20 things to do in Albufeira, Algarve

We’ve been writing a lot about things to do in Albufeira because it’s one of the Algarve’s most popular holiday destintions, both for families and groups.

Also, we like Albufeira ourselves and are happy to be able to share some inside tips.  🙂

Albufeira has long been one of Portugal’s most popular resorts because it combines an interesting cultural heritage, stunning beaches and there are many options. 

Albufeira things to do

going to the beach, of course!

The old centre is like a picturesque village with typical Moorish white buildings atop low sandstone cliffs facing a beautiful town beach.

This idyllic city centre is surrounded by modern buildings. Albufeira is undeniably fun, attracting a varied mix of holiday-makers.

Albufeira is a preferred sunny holiday destination for families and groups of party animals who seek for a resort with many things to do.

Albufeira things to do

walk around the city center

The Marina of Albufeira is almost like a second city center. It is part of a luxury tourist complex which includes shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, a nautical club, apartments and villas.

It is now ten years since the Albufeira marina opened its waters to boat owners providing high-quality support services to all sailors and their boats.

The Marina of Albufeira enjoys an ideal geographical location, in the Algarve, right at the end of the motorway from Lisbon and only 45 minutes away from Faro airport.

The Marina is a great spot to wander around or go for a romantic dinner, it’s also a favourite place to visit for families..

Check out our Top Things to do in Albufeira:

Albufeira things to do

wander around the Marina de Albufeira

Sunset cruise

Albufeira things to do

Albufeira things to do: sunset cruise from Albufeira

Sail along enchanting rock formations, caves and beaches of the Algarve at sunset, and sip on a glass of Champagne while admiring the coastal sights.

The 2,5-hour cruise on this comfortable catamaran includes sights of the typical coastline of the Algarve and dramatic views of the Atlantic — all bathed in a smooth sunset glow.

We’ll smoothly cruise along the coast up to the area of Galé and Benagil famous for its breathtaking rock formations to enjoy the ever changing light at the end of the day.

From about 5 to 6 PM until sunset, the skies of the Algarve become magical, and even more magical when viewed from the ocean.

Simply sit back, relax and stare at the sights as the crew sail. During the trip, we can stop for a refreshing dive in the ocean if you wish to do so.

Captain Hook Cruise

The pirate boat in Albufeira is a lot of fun for the whole family

pirate boat in Albufeira

Kids love pirates and parents love boat tours, right? Well, this is the best thing to do during your holidays in Albufeira with your family.

Please remember to book in advance because as this pirate boat trip is on top of the must things to do in Albufeira with kids, it gets easily fully booked during the summer months. Book your boat tours in advance to avoid disappointment and to better plan your stay.

On the Captain Hook boat tour, one thing is for sure: your kids will have the best day of their holiday. This 2-hour boat tour is a pleasant sailing trip for a nice price, ideal for groups and families.

We’ll cruise along the stunning coast of the Algarve to observe the rock formations and beaches of Albufeira, São Rafael, Castelo and Galé. If you’re getting too hot, you can even go for a dive in the refreshing ocean.

Caves & dolphin watching – The Dreamer

This unique boat trip combines the two most popular excursions in the Algarve, the dolphin watching trip and cave visits. There are several tours that do this, what differs is the length of the tour and the type of boat.

This particular trip takes 2 hours and you will be welcomed on “Dreamer” the newest acquisition of this tour operator, a very stable and fast speed boat that carries 30 people.

This boat is suitable for all ages, for kids and also for older people because it’s very stable and safe. On this tour, we’ll first cruise along the Algarve coast, from the Albufeira Marina to Carvoeiro beach. During this cruise you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful caves and rock formations typical from the Algarve and a stop for a quick ocean swim.

On the return, the boat distances from the coast to start our search for wild dolphins. We manage to find these beautiful creatures on almost all of our trips but as they’re wild animals in their natural habitat and we don’t feed them, it’s a true adventure and we can’t guarantee anything.

Caves & dolphin watching– Rigid Inflatable Boat

Albufeira things to do: caves and dolphin watching tour

caves and dolphin watching tour – Insonia

This is our favorite of the things to do in Albufeira. Like the previous one, also this boat trip combines the two most popular excursions in the Algarve, cave visits and the dolphin watching trip.

As there are several tours that do this, you can basically choose what you prefer according to the different durations of the tour and the types of boat.

