was rather small so the guide had time to assist each of us

After some time paddling and taking stunning pictures, we stopped at a little bay where we could observe the beginnings of a little coral reef. This is only possible due to the protective laws of this nature reserve. Here we also did some snorkelling with the equipment provided by our guide. The visibility in the water was so amazing, I’d say we could see up until 20 m deep. In this region the fish were much smaller and more colorful. We stayed at this beautiful bay for around 30 minutes before returning to our kayaks.

As we paddled back, we stopped along the way to admire a little picturesque village up on the coast with cute little white houses. Once we arrived back at the beach, it was already quite crowded. Kadine was there to help us get out of our kayaks. We absolutely loved the tour on a kayak in Almería as well as the whole team and promised to be back soon! And of course, we invited them also to visit us in Lisbon to have some more adventures together!

Thank you so much Ana for your great report. We’re glad you enjoyed your tour! For more information and to book, please go to the activity page of this tour on a kayak in Almería.


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