Sandals Grenada: Reviews

Located on the Pink Gin beach in Grenada, Sandals Grenada is one of the newest and top-rated resorts in Grenada. This resort has covered everything, from beachfront rooms and an underwater sculpture park to offering many adventurous sports!

According to many Sandals Grenada reviews, it is one of the most beautiful and top-rated beach resorts in Grenada. It is perfect for honeymoon destinations or a family vacation for a peaceful getaway to the beach. Keep reading to find out more about the place.

 Sandals Grenada: Basic Information

  • Type of resort- five-star resort (adults only)
  • Location- Pink Gin Beach in the island country of Grenada.
  • Nearest airport- Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND).
  • Distance between the airport and resort- Max 10 mins.
  • Restaurants- ten in the resort.

Why Visit Sandals Grenada?

Grenada is among the best island countries, with locations in the Bahamas, Jamaica, and other neighboring island countries. Sandals Grenada is a brand of five-star, opulent, adults-only, all-inclusive resorts. Even though each island and hotel is distinct, Sandals Grenada is frequently mentioned for various reasons.

Sandals provide a luxurious all-inclusive vacation with fine restaurants, premium liquor, stunning properties, and incredible rooms. Other all-inclusive hotels don’t offer many of the extras that Sandals do, such as a no-tipping rule, airport transfers, and a variety of water activities that are part of your stay.

More About Sandals Grenada

  • The historic La Source Hotel in Grenada was transformed into Sandals. The building had substantial renovations and was expanded before becoming a Sandals in 2014. Formerly known as Sandals La Source, this facility is recognized as Sandals Grenada.
  • The property’s modest yet lovely beach. The water is the ideal temperature, clear, tranquil, and pleasant for taking a leisurely swim.
  • The property has two primary swimming sections: the party pool is more inland and closer to the beach.
  • On the other side of the mountain, just five minutes drive from the airport is where you’ll find Sandals Grenada. Since Grenada is located in the south, the flight from New York to there takes around four hours. However, you’ll be mesmerized by the resort’s beauty once you arrive.
  • According to Sandals Grenada reviews, it is known for providing the best water adventures and water sports. One such is diving underwater in the Caribbean sea. You can dive enthusiasts adore Sandals Grenada. You may go on daily diving excursions in the Caribbean.
  • Four separate villages make up Sandals Grenada: Pink Gin, South seas, Italian, and the Lover’s Hideaway. There are over 21 different accommodation types on the resort, catering to all travel needs and price ranges.
  • Reservations are required for top restaurants in Sandals Grenada. Make dinner reservations when you arrive, especially during peak season! See Sandals Grenada restaurants for the hours of operation.

If you are looking for great beach time near the Caribbean sea, Grenada Island is the top choice for all. If you’re seeking the ideal honeymoon, destination wedding, anniversary trip, or luxurious Caribbean escape, Sandals Grenada is strongly recommended.

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