This particular trip takes 2 hours and you will be welcomed on Insonia” a rigid Inflatable Passenger Boat, especially designed for the purpose of taking you to enjoy the ocean.

These kind of boats are very fast and agile and carry 12 people. We recommend this boat for the most adventurous travelers as you’ll feel the adrenaline rush while speeding over the ocean and once we find the dolphins, be very close to them.

Regarding age, Rigid Inflatable Boats are suitable for all ages, but please bear in mind they’re a bit bumpier than boats like “Dreamer”.

On this tour, we’ll first cruise along the beautiful coast of the Algarve coast, departing from the Marina of Albufeira in direction to Carvoeiro beach, along the stunning caves and rock formations typical from the Algarve.

We manage to find these beautiful creatures on almost all of our trips and sometimes we also encounter other creatures like whales or turtles.

BBQ Cruise

Albufeira things to do: BBQ Cruise

BBQ Cruise

This BBQ trip is ideal if you’re looking for something that fits in your tight budget. The BBQ cruise will take you to discover the most beautiful spots of the Algarvian coast and enjoying a BBQ on a private beach on the same day.

This activity is one of the best family options. We invite you to come a board on our catamaran, a very safe and stable boat.

This boat offers you and your friends or family the best way to explore the enchanting caves, typical rock formations and beaches of the Algarve.

This is a full day cruise, departing from the Marina of Albufeira to cruise along the coast up to the area of rock formations and caves of Galé, Benagil and Carvoeiro.

A BBQ beach lunch will be served on a private beach where you will also have time to relax, swim or play beach games.

Half day sailing

Albufeira things to do: sailing tour

sailing tour

If you have always dreamed of sailing on your own sailing boat, this experience may be interesting for you. On the boat you can feel like you’re the owner and skipper and have the best day of your holiday.

The trip departs from the Marina of Albufeira to go sailing along the coast of the Algarve with its stunning rock formations, caves and beaches up to Carvoeiro light house.

If you want, you can visit the caves or go for a dive. On this three-hour tour you will experience the pleasure of sailing with a small group, either friends or family, and a trained and friendly crew that will involve you with the art of the sailing if you wish.

Full say sailing

Sailing Albufeira

full day sailing tour

If you think the previous described boat tour of half a day is not enough, com a board of our yacht for a full day. 

This experience is similar as the previous one but will take the whole day, to take it easy and relax while you sail along the stunning coast line of the Algarve. 

Also, there will be time to anchor on a quiet beach for a BBQ lunch and visit the caves or go for a dive in the refreshing Atlantic Ocean.

Coastline boat tour

Albufeira things to do: coastal boat tour

Coastal boat tour

By now we know that if you visit Albufeira, you MUST see the caves and typical coastline of its surrounding.

On this tour, on a very nice “pirate” sail boat, as soon as the the boat leaves the Marina, it sets sails and sail westward along the cliffs and sandy beaches of San Rafael, Castelo and Galé.

You can also observe the fisherman’s village of Armação de Pêra, the Chapel of Senhora da Rocha and go along the worldwide known beaches of Marina and Benagil.

On this trip there is also time for a visit to the caves or to have a refreshing swim in the blue Ocean. In sum, this is the ideal boat trip for you and your family to explore the must-see places of Albufeira, Algarve, on a typical and beautiful sailing boat.

Jet Boat adventure

Albufeira things to do: 30min jetboat

30min jetboat

Do you dare to come aboard on one of our powerful and super-fast boats? These types of boats are designed for fun and reaching high speeds thanks to their extremely powerful engines and aerodynamics.

This boat trip is a must while staying in Albufeira with your friends or kids who love speed! Join us and enjoy moments of pure emotion, freedom and excitement as if you were in command of a powerful jet ski, but in the company of your family and friends.

Slide around the waters of Albufeira on a thrilling 30-minute ride on a Jet boat. The boat will be driven by an expert captain who will make the boat speed, spin and splashe, so be prepared to have fun and get wet while enjoying views of Portugal’s scenic southern coastline.

Jet Boat – 1 hour adventure

Albufeira things to do: 60min jetboat

60min jetboat

The above described Jet Boat adventure takes about 30 minutes. For most people this is enough as it’s rather intense. You will enjoy moments of pure emotion, freedom and excitement as if you were in command of a powerful jet ski!

Are you a really adrenaline fan? Dare to come a board of this one hour adventure and explore the coastline even better while adrenaline flows through your veins!

