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Winter blues hits full speed these days: Christmas days and New Year’s celebrations are over and what stays left behind in their wake are some few kilos extra and a dragging mood. Yikes! But who says you have to just sit through it and wait for better weather – literally? 

Here are 5 reasons why a trip to the Balearic gem Mallorca is the ideal cure for your winter blues!

1. Here comes the Sun!

It might seem hard to believe, but there actually are places around Europe where the sun is still shining its warm and healing light – even past 3 in the afternoon! Mallorca is one of those blessed spots and offers some amazing 10 hours of actual daylight in January, while most northern Europeans have to spend their time after work in stultifying darkness. 

You might not exactly be able to enjoy a full on bikini beach holiday in Mallorca in winter, but you will most definitely be able to spend some lovely hours adventuring outside while the sun guides your way. 

There is nothing more uplifting than the sweet embrace of a Mallorcean winter sun!

The sun is always a good reason to book a trip to Mallorca

2. The Temperature

With the sun comes the warmth – and that’s exactly what by now we all crave! Hard!!

Average temperatures around 15°C in January and February will allow you to spend your days in Mallorca outside without (also an average) 17 layers of clothes – not counting the gloves. 

Strolling through the narrow alleys of Palma de Mallorca without having to pull your coat against the cold will give you a whole new feeling of freedom, which will turn your bluesy days into a distant memory! 

Summer clothes in Winter?

3. The vastness of the Ocean

Spending most of your time inside in winter can make your world seem quite small and oppressive. With the darkness and cold we can get a little lethargic and struggle  to imagine the treats this world still holds up its sleeve for us. But don’t worry! Mallorca will sort you right out!

While your walls come caving in on you at home, Mallorca offers an absolutely stunning coastline that will do its therapeutic magic on your winter blues! There is just no better reminder of the vastness of life’s possibilities than looking at the vastness of the ocean! 

No medicine ever tasted better than the view over the astonishing coastline of Mallorca in winter!

4. OMG Food!

You’re right. I did mention those few grams we’ve probably gained over the holidays and let’s be real here for a sec: We don’t exactly love them! But Mallorcean cuisine offers some incredible treats, some real comfort food that will nourish your body and soul equally and will leave you feeling really damn good about life! And that’s what we’re all about here, aren’t we?

So what could be better to warm up your soul after a day at the coast than enjoying a hot soup with loads of fresh vegetables? Sopas Mallorquinas are a real Mallorcean original. The hearty soups are usually prepared with cabbage, tomatoes and beans and can be found in many different variants. Another real winter hit is Tumbet (or Tombet), a Mallorcean version of ratatouille loaded with fried aubergines, potatoes, red peppers, olive oil and garlic. 

Mallorcan food is a winter wonderland for your tummy and we all know: That’s where happiness grounds its roots.

5. Special things to do in Mallorca in Winter

The island is mostly known for its party scene and the absolute madness that, at least until Covid hit, used to happen here every summer. Crowds of drunken party people carrying buckets of sangria are not what you’re aiming for?

Good! Then Mallorca during those winter months is your go-to, since winter season gives you a unique chance to experience the Balearic island in its purest, most unspoiled and authentic form. Visit a Mallorca that very few ever really experience and let the beauty of an island, its culture and people blow your mind!

Not only does Mallorca offer some incredible beaches and coastline that, even during this colder period, are still absolutely stunning! The island is also blessed with gorgeous hiking trails through the mountains and along the coastline that allow some incredible views over the Mediterranean Sea from quiet mountain ranges. In summer it’s just a little too warm to actually hike a day away, but winter in Mallorca offers the perfect climate for your mediterranean outdoor adventure! 

Plan your trip to Mallorca now!

Following the wine route you can taste your way through some excellent local wines. Here you can discover the history and tradition behind the wineries and their hometowns and villages. And if you feel like taking a break from all those new impressions, make it a day and pamper yourself in a spa until you’ve forgotten that your body can feel anything but warm and fuzzy. Winter blues – winter what?

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