Living in Lisbon, we’re blessed with a mild climate all year round. Sailing can be done all year round and we go sailing in Lisbon, on the Tagus River, quite often. We had never gone sailing in Cascais yet so we were happy when we were invited to join go sailing from Cascais to Lisbon.

Going to the beach in March or October actually happens quite often as we love the beach and there are many nice beaches around Lisbon.

And yes, to truly catch some sun and not only for a nice beach walk. It was the mid October when we were invited to go sailing in Cascais. The weather was still very summery, around 30ºC.

Sailing in Cascais (3)

Cascais is a picturesque fishermen town about 30km away from Lisbon. You can easily go there by car or train.

The train is really nice as the train line goes along the Tagus River which slowly flows into the Atlantic. The train station in Cascais is really in the city center. It’s about 15 minutes walk from the Marina of Cascais.

We decided to go by train as we’d be sailing in Cascais and finish the tour in Lisbon. The whole family was invited, so we took our 3 year old who loves boats.

The stunning sailboat was already waiting for us in the Marina. We were very warmly welcomed by João and Susana. It was a very warm and sunny day but unfortunately, there was not much wind so we needed to use the engine too.

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Sailing in Cascais is a very nice thing to do with the family. The views over Cascais town and its surrounding beaches are unique from the point of view of the sea. It was a great experience to enjoy the coastline from Cascais to Lisbon from this perspective. Of course, there was also time for a refreshing swim.

João and Susana had prepared some delicious snacks and drinks. The boat is a very charming sail boat with a toilet for extra comfort.

The first part of the trip we were sitting in the back while enjoying some drinks. The youngster was even allowed to steer the boat for a bit. A true highlight for her.

Then, we went to the front were we could lay down on a comfy pillow and enjoy the views while laying down and cuddling. The trip took about two and a half hours but this really depends on the wind and tides.

We highly recommend this experience sailing in Cascais. This trip is only done on request, so feel free to contact us to know more. Prices start at 450€ for the whole boat and you can take up to 8 pax. You can go sailing in Cascais to Lisbon or the other way around, of course!

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