As the Jet Boat takes off from the Marina of Albufeira, grab the safety bar in front of you and hold on tight — your captain is about to take you on a wild ride. Do 360-degree spins, power breaks and slides, generating waves that splash around you. It’s all part of the fun, so wear clothes that can get wet.

Rocket Boat

Albufeira things to do: ocean Rocket boat trip

ocean Rocket boat trip

A speedy ride combined with the beautiful scenery of the coast of the Algarve. Does that sound nice to you? The Ocean Rocket is right up your street!

This boat is capable of seriously fast speed. The Rocket Boat has 700 CV and is able to reach 50 knots! We recommend this cruise if you are looking for a cruise along white-sand beaches, caves, rock formations and enjoy speed too.

You might even be lucky to spot some dolphins. Crazy sharp turns make you think the boat will capsize then the pure acceleration kicks in again and you’re off like a bat out of hell, remember you have been warned!!! Do you dare to come and fly over the Ocean with us?

Jet ski from Albufeira

Albufeira things to do: jet ski

jet ski

What could be better than a sunny summer day on the cool waters of Albufeira? Jet Sking is a cool and refreshing way to enjoy your vacation in the Algarve.

Renting a Jet Ski is a great way to live life to the fullest. Pack your swim trunks, head to the Marina of Albufeira, and celebrate your freedom while you make waves on board a fast and fun jet ski.

No license is needed, as long as you’re fine with being in the ocean. We’re sure that your personal jet ski will add a whole new dimension to your day at the Albufeira beach.

Not only will you have the best view of the coastline, but you can also jump the waves in the choppy water or motor out to the caves to enjoy the typical rock formations.


Albufeira things to do: snorkeling


Snorkeling is a beloved water sport by all ages. The Algarve, and in particular Albufeira has got some great spots for snorkeling as its waters are very rich in fish and other sealife.

Some people are not fond of the idea to be dependent on a diving tank or to be 20m below sea level, but still want to enjoy the underwater world. If you’re like that, let’s go snorkeling.

In fact, snorkeling gives you the chance to explore the colorful and interesting sea world just beneath the ocean’s surface without the complicated equipment and training required for scuba diving.

The give you the best snorkel experience, this trip is made by boat, such that we can take you to the nicest snorkeling spots, and all the equipment and insurances are included.

Scuba diving

Albufeira things to do: scuba diving

scuba diving

Scuba Diving is an amazing experience. To breathe underwater is incredible. If you agree, how about a Scuba Diving experience in one of the warmest and most beautiful waters of Southwest Europe?

For certified divers, the Algarve offers various dive sites, over 100 different ones from Faro to Armação de Pera.

Diving can be done in natural and artificial reefs, caves, wrecks, wall dives, among others.

Usually the Scuba Diving experiences from Albufeira take the whole morning, allowing two dives from one of our boats to assure you get to know the best places taking into account the water and sea conditions and also your experience as a diver.

You will be accompanied by a fully certified and very experienced instructor to assure a safe and fun day of your holidays in the Algarve!

First Scuba Dive

Albufeira things to do: scuba diving - first dive

scuba diving – first dive

As we mentioned in the Scuba Diving experience description, the Algarve is a heaven for Scuba Diving fans: warm water, good visibility and several types of diving site for a great diversity of marine life.

If you do not have any kind of diving certificate but would like to take your first breath underwater in Albufeira, we can take you on a “First Dive” is a program.

You do not need to be certified or an experienced diver to see and enjoy the immense existing life below the water surface.

This program consists of about half an hour of theory introduction, followed by practice in the pool with the full equipment and a dive in the sea to a depth of 12 meters.

The whole program includes assistance of a certified professional instructor, all the necessary equipment, boat trip, insurance and a certificate valid up to a year. Albufeira Algarve


Albufeira things to do: parasailing


Parasailing consists of flying in the sky behind a boat and is suitable for all ages. This activity, despite of being rather short, will be unforgettable for the rest of your life.

You will start by ascending into the sky by the platform on the stern of the vessel, safely and without getting wet, until the maximum height of 150 meters.

You can chose if you prefer to fly individual, double or triple. With a privileged view over the city where you can enjoy an absolute silence and an extraordinary moment of peace and tranquillity.

For parasailing, we recommend booking in advance as parasailing depends upon weather conditions.

What’s your best thing to do in Albufeira?

Most likely one of the things to do in Albufeira described above suits you and your family or friends perfectly, make sure you book on time. During the busy summer months, from June to September, Albufeira’s ocean activities are very popular and some of them tend to get fully booked for days!

