Sailing Portugal

The best of sailing in Portugal

Portugal has an enormous coastline. Portugal mainland has a coast of almost 1000km. To that, we should add 670km from the Azores archipelago and 250km from Madeira. Enough space to develop a broad variety of water sports and boat tours. Today we’ll share the best of sailing in Portugal.

Beside its geographically fortunate conditions for sailing, Portugal is also blessed with amazing weather conditions for sailing. With its mild climate and characteristic ocean breeze, sailing in Portugal can be done all year round. Another factor that makes Portugal a great sailing destination are its many sophisticated marinas along the coastline, from North to South and to the islands.

The best of sailing in Portugal
The best of sailing in Portugal

However, there are a few places that stand out, for example Cascais, near Lisbon, and Lagos in the Algarve as well as Albufeira. These cities with modern marinas are amongst the best regatta locations in the world. Cascais, Lisbon and Lagos host some of sailing world’s most prestigious events and regattas. The Tall Ships Races and the Volvo Ocean Race in Lisbon are examples on Portugal mainland. In the Algarve, the TP/52 Audi Med Cup was held in Portimão. Also the Islands, for example Madeira are popular as the Clipper around the world Regatta was held in Madeira.

Sailing in Portugal is a great thing to do during your holidays, especially given its mild climate, cheerful sunshine and favourable winds. In addition, the Atlantic Ocean is a “little box full of surprises” as sometimes it is beautiful and calm for a relaxed sailing session while sometimes more temperamental, offering challenges that require more experience and energy.

Sailing in Portugal is a great thing to do during your holidays in Portugal. If you do not owe your own sailing boat, no worries, there are enough experiences that will make you have a great sailing experience and make you feel like you own the boat!

Group tours have gained immense popularity due to the chance they provide to share a boat and its expenses with fellow travelers. With Portugal small group tours, embark on a captivating journey along the coast, where you can uncover breathtaking beaches, secret coves, and delightful seaside villages.

Sailing in the Algarve :

Half day sailing from Albufeira

FINISMAR - albufeira boat trips
Half day sailing in Albufeira Portugal

This three hour sailing in Albufeira will make your dream to feel like you own a yacht come true. While on holidays in the Algarve, feel like you’re the owner of a beautiful yacht, on board of FINISMAR. With a small group of friends or family and a trained and friendly crew, you’ll experience the joy of sailing in Portugal, departing from the Marina of Albufeira. You’ll be cruising along the coast with its spectacular rock formations, caves and white sandy beaches up to Carvoeiro light house.

FINISMAR is a modern yacht with a length of 15 m (50 ft) and width of 4.5 m (15 ft). Its engine is a Perkins Sabre (92 HP) which can reach a speed of 10 knots. The vessel has a capacity of 12 passengers and includes all modern technologies for an unforgettable and smooth experience and great comfort and stability.

Full day sailing from Albufeira

This sailing experience in the Algarve is similar to the one above. The difference is that this is a full day experience. As you’ve got more time, you will anchor next to a quiet beach for a BBQ lunch.

You will also have time to visit the marine caves or go for a dive into the deep blue ocean. This sailing experience depart from the Marina of Albufeira around 10h30 and the return to the marina will be around 16h45.

Start sailing from Praia da Luz, Lagos

Sailing in Lagos
Sailing in Lagos – Praia da Luz

This experience is great for those who are looking for a Sporty and fun way to discover the coastline of the Algarve during their vacation in Portugal. The Algarve, and in Particular Praia da Luz, is characterized by the well-known “Nortada”, an offshore wind coming from the northwest quadrant. The “Nortada” gives excellent conditions to practice sailing.

To learn and improve your sailing skills, the Beach Hut Sailing center, based on the beach of Praia da Luz, provides the latest equipment, has got a large selection of gear, from initiation level up to advanced levels of sailing.

