Study Abroad at the Ocean

Studying abroad at places where you can take a break from your studies and experience living at the ocean can be a real adventure. If your mind is set on palm trees and glorious ocean views, tropical countries like Costa Rica and the Bahamas may beckon. 

There are many countries with access to beautiful beaches where the cost of living is affordable. A selection of study programs is available if you have your sights set on studying near the ocean. 

An International Studies Abroad (ISA) program – study in Brazil

International Studies Abroad offers programs that allow you to study in places at the ocean. For example, you can choose to go to Florianópolis in Brazil, which has many stunning beaches with white sand dunes. You don’t have to break the bank to study abroad in a country like Brazil, where the cost of living is quite affordable.  

Enjoy delicious food, lively music, and beautiful beaches. There are homestay programs where you can stay with a local family for a year and pick up some Portuguese while you study. You can study many different subjects – business, computer science and IT, economics, international relations and more.

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Surfing after school? Why not!

Visit different countries with the ocean as your home

There are various study-at-sea programs where you can visit many different countries while the ocean is your home. Semester-at-Sea (SAS) programs combine classroom learning with world exploration. If you are passionate about environmental issues, you can do an Oceans and Climate program where you work as a deckhand and help to man a sailboat. You are eligible if you have a science major as you will help to collect scientific data and conduct research on climate change in the South Pacific. 

You can also do a 90-day study-at-sea program where you visit the Caribbean and Galapagos Islands. Experience sailing through the Panama Canal and finally arrive in Tahiti. You learn sailing skills and earn scuba diving certifications and credits on the program.  

Do a health fellowship abroad

International Medical Aid (IMA) programs allow pre-med undergraduates, medical students, and residents to gain international experience in healthcare. You can travel to countries like the Caribbean and shadow healthcare professionals who treat patients living in underserved communities. You will learn some hands-on techniques while studying near the beach and make a difference at the same time. 

CIS Abroad – study in Costa Rica

CIS Abroad offers some affordable and comprehensive study program packages. It offers a Costa Rican program which is a great use of the winter vacation. You can study and explore Costa Rica for three- or four weeks during January. Visit beaches, explore the rainforest and gain some credit hours at the same time. You can take a Spanish course or a tropical ecology course. You will stay in the homes of friendly, local families where you can practice your Spanish. 

When you go home for a vacation, honest and open communication between you and your parents is just one of the ways to help with reducing stress during holidays. Early resolution of any issues will be a great stress reliever, whether it’s talking about your grades or any other difficult matters.  

Enroll directly in a foreign university at the ocean

Make a list of a couple of countries where you can study at the ocean and check the public university websites to compare the costs of tuition. Keep in mind the cost of living in the country too. Studying at the University of Tasmania in Australia could be an affordable option. It offers a wide range of courses that cater to all kinds of interests and studies. The campus is spread throughout the small state island, and you can see scenic views of mountains, forests, and the beach.      


Whichever way you choose to study abroad at the ocean, you will have many opportunities to broaden your horizons and have fun and adventures. You will not only gain knowledge and skills but make memories that last a lifetime. The ocean is life, and making it a profession is like a true adventure, which you can’t afford to miss.

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