So, book now and make sure you won’t be disappointed and end your holidays without having done the experience that excites you most!

Also, if you’re looking for a kind of activity that is not listed here, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll do everything to help you!

Happy holidays!

sunset boat party in Lisbon

Meet “Príncipe Perfeito”, our big classy sailing yacht in Lisbon

Príncipe Perfeito” is our big classy sailing yacht in Lisbon, ideal for events up to 200 pax

  • Max 200 pax
  • 2 hours – from 2200 €
  • from 500 € per extra hour
  • Departure: Doca do Espanhol, Alcântara, Lisbon
  • Included: no drinks included
  • Optional: drinks on board cost around 2 € each or we have nice catering packages from 22 € per person for a complete meal with drinks


On board of our enchanting sailing ship “Principe Perfeito”, Portuguese for the perfect prince, you will feel like a real sailor exploring the city of Lisbon! Did you know this yacht is one of the biggest sailing ships in Europe? We have many different catering options for this boat. It’s ideal for weddings or other ceremonies.

Please note:

  1. All tours are private and include a skipper, fuel, insurance and taxes.
  2. Schedules are flexible. Let us know if you prefer a morning, afternoon or sunset trip.
  3. Catering options vary according to each boat, so feel free to contact us about that according to the boat you prefer.
  4. Most boats have a sound system and you can bring your own music on your phone.
  5. We presented 2 to 4-hour tours but of course, we can also do 5 – 8 hours. If you wish that, let us know.

Sailing yacht Lisbon1 Sailing yacht Lisbon2 Sailing yacht Lisbon3 Sailing yacht Lisbon4 Sailing yacht Lisbon5 Sailing yacht Lisbon6

family fishing from Lagos

The Best Fishing Tours in Portugal

The Best Fishing Tours in Portugal

We all know that Portugal located on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain on its East and the Atlantic Ocean on the South and West. This privileged Oceanside location influences many aspects of its culture – salt cod and grilled sardines are national dishes and the Algarve’s beautiful beaches are a popular holiday destination.


Thanks to its geographic location, fishing has long been integral part of Portuguese culture and diet. Tourist-wise, Portugal, and in particular the Algarve, is a fantastic fishing destination with a long season and lots of different fish and angling experiences. Many types of fishing experiences are provided by local fishermen who are happy to share their boats and knowledge with fishing-lovers for an unforgettable holiday experience in Portugal.

portugal-fishing boats

Travelers who want to give fishing a go or learn new skills are always welcome on half day tour full day trips where tuition is provided if necessary. From family fishing experiences suitable for all levels of experience to challenging whopper catches for the most experienced or adventurous ones, Portugal offers a sizeable range of habitats in such a small country.

Because of Portugal‘s location on the Continental Shelf – an underwater land platform which extends to between 80 and 160 Km out to the Atlantic Ocean – there is a broad variety of water temperatures and thus, species of fish. Large predatory fish such as sharks and tuna (also dolphins, but those we won’t catch!) come in to feed on the smaller fish that live in the shallower and warmer coastal waters. In fact, there are hundreds of types of fish including sardines, bream, bass, octopus, mackerel, blue fish, snappers, shark, tuna, sword fish, salmon bass and plaice.

Still doubting? Book now and this is what you’ll get:

– Take your catch of the day home and enjoy a nice and fresh BBQ – a unique experience;

– Your family will love it. The youngsters will learn with the most experienced and the ones who do not like fishing can enjoy the sun and take pictures;

– Chose what suits you more: half or full da fishing experiences;

– Includes drinks as fishing will make you thirsty!

– Portugal’s geography offers a wide range of fish, from sharks to sardines.

Alvor Fishing Donzela

Alvor Fishing Donzela

Please remember that fishing boat tours tend to get fully books during the busy months, from June to September, so we recommend to book in advance. By booking in advance, you can chose the day and time that suits you best and ensure you won’t miss out on this unforgettable fishing experience!

In Portugal several types of fishing can be carried out:

Deep Sea Fishing is practiced along the Portuguese coast both for leisure and commercial reasons for shark, tuna, blue fish, swordfish, conger eel, ray, salmon bass, scabbard and marlin, off Sesimbra, Sines, Peniche and Nazaré, but also some cities in the Algarve and the Madeira and Azores markets.

– Inshore Fishing is a fishing style practiced all along the entire Portuguese coast.