This sailing experience will take about five hours and is designed for the complete beginner. Guided by friendly and experience sailors, you will learn the basics of sailing. You will learn about sailing in all directions in light winds and you will also get an introduction to the sailing equipment, about how to start, control the boat, steering it and enjoy!

Sailing around Lisbon:

Learn sailing in Lisbon

learn sailing lisboa
Learn sailing Lisbon

This sailing experience is designed for beginners as it’s got a big learning component and is suitable for all ages (above 14 years old). It takes place in the surroundings of the marina of departure. Depending on the conditions of the wind and tide, you will go out head to the lighthouse of “Bugio” in direction of the Atlantic. Alternatively, you’ll make a beautiful approach into Lisbon, along the Tagus River.

In this sailing experience in Portugal, you will learn the basics of sailing and be involved in the manoeuvring of the vessel. This sailing experience in Lisbon takes approximately two hours. You’ll get the possibility to try and learn this unique sport and will supply support and gear for all levels of experience. Come and try it!

Romantic cruise in Lisbon

sailing tours lisbon
Sailing tours Lisbon

Sailing in Portugal is not only about sports and energy, it can also be done in a more relaxed and even romantic way. In Lisbon you can go on a private boat cruise for two. This is an unforgettable experience: a romantic sailing cruise on a unique over 10 meter luxurious sailing yacht.

The tour departs from Oeiras, near Lisbon and you’ll be sailing along the Estoril Coast or in direction of Belém, according to your preference. During this sailing experience, you can simply enjoy the ride and your beloved one or participate in manoeuvring the vessel. If you want, you’ll be involved in hoisting the sails, taking the wheel and sail towards the horizon for a more intense experience.

Historical Lisbon sailing tour

Sailing Lisbon
Sailing Lisbon

If you like sailing and are looking for a more cultural touch too, this historical sailing tour from Lisbon is for you. While sailing along the Tagus River, you’ll enjoy a special view over the city and also over the other side of the river.

The historical Lisbon sailing tour starts at Doca de Santo Amaro. This “Doca”, one of the many small harbours of the Portuguese capital, is located under the emblematic Bridge of the 25th of April.

First, you’ll head in direction of the Atlantic. In this direction, you’ll pass by Belém with its famous tower and Padrão dos Descobrimentos. You’ll also be able to see the Monastery of Jeronimos, another great monument of Belém. When you pass by the contemporary building of the Champalimaud Foundation, you’ll turn to head back in direction of the city center.

The extraordinary view over Terreiro do Paço, also known as Praça do Comércio – the main square of the Portuguese Capital, is one of the main highlights of this tour. The sailing tour will finish at the same place where it started, under the bridge.

Combining nature, adventure and historical experiences, this is sailing experiences is among the best sailing cruises in Lisbon.

Sailing on the Islands:

Dolphin & coastal sailing tour from Madeira

sailing boat trip ventura
Sailing boat trip ventura

On Madeira you can enjoy a sailing tour that involves dolphin observation and also allows you to enjoy the dramatic coastal views of the island.

For the children, the observation of dolphins or other marine mammals in their natural habitat is a moment that stays forever in their memory.

Given its specific conditions, in the middle of the Atlantic, almost 30 species of cetaceans (dolphins and whales) can be found around the Madeira Islands Some of the most common species are Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Pilot whales and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. Sometimes even Killer whales and Sperm whales are found.

This sailing tour from Madeira takes place on a beautiful traditional wooden sailing boat. Beside the highlight of the dolphins, the trip is also very worth it for the sailing experience itself and for the beautiful sights over the ocean and to the shore of the island.

You may have the chance to have a swim at the base of Cabo Girão. Cabo do Girão is the 2nd highest sea cliff in Europe with 580m! This depends on the weather and ocean conditions. This experience is one of the best ways to enjoy Madeira to the fullest!

Sailing Lisboa Portugal
Sailing Lisboa Portugal

Does this combination of a sailing experience and a stunning holiday destination sound good to you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details or feel free to book your sailing in Portugal now!

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