Rio de Janeiro is an exotic and marvelous city that is a must-visit for all travelers who love adventures and do not like lazy vacations. It has a great climate with the average humidity and warm and pleasant sun all year round. However, in summer it can get a little bit hot but it is not a problem. The city is bordered by the Atlantic ocean where you can find numerous activities and boat tours to any taste.

We would like to get you acquainted with the most outstanding places of interest and other activities which you should definitely try when visiting Rio. Most of these places are included in special tours available for all tourists. You can choose the one you like most to get unforgettable experiences and emotions.

Angra & Ilha Grande: Unforgettable Beaches 

This boating tour will take you to the beautiful and clean beaches on the Agra island near Rio. This tour is full of picturesque views and landscapes. Practically all Brazilian beaches are impressed by their beauty and pure light sand. You will float on a little boat where only 13 people can be placed which makes this tour even more special and partially private. It lasts about 7 hours as you’d better take a lunch with you or use the services available on the boat where you can buy beverages and drinks. The beaches of Ilha Grande and Angra island also offer different sports activities to their visitors like sap, snorkeling and others so do not count on a lazy trip. 

Sailing through Bahia de Guanabara

Bahia de Guanabara is an ocean bay located southeast of Rio de Janeiro. What is great about this boat trip is that it is private so only you and your friends will participate. This bay charms by its natural beauty and marvelous beaches where travelers can do different activities like surfing, speedboat, and simply in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on your way to the bay. A light lunch and water are included in the tour price so all you need to take is your swimsuits and readiness for adventures.

Surfing is a must when studying in Rio

Búzios Boat Tour

Búzios is a resort town that is really popular among foreign tourists. Initially, you need to consider that this town is located quite far from Rio so the tour is really durable and lasts at least 14 hours. Custom writing SupremeDissertations claims that Buzios is known for its charming and scenic view and nature. As you float on a boat in Búzios, you have the opportunity to visit all the outstanding places of the town in the shortest time. Moreover, the tour includes a professional guide that will tell you the ancient and great history of the foundation of the city and its main peculiarities. 

River Rafting Trip from Rio

Well, rafting is an activity only for the bravest and adventurous tourists. It is a safe tour but it will surely tickle your nerves and test your strength and muscles. This rafting takes place in the Macae River. Rafting doesn’t suit everyone but it will fill you with unforgettable impressions, memories and emotions. It is a great way to reload your mind and blow off steam. Also, you will have the opportunity to watch the scenic views of pure Brazilian nature and jungles. If you have tried it before, you will be guided and get detailed instruction on how to behave, so it is high time to try rafting.

Sunsets are magical in Rio

Telegraph Stone & Wild Beaches

This private tour includes two different activities – climbing the famous telegraph stone and swimming in the wild beaches with marvelous pure nature. Writing service Trust My Paper writes that Telegraph Stone is one of the most popular places of interest in the world where people like taking dangerous photos on its edge. It is not really easy to get there, so the view is definitely worth it. After this long way, you can surely have some rest and spend time on the beautiful beaches between the mountains.

All in all

This is just a little part of the activities that will impress students who travel to Rio de Janeiro. The choice is up to each traveler whether he or she has a desire for an active vacation or calm resting on the beaches.

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