– In the rocks around the Berlenga Islands, Algarve, Sesimbra, Praia do Furadouro, Aveiro, Póvoa de Varzim, Vila do Conde, Tavira, Sines and Sagres, Underwater Fishing is broadly practices.

– Beach Casting, without a the use of a boat, is done by local fishermen and tourists to fish for bass, sea mullet, sole, bream, mackerel, red mullet, conger eel, shad, blue fish and golden bream among others. This kind of fishing is broadly practices in Portugal, in particular along the Alentejo coast, Peniche, Povoa de Varzim, Sesimbra and in the Algarve (Sagres, Lagos, Faro, Albufeira, Quarteira, Portimão and Vila Real de Santo António).

– To fish for whiting, mackerel, squalus, grey mullet, bream and bass, in Portugal, Role Fishing is most commonly used in the Algarve coast, Sagres, Cape St.Vincent and Ericeira.

For leisure, Portugal offers fishing tours from several cities, from North to South and from the islands, Madeira and Azores.

Fishing Tours in the Algarve

Fishing in Albufeira

Reef fishing albufeira - algarexperience

Reef fishing albufeira – algarexperience

Fishing tours in Albufeira depart from the modern Albufeira Marina which is a major destination of choice in the Algarve. Situated in the in the middle of the coastline of the Algarve, just 30 minutes from Faro airport and on the motorway to Lisbon, it’s extremely easy accessible and provides high quality logistics for any ocean related activity.

Departing from Albufeira, we suggest the sporty and exciting reef fishing experience. The three-hour reef fishing tour takes place at a depth of 20 to 30 meters, around 3 to 4 miles off the coast of Albufeira. The well-equipped vessel will be anchored while the bait stays at the bottom, close to the reefs – that’s why it’s reef fishing! This type of fishing allows to capture a broad variety of fish like mackerel, black sea bream, white bream, horse mackerel, grouper, conger, and snapper, amongst others.

Fishing in Tavira


Fishing tour from Tavira Algarve

Tavira is a Portuguese city situated in the east of the Algarve about 28 kilometres east of Faro. The city is strongly related to the ocean and nature as it is where the Gilão River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The beach of Tavira lies past the salt pans and is reached by a ferryboat that takes you to Ilha de Tavira, a sandy island part of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Its location by the ocean makes Tavira an obvious paradise for a fishing experience, either for the whole family or for more experienced sport fishers. In Tavira, we recommend a boat called “Reel Time”, with a capacity for six people and fully equipped with the latest technologies in navigation and security. During the tour, all the necessary equipment for an unforgettable day at sea will be supplied. You can chose for a family experience or for a more adventurous Big Game tour where the focus will be Big Game, which means: Shark and Tuna fishing.

Fishing in Olhão

fishing - passeios

fishing – passeios

Olhão is a major port city less than half an hour away from Faro airport. Actually, Olhão is the largest fishing port in the Algarve.  In 1679, due to its commercial relations with Africa, Olhão became so important that it needed to build the fortress of São Lorenço to defend it from pirates.

The city of Olhão, given its history and outstanding location, is great for fishing. In fact, fishing is not about luck, on the right spot and with the right knowledge, you will catch regional fishes. The tour operator In Olhão has a GPS and souder to ease the job to find the best fish. The fishing from Olhão will be done in 2 or 3 miles from the coast. The most common fishes to be caught on the Algarve coast are seabream, red gunnard, mackerel, garfish, triggerfish, scorpion fish, red mullet, and picarel. From our experience, the best time to go fishing is at 8h00 AM.

Fishing in Alvor

Alvor Fishing jigginng

Alvor Fishing jigginng

We love Alvor! It’s one of the Algarve’s most popular destinations, probably because the village has succeeded in retaining its essence along the time. With its idyllic and traditional architecture it’s a truly fishing village.

For many years Portugal, and in particular the Algarve, and even more in particular Alvor has been known for its sports fishing qualities.  From Alvor there are several types of fishing experiences: Family fishing, Big Game fishing and Bottom fishing . The warm Gulf Stream that passes by the coast of the Algarve coast creates a great habitat for many species of ground fish like Bream, Squid, Cuttle Fish, Sea Bass, Stone Bass and Mackerels. This is why the Bottom fishing experiences are a great success for some fun time together with family or friends, competing for the biggest catch of the day!

