surfing in Matosinhos

Porto is booming in every way – the city in the North of Portugal is becoming more and more popular amongst travellers from all over the world.

People seem to be falling in love at first sight with the vibrant and colourful city.

When you’re on holidays in Porto, you have a lot to discover. You can go to one of the port wine cellars and get to know everything about the history of that special and very yummy drink.

Or you can visit one of the many museums and other cultural highlights that are spread out over the entire city. Foodies also will be happy in Porto, thanks to the big variety in different restaurants. There’s something for every taste in Porto.

Matosinhos surf lesson
We’ll start with a brief beach session

But did you also know that Porto is actually also a great destination for surfing? Yes, surfing in Porto is great and it’s possible all year around.

The hotspot for surfing in Porto is definitely Matosinhos.We will tell you, why surfing in Matosinhos is the best and why you just have to try it during your stay in Porto.

Have you been to Matosinhos yet? It’s the coolest part of the city, right at the famous city beach Matosinhos where all the surfers and active people hang out and spend their days.

In Matosinhos, you will find loads of hip juice bars, cute boutiques and of course, it’s located right at the big city park!

Aula de surf no Porto
Even the little ones are welcome!

Surfing in Matosinhos

But the coolest thing about Matosinhos is the surfing in Matosinhos! Along the big sandy beach, there are several beach breaks where you can catch some waves.

From the far left side of the beach until the other end – depending on the swell and wave conditions, you will find waves all around in Matosinhos!

No wonder that there are surf schools right at the beach. Surfing in Matosinhos is perfect for people of all experiences.

Beginners will be able to catch their first few waves and even surfers with a lot of experience will be sure to have some fun in while surfing in Matosinhos!

Kids learn very fast!
Kids learn very fast!

Our surf school in Matosinhos works only with real locals, who will tell you all secrets about surfing.

Even if you visit Porto during the winter or when the weather is not so great, surfing in Matosinhos promises to be a success.

Usually during the winter waves are even better than in the summer!

And after surfing in Matosinhos you can refresh yourself in a nice cafe or just chill by the beach and observe the busy life of a city beach.

In Matosinhos, you will see all kinds of people coming and going. It’s a hotspot for locals, travelers, and beach lovers!

Aula de surf em Matosinhos
During this surf trip you can get to know new people

So if you’re planning a trip to Porto, make sure to try surfing in Matosinhos as well! You can get a private surf lesson, join a class or go for a surf trip with transfers from Porto included.

There’s no better place to learn surfing than a cool city beach in one of the most vibrant and popular cities of Europe! Enjoy the waves!

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