10 Tourist Attractions To Check Out In Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and with good reason. With so much ancient history to explore, along with gorgeous sandy beaches to relax on, there’s something for everyone here. Here are the top 10 attractions you should check out when you’re in Rhodes, Greece

  • Anthony Quinn Bay

This bay is named after Mexican national Anthony Quinn, who filmed several movies in Greece and bought the bay part of the island. This is just a mile from Faliraki, and is considered to be one of the most stunning beaches in Rhodes. It’s surrounded by rock and has crystal clear water, so it’s a beautiful spot for swimming. It also serves as a popular mooring spot for small boats.

  • Monolithos Castle

This is a spot with a lot of history. The castle was built in 1570, and served as a powerful fortress. Today, not much of it remains except for the walls. ‘If you’re planning on visiting, be aware that it’s a steep climb so you’ll need to take frequent breaks’ says travel writer Kye Dotson, from University Assignments and OXEssays. ‘Once you get to the top though, the view here is incredible.’

  • Medieval Town Of Rhodes

This town has survived for centuries, and still functions today. You can explore the town on foot, and take in all the unique architecture. There’s a lot of influence here from so many groups, such as the Order of the Knights of Saint Jon, that occupied Rhodes from 1308 to 1523. Make sure you check out The Upper Town, with a km long wall that’s considered a beautiful example of Gothic architecture. 

Visit Rhodes
Photo by Erik Karits from Pexels
  • Mandraki Harbor

This is one of three harbors in Rhodes, and one that you have to go visit. It’s thought that the Colossus of Rhodes stood in this harbor, before its destruction in an earthquake in 226BC. Today, there’s still lots of history to see. For example, there are medieval windmills that were used to grind grain that was delivered by boat. Now, many different boats hare the harbor. 

  • Lindos

Here’s another place to go if you want to see the history of Rhodes. Its biggest draw is the Acropolis, which was another one of Rhodes’ famous strongholds. Here, you’ll find the remains of the Acropolis as well as the remains of an ancient theatre and the temple of Athena. 

  • The Valley Of The Butterflies

Here’s a spot for nature lovers to explore. This spot if ideal for butterfly reproduction thanks to a rare species of plane tree, and so you’ll find thousands of butterflies covering them from June to September. It’s a great place to walk the trails and see some wildlife. 

  • Kallithea Springs

Here is one of the most famous private beaches in Rhodes. ‘The springs were known for their therapeutic properties when they were first opened to the public in 1929.

  • Elli Beach

This is the main beach in Rhodes, and its waters are warm enough to swim in right up until October. There’s even a diving board set up on the beach, so you can go diving whenever you want. There’s snorkeling activities available too, so if you love exploring the water, you’ll have a good time here. 

  • New Town

This town was established when local Greeks were banished from the medieval center back in 1522, and now has taken on a gorgeous Art Deco style. This was done in the 1930’s, under the reign of Mussolini. Now, you can happily wander the streets to take in the sights, and snap some great photos too. 

Faliraki Beach, Rhodes
  • Faliraki Beach

Faliraki Beach is the destination for travelers who love to party. In the day they can happily sunbathe on the gorgeous beach, and by night they can find lots of entertainment to be had nearby. There’s also a water park here, with facilities especially suited to children. 

As you can see, Rhodes is packed full of things to see and do. Whether you just want to soak up some sun and go exploring, you’ll find everything you want here. 

Emily Henry is a travel writer for Write My Paper and Big Assignments. She also creates travel content for Boom Essays Review


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