Fishing in Portimão

boat & cave trips, Caves trip from Portimão - Manguito

boat & cave trips, Caves trip from Portimão – Manguito

Portimão is the second-most populous city in the Algarve and the western Algarve’s main commercial centre. It is, just like most of the coastal cities of the Algarve, known for its close relation to the ocean. By the river side, at River Arade at “Pier Vasco da Gama”, near the Clube Naval de Portimão, you can embark on a boat trip that will take you fishing and site seeing in one! On board of the traditional boat “Manguito”, you can enjoy the beaches, cliffs, rock formations and caves in the area of Portimão but also enjoy a fun day with bottom fishing, following a visit to the caves and a chance to swim and/or snorkel. On this tour, the whole family is welcome.

Fishing in Lagos

family fishing - fishing lagos - bomdia boat trips - boat trips in Lagos

family fishing – fishing lagos – bomdia boat trips – boat trips in Lagos

Lagos is a bit further away from the Faro Airport, but definitely worth the ride. Lagos has a strong historical clout, having launched many naval excursions during Portugal’s Age of Discoveries. It’s a growing popular tourist destination and many fishermen, during the summer, are focussed on tourists. These authentic fishermen are happy to take you out fishing in a relaxed atmosphere and taste the experience of fishing.


The best fishing tours in Portugal

The best fishing tours in Portugal

We believe that the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are the true hidden gem of Europe. Not many people know about these islands that belong to Portugal, right in the middle of the Atlantic. They are one of our favourite holiday destinations, for being so near to continental Europe and for their incredible natural beauty. Also here, boat tours are an excellent way of admiring the coastline from a different perspective.

Many World Record for giant Blue Marlins were caught around Madeira. In fact, Madeira is a perfect fishing location, with its calm waters, most of the fish is caught within a friendly 3 miles of the coast. Sport fish range from blue and white marlin, swordfish, spearfish, tuna, wahoo, small sharks down to red snappers, jacks and even giant squid fished on night trips, amongst others.

Conservation is an important and we always recommend choosing tour operators that practice a Tag and Release policy with all billfish species unless there is no chance of survival or it is a potential world record fish.

To Book the best Fishing Tours in Portugal check us out!




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The best things to do in the Algarve for groups – families

Traveling to the Algarve with a group? We recommend you to plan your things to do and to eat a bit ahead. Going out for dinner with a group of 8 or more may require a previous reservation. Otherwise, you may have to wait in line for a while. The same logic applies to things to do in the Algarve, like watersports and boat tours. In this blog post, we’ll share our top 5 best things to do in the Algarve for groups of families and friends. The segment we target is this post is the family and multi-age group segment. Previously, we’ve shared another 5 best activities in the Algarve for groups that are sporty and active.

Top 5 best things to do in the Algarve for groups

The best things to do in the Algarve for groups

BBQ sailing trip from Lagos – Algarve

  1. BBQ and grotto tour in Lagos

This relaxing sailing cruise in the Bay of Lagos is surely one of the best things to do in the Algarve for groups. Actually, when our grandparents and family com over to Portugal, we usually do this trip ourselves. During this sailing boat trip you will sail in the Bay of Lagos along the most impressive caves and rock formations.

You’ll anchor in a sheltered bay and the crew will prepare and serve grilled chicken, salad with our secret dressing, bread and wine. The lunch is delicious! Besides, we recommend you to bring your swimming and snorkel gear because the ocean will invite you for a swim. Beside the delicious BBQ, chance to swim and charming boat, another highlight of this trip is the famous caves of ‘Ponta da Piedade’. This cave will be visited by a smaller boat.

  • Duration: 04:30
  • Location: Marina de Lagos
  • Available Seats: 30
  • Price: 49 €

family fishing, fishing lagos - bomdia boat trips - boat trips in Lagos

Family fishing from Alvor

  1. Family fishing from Alvor

If you’re looking for the best things to do in the Algarve for groups and you’re near Alvor with your family or friends, check out this fishing tour! This will be the family highlight of your holidays in the Algarve! Come aboard on Donzela, a fully equipped sport fishing boat, and let’s sail to the best fishing spots, to find ground fish. While catching a broad range of fishes like breams and sea basses, you’ll have a great time together with family or friends. Who will be proud for the biggest catch of the day? You’ll be guided by local fishermen Miguel, who’ll be happy to teach you all about fishing and about the region.

