Infographic about the best boat tours in Albufeira
The best boat tours in Albufeira

If you are going on holidays to Albufeira, make sure you have great fun enjoying one of the best Albufeira boat trips. From Albufeira, we offer a wide range of sea activities, we have choices for everyone and all budgets.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy your holiday, take a sailing tour along the impressive coastline of the Algarve. Up to some adrenaline? Many choices for you! Here is my personal (by Femke, co-founder of SeaBookings) top best boat trips in Albufeira.

The main attractions are the dolphins and the impressive beaches and coastline. I have tried them all, and all are well worth it. This experiences will make your holiday unforgettable.

Femke’s favorite Albufeira boat trips

best albufeira boat trips
Join us on a dolphin watching adventure

The caves and dolphin watching tour from Albufeira

Definitely, my favourite boat trip in Albufeira, as I love the combination of both seeing the caves and also having the opportunity to search for some wildlife. Dolphins are seen very frequently. Although, we can’t guarantee you see them. They live in wild and aren’t fed. We fully respect the natural environment.

The BBQ cruise from Albufeira

Nothing better than spending some quality family time. On this tour, you have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing boat trips departing from Albufeira. This trip has a stop to swim and eat lunch on a beautiful beach.

Sailing tour in Albufeira
Sailing tour in Albufeira

Half day sailing on a yacht in Albufeira

If you like sailing or are up for some relaxation, grab your chance. This sailing boat in Albufeira only takes 12 people. The sailing tour takes you to amazing views of the cliffs and caves. The best choice for private charters up to 12 pax.

Snorkeling in Albufeira

In summer, Albufeira gets hot! No better way to refresh than appreciating the underwater world. Do you like to swim and love the ocean? Discover the Portuguese coastline from a different perspective. This boat trip takes you to the best snorkel spots.

Jetboat Albufeira, Boat trips Algarve, Boat trips Albufeira - Algarve, Portugal
For adrenaline lovers

Jetboat adventure in Albufeira

Do you love speed and are looking for some adrenaline? Discover the coastline on this super fast boat, feel the adrenaline on the quick stops and turns. Don’t forget, you will get wet!

Boat trip to Benagil from Albufeira

If you would like to discover the famous Benagil cave, this boat tour is for you. This boat trip to Benagil from Albufeira is the most relaxing tour to enjoy the stunning views.

Lagos Benagil SeaBookings (3)
The caves of Benagil are truly impressive

From where do the boat trips in Albufeira depart from?

The boat tours in Albufeira, depart from Albufeira Marina. There is free parking in the Marina de Albufeira. Many tour operators provide transfers, please contact us for more information.

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