We’ve been trying out the most amazing watersports and boat tours of Portugal. We’ve been “testing” some of the activities that we sell on SeaBookings.com. By experiencing these activities ourselves, we’re able to give a better idea of what they consist of to our customers: you. In this post, We’ll share the most adrenaline-boosting activity we’ve done so far: parasailing in Lagos.

Parasailing basically consists of being pulled behind a boat, in the air, with a specially designed parachute. Parasailing in Lagos is one of the most popular activities we sell in Lagos for adrenaline lovers. It can be done by all ages and does not require any previous experience.


Parasailing in Lagos takes place on Meia Praia, the main beach of Lagos. At about one third of the beach, counting from Lagos, you’ll find a watersport school. Here, you can learn how to windsurf, do parasailing and other sports like wake boarding and kite surfing. To get there, from Lagos, take the road along Meia Praia. At the roundabout of the Marina of Lagos, go straight and after the petrol station on your right, you’ll find a beach resort called Duna Beach and then you’ll see the watersport school on your right. You can park for free by the school, near the beach.

To go parasailing in Lagos, of course we recommend you to book online to assure your seats. Yet, after receiving your booking confirmation, you should have a kind of flexible mind set. In fact, parasailing in Lagos is highly dependent on the wind. Therefore, we always suggest people to book in the morning, when there is usually less wind. And be aware that, if you book for 10:00, maybe you’ll have to wait until 10:30 or even 11:00 until the conditions are good. The wind changes very fast and the team who does the parasailing in Lagos is quiet picky with the wind. Your safety is first. But no worries, waiting a bit on the beach is not a hassle. Just make sure you’re prepared for it and bring your swimming wear, towel, umbrella and sunscreen.

parasailing in Lagos
From the RIB we went into the parasaining boat

Our experience parasailing in Lagos:

In our case, we booked for 13:30 and once we checked in (at the school on the parking lot), we had to wait a bit on the beach. At 14:00 we were picked up by a small rigid inflatable boat to bring us to the proper parasailing boat. While jumping from the beach onto the boat, you’ll get a bit wet, so we recommend to wear swimming wear. Feel free to bring a little bag you’re your camera as in the boat you’ll most likely not get wet. Jumping from one boat to the other is easy. You’ll be wearing a life vest all the time.

The parasailing in Lagos is done from a specially designed boat. This boat has a plateau from where you’ll take off and land and a special machine to control the rope that’s attached to the parachute. There are also some benches to sit, for the people who’re going to fly and also for the spectators. Parasailing can be done solo, from 40m to 120m in height, or tandem, up to 40m. Tandem parasailing can be done up to 120kg in total, so usually, only a parent and a kid can do it. When there’s no wind at all, the maximum weight can be a bit more.

Parasailing Lagos (10)

The good thing about parasailing is that it does not require any previous experience. Parasailing in Lagos can be done from age 6, tandem with a parent. If fact, many families do this activity two by two. It’s very easy to do. Basically, all you do is to sit in the harness that you wear. That’s why the safety briefing is very short.

Before me, two other guys went up into the sky. The flight time is usually 10-15 minutes. You’ll be flying behind the boat that cruises along the shore. On days when there’s a bit of wind, usually, the parasailing in Lagos is done along the bay of Lagos, Meia Praia. When there’s no wind at all, you’ll be taken towards the caves and cliffs of Ponta da Piedade. Here, the views must be incredible! I flew along the bay and was already highly impressed by the stunning views.

So, when it was my turn, the crew had already put my harness on, under my life vest. One of the crew members was driving the boat, and the other helped the parasailors to take off and land. He attached me to the parasail and told me to relax and sit back. I admit I was rather nervous. Parasailing is not the kind of activity I always dreamed of as I’m not so fond of heights, but I still wanted to give it a try. So, I sat back and slowly the rope was being loosened such that I was taking off while the boat was moving forward. Take off is really easy and nothing to worry about.


The feeling of seeing the rope stretch and you’re furthering from the boat, higher and higher into the sky, is amazing. I only went up to 40 meters and found the views and the feeling impressive! Now, imagine going up to 120m! While up in the sky, the sights are truly breath-taking. The 10-15 minute in the sky are enough to calmly look around, from the horizon of the Atlantic, to Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, the bay of Meia Praia, the lagoon of Alvor, Alvor and Portimão. Wow, I felt so blessed to live in this stunning country! Another thing that impressed me was the silence. If you’re up in sky by yourself, there will be no noise, only the sound of the wind hitting the parasail. This was a beautiful moment that also reminded me the silence you experience while scuba diving.

Overall, it was a great experience. I felt the adrenaline flowing through my veins and I’ll never forget the beautiful silence surrounded by such an amazing scenery.  The landing is also easy. You don’t need to do anything. Just hang there and slowly be pulled back to the boat. On the boat the friendly crew congratulated me for overcoming my fears. Actually, I really enjoyed and feel that one day I’ll be back to fly up to the maximum of 120m.

[youtube height=»300″ width=»600″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaRfDc8Pi6k[/youtube]

Tips for parasailing in Lagos:

  • Book on time to assure your spot;
  • Be on the beach on time to check-in but be prepared for delays due to the wind conditions that may change from one moment to the other;
  • Usually the mornings are less windy, so we recommend you to book as early as possible, before the wind picks up;
  • Bring swimming wear, towel, sunscreen, umbrella and a snack and drink for the time you’ll spend on the beach before (and after) your parasailing experience;
  • Tandem parasailing can only be done up to 120kg in total. Only when there is no wind at all, the weight can be a bit more;
  • To get to the watersport school on Meia Praia, you can go by car, train or walk (about 2km) from Lagos;
  • If it’s too windy and you’ve got no availability to reschedule, why not try out some of the other watersports provided by this tour operator?
  • You can bring your phone/camera on the boat and a GoPro is great to take with you up in the sky (all at own risk, of course).
Parasailing Lagos (8)
The crew preparing the parasail

Are you ready for this unforgettable and adrenaline-boosting experience? Book your parasailing in Lagos now!


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