  • Duration: 02:00
  • Location: Alvor
  • Available Seats: 8
  • Price: 25 €

Caves dolphin watching tour albufeira Algarve (1)

Caves & dolphin watching tour from Albufeira

  1. Caves & dolphin watching from Albufeira

Getting aboard of “Dreamer” in Albufeira is one of the best things to do in the Algarve for groups. If you’re travelling to the Algarve, most likely you’ve already heard about the impressive coastline. But did you know that you can find wild dolphins in the Algarve? Yes, you can! This boat trip takes you to the caves & dolphin watching from Albufeira.

This unforgettable boat excursion in Albufeira is the ideal thing to do in Albufeira for the whole family. The boat is very fast and stable and will comfortably depart from the Marina of Albufeira.

After visiting the famous cave of Benagil, the real adventure starts. The experienced skippers will do their best to find wild dolphins. You’re not guaranteed to see them because they are totally wild and not fed. Will you help us to spot them?

  • Duration: 02:00
  • Location: Albufeira
  • Available Seats: 20
  • Price: 35 €

Sailing Portimão (6)

Sailing from Portimão

  1. Sailing from Portimão

Portimão has strong historical ties with sailing and you can feel that yourself while having fun on one of our ships on the Atlantic. Get aboard on our luxurious yacht and enjoy Portimão from a unique perspective. Are you ready to feel the beauty of sailing while enjoying stunning landscapes, beaches and sheltered bays.

On this sailing excursion, you’ll take a break in a sheltered bay to relax or go for a nice swim. If you’d like to explore the underwater world, snorkelling equipment will be provided.

Sailing is one of the best things to do in the Algarve for groups. This half day experience is great. There’s also a full day experience, if you prefer.

  • Duration: 04:00
  • Location: Portimão
  • Available Seats: 10
  • Price: 45 €

Pirate boat Albufeira (2)

The pirate boat in Albufeira is a lot of fun for the whole family

  1. BBQ boat trip from Albufeira

“Leãzinho” is the favorite boat when we think about the best things to do in the Algarve for groups! “Leãozinho” is the wooden sailing ship from Albufeira that everybody loves. Beside the Captain Hook Cruise and the Coastal Cruise, this boat also hosts a full day BBQ boat trip. This BBQ boat tour is a lot of fun for families and groups of friends. You’ll be sailing to the most beautiful and hidden spots of the coast of the Algarve. From the boat, you can observe the magnificent rock formations and the paradisiacal white sandy beaches from a different perspective.

Then, we’ll anchor next to a secluded beach. Here you’ll have some free time for a refreshing swim and to enjoy the beach. The crew will serve you a typical Portuguese BBQ on the beach. Once we’re finished eating and having fun on the beach, we’ll slowly sail back to the Marina.

  • Duration: 06:30
  • Location: Marina de Albufeira
  • Available Seats: 22
  • Price: 48 €

In our opinion, these are some of the best things to do in the Algarve for groups that of families and friends. Of course there are many more. Please let us know if you’ve got any suggestions or questions. To book, don’t forget to be on time. Boat tours tend to get fully booked for days during the high season, specially for these best things to do in the Algarve for groups.

Sagres’ beaches

Sagres, also known as “the end of the world”, is located in Vila do Bispo, in the southwestern Algarve of Portugal. Sagres’ beaches are great for surfing and are a true nature gem of Europe. It’s known as “the end of the world” because Sagres is the most southwestern point of mainland Europe. Only the islands of the Azores, that also belong to Portugal, are more southwest. Given it’s location with a South and West coast, Sagres’ beaches are some of the prettiest of Europe.

Sagres is a rather small town. It has a tiny population of over 3000 inhabitants distributed over 34.28 square kilometres. This number rises significantly during the high season when tourists visit Sagres’ beaches and other attractions like nice restaurants and nightlife.

The area around Sagres is historically connected to the Portuguese Age of Discovery. The connection between Sagres and the Discoveries is thanks to its strategic localization. This location made Sagres one of the most important areas in the Algarve in terms of its rich heritage. In fact, Sagres significance to world history is incredible, testified by a wealth of historical events, stories and legends. For example, the cult of St. Vincent and Sagres are closely linked. For centuries, Sagres was the most distant point of the known world – known as Cape St. Vincent.

Let’s talk about what really matter: Sagres’ beaches. Sagres’ beaches that we like most are Baleeira, Beliche, Mareta, Martinhal and Tonel. The big advantage of these beaches is that some are on the south coast and others on the west coast. Like this, all beaches have different conditions. While some are great for surfing, others may be good to take you family too as they’re as flat as a pool.

