Lisbon is becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination. Looking at its cuisine, the Portuguese capital is famous for its delicious codfish and wines. Musea, Fado and a great fusion of architecture attract culture lovers to the city.

Lisbon, as a capital city, is unique due to its blessed location next to the Tagus River and the Atlantic. The weather in Lisbon is also an attraction. The weather and the Atlantic make Lisbon a true surfing Paradise. Surfing in Lisbon is growing.

Surf school
Surf school

For many reasons surf in Lisbon is becoming more and more popular. Locals do it after their work by catching a train to one of the nearby beaches. For visitors there are many surf tours in Lisbon too. Surf tours in Lisbon can be found for all kind of budgets. The budget to go surfing in Lisbon depends on transfers, duration of the lesson, size of the group, equipment included or not, food included or not, etc.

When choosing which surf tour in Lisbon is the best for you, check out what’s included or not. Most surfing tours in Lisbon don’t include transfers. You should go to the beach by yourself. You can do so by train or car. If you prefer to have a transfer by the surf school, feel free to ask for the options.

We like to work with local surfer guys from Lisbon who know the surrounding beaches of Lisbon like no other. Taking into account  the weather and ocean conditions,  the best beach will be decided. Usually surfing in Lisbon takes place on one of the following beaches: Costa da Caparica, Carcavelos, Guincho or Praia Grande.

Lisbon Surf Connection
Lisbon Surf Connection

Our partners for surfing in Lisbon are passionate about this sport and great surfers themselves. They vision to deliver the best surf experience for those traveling through Lisbon. We guarantee you’ll get the best surf experience in the Lisbon region. The local wave riders will will share their secrets spot with you and teach you all the tips and tricks to surf, adapted to your level of experience.

When visiting Lisbon, learn the art of surfing waves safely, in a correct, fun and relaxed way and under the attentive and close supervision of our instructors. Surfing is an extremely fulfilling experience in complete connection with nature.

The ocean will make you feel small and you’ll respect the Atlantic like never before. If you’ve never tried surfing, have a go – we have no doubt you’ll love it! If you already know a bit about surfing, we’re happy to help you evolve.

surf carcavelos
Surf Carcavelos

Still not convinced to go surfing in Lisbon? Check these 9 reasons why you should go surfing in Lisbon:

  • You can do it all year round. Weather is irrelevant and we’ll always be able to find some nice waves;
  • Surfing allows you to stay fit during your holidays;
  • No prior experience is required as an introductory class in the sand will be given (if needed) before you go into the water;
  • There are packs for all budgets. If you’re traveling on a budget, just grab a train to avoid the transfer costs;
  • If you’re travelling with a group of friends or family, feel free to give us a call to arrange a special price and personalized service;
  • Around Lisbon you can find a very broad range of amazing beaches with awesome waves, from Costa da Caparica, Carcavelos, Guincho or Praia Grande;
  • The broad variety of beaches allows us to chose the best beach, matching the wave conditions to your level of experience;
  • The surfing schools we work with are all accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation and highly experienced in surf teaching to guarantee safety and fast learning, in a fun way of course!
  • All the surf lessons are given to small groups for a more personal experience (max 6 pax).

Do you have any tips, suggestions or maybe questions about surfing in Lisbon, let us know!

If we’ve convinced you to take a surfing tour in Lisbon, go ahead and book now!

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