Algarve Boat Festival 2020

One stage, multiple dance floors and the western Algarve composing the scene. That was how, through the hands of the Portuguese startup SeaBookings, Lagos (Portugal) plunged into the first edition of the Algarve Boat Festival. This innovative concept of multiple private parties, together, for a single show, allowed a safe event according to the guidelines of the Directorate-General of Health of Portugal (DGS). Physical distance and open-air are guaranteed.

Algarve Boat Festival 2020
The stage-boat was one big show!

In charge of the music, on the stage-boat, were Pete Tha Zouk, DJ Astrella and the local Carlos Sax. In its first edition, the Algarve Boat Festival sold out, with almost 30 boats that anchored around the stage-boat in front of the emblematic Praia Dona Ana. The stage-boat had no customers on board, only staff. Festival-goers joined on their own boat, whether theirs or rented, be it a motorboat or sailboat.

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The Algarve Boat Festival had the support of the Municipality of Lagos and the Marina of Lagos. The Marina offered the night after the festival for boats from other Marinas. And the Port of Lagos, as well as the maritime police, were present to enforce the Contingency Plan in order to comply with the “Safe Event” requirements, according to the DGS guidelines. The Clube de Vela de Lagos, the local sailing club was also present to provide support where needed.

Nauti Algarve Boat Festival
The bar-boat was cruising around the festival area to serve cold drinks

The show started at 3:30 pm in the best possible setting, in front of the emblematic Praia Dona Ana, and should have lasted for 3 hours. But the Algarvian DJ Pete Tha Zouk was so excited to be playing in times where all discotheques are shut, that the party prolonged for another hour for those who wanted to stay. Seems like we were all needing to dance!

One stage, multiple dancefloors allowed to party with social distance between groups

For those who were unable to be physically present, the Festival was available to everyone through live streaming. There are no official dates for the next edition, but taking into the consideration of festival-goers, this is only the beginning!

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