sailing excursion in Albufeira

When Carlos called us to become part of the SeaBookings’ family, we were super excited to get to know his vintage sailing boat. So, we decided to join Carlos and Bijuca, his guide, on a sailing excursion in Albufeira with friends.

private sailing in Albufeira
Carlos’ authentic 47’’ long sail yacht from 1978

Carlos and Bijuca do half day sailing tours in a group or private charters for a half or a full day. We decided to join them for a half day sailing excursion in Albufeira on Carlos’ authentic 47’’ long sail yacht from 1978.

Even the interior of this sailing yacht is vintage!
Even the interior of this sailing yacht is vintage!

The boat is truly unique. Docked at Gate 5 in the Marina of Albufeira, this charming sailing yacht was already waiting for us. The boat is super spacious and the major part of it is made out of wood which gives it a very special touch. There’s space in the back by the rudder, even more in the back next to the dinghy or in front on the deck. And did you know this boat has 2 masts?

sailing trip in Albufeira
Did you know the boat has two masts

Carlos and Bijuca, our hosts are true sailing lovers. Carlos came from Huelva to Albufeira to follow his heart and work with boats. And Bijuca, originally from Lisbon, did the same. This sailing excursion in Albufeira is different than most other boat tours in the sense that the guides will not be continuously talking. The guides are happy to share all they know about the beaches and rock formations you’ll sail by and any other curiosities you’d like to know. If you prefer, you can just sit back and listen to the waves and the wind.

sailing charter in Albufeira
You can choose where you want to sit

We did this tour with a group of friends and Lu, a 4-year-old. We had a great time. Some of us at the rudder, chatting to Carlos and Bijuca to find out more about this special boat and others chilling at the front deck. It was a beautiful day and surely one of the highlights was to anchor and go for a dive. Even the 4-year-old jumped into the refreshing water and enjoyed the feeling of swimming in the deep waters of the Atlantic. Another highlight was the impressive sights of the coast of the Algarve. On this 3 hour tour, which ended up being, 3,5 hours, we even had time to cruise by the famous cave of Benagil! Unfortunately, there was no wind at all so we could not set sail and switch off the engine. However, on most days in the Algarve, Carlos turns of the engine on the way back to Albufeira so you can enjoy the feeling of sailing. Feeling the power of the wind is unique!

The wind and the sea make you hungry and thirsty. Luckily, Bijuca and Carlos had thought of this and served cold drinks all along the tour. On halfway, Bijuca turned up with a big board full of cheese, salmon, ham and all kind of savory snacks and even fresh fruit skewers. On the half day trips, these snacks are not included, only a drink. But on the charters, you’ll have this delicious treat!

We strongly recommend this sailing excursion in Albufeira if you’re looking for an authentic sea experience during your stay in the Algarve. It’s a great thing to do with family and friends. Doing the tour with a group or on a private basis depends on the size of your group and your budget. Obviously, on a private basis is even more unique as you can go where you want and stop where and when you want.

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