The best of Sagres’ beaches:


Sagres Beaches SeaBookings (1)

Baleeira, Sagres by Quint Serviços Fotograficos

Praia da Baleeira is a small beach next to Porto da Baleeira. This Porto is the working fishing harbour in Sagres. Baleeira is a magnificent sandy beach with a few rocks speckled across the sand. The beach has a pretty view over Sagres bay and the fishing harbour. It’s a nice spot to sit and watch the boats go while enjoying the sun and the sand.

In terms of restaurants, there is one restaurant behind the beach. Behind the port, plenty of restaurants and bars can be found. This is not a supervised beach.


Sagres Beaches SeaBookings (5)

Beliche, Sagres by Manolo Valiente

Praia do Beliche is a beautiful bay of soft sand surrounded by huge towering cliffs. Beliche lies between Sagres point and Cape St Vincent. It’s secluded location makes it a calm beach, even when the wild winds get up.

Beliche is still kind of a secret beach as not many tourist know it. As such, here you won’t find any amenities. It’s a true paradise for those who like the untouched character of this beach. We recommend you to pack a picnic to take with you or go for lunch at one of restaurants on the main road above the beach or in the town. Don’t forget that the only way to get  to the beach is down a long set of steps down from the car park, so don’t carry too much. Praia do Beliche is supervised during the beach season.


Sagres Beaches SeaBookings (4)

Mareta, Sagres by agostinho1959

Praia da Mareta is maybe the most popular of Sagres’ beaches as it is the closest beach to the town. Mareta is another lovely sandy bay with stones at the back. This place is sheltered from the westerly winds. So you know where to head if wind is coming from the west. Mareta is great for those who likes to sunbathe. Not being very wavy and windy, Mareta is recommended for families.

To have a meal, there are three restaurants on the beach that serve delicious fresh fish (among others). Mareta is supervised during the beach season.


Sagres Beaches SeaBookings (3)

Martinhal, Sagres by Jonny Baird

Praia da Martinhal is a long bay of golden sands. It’s the first beach of Sagres, on the left right before entering the town from the main road. Praia da Martinhal has a marshy lagoon at the back and an island out to sea. This beach overlooks the fishing harbour and a cute lighthouse, being a beautiful beach to spend time on. While the other beaches are more popular for surfers and bodyboarders, Praia da Martinhal is a firm favourite amongst windsurfers. You can even find a windsurfing club here if you fancy giving it a go while you are there.

There are two restaurants on the beach. Parking is easy as there is a large car park behind the beach. As the car park is flat and runs straight onto the sand, it’s easier for disabled access. Martinhal is supervised during the beach season.


Sagres Beaches SeaBookings (2)

Tonel, Sagres by nojive415

Praia do Tonel hides under the cliffs of Ponta de Sagres. Tonel overlooks the bay to Cabo de São Vicente. Depending on the wind direction, Tonel is a lovely sheltered bay. Tonel is very popular with surfers as well as those just wanting to relax in the sun. It’s right next to Sagres fortaleza and the turning is signposted on the right just as you reach the large car parking area for the fort. The beach has a restaurant and toilets. Tonel is supervised during the season.

The Atlantic along the coast of Sagres can be subject to strong currents, particularly around the rocks depending on tide and weather conditions. So while enjoying these stunning beaches, don’t forget to be safe. In Portugal, check the beach flag when you visit a beach. Beach season in Portugal with lifeguard supervision is normally April to the end of September. These are the flags you should be aware of:

  • Green flag = swimming permitted;
  • Yellow flag = swimming forbidden but you may enter the water;
  • Red flag = Swimming and entering the water forbidden;
  • Blue and white chequered flag = the beach is temporarily unattended.

To enjoy Sagres to the fullest, don’t forget to book a boot tour or some cool water sport 😉

Sehenswürdigkeiten in Setúbal

Things to do in Setúbal

Things to do in Setúbal

Only a 45 minute drive south of Portugal’s capital, Setúbal is one of the biggest cities in Portugal & with many things to do in Setúbal.

Setúbal is a rising tourism destination, mainly because of the broad range of ways to enjoy the Setúbal Peninsula, but let’s first check out a bit about its history.

The city of Setúbal has grown exponentially after the train connection implemented in 1900, connecting the city to Lisbon. Along with Lisbon and Porto, Setúbal represents a major industry market in Portugal.

In the case of Setúbal, the industry of salt and fish are the most important ones, obviously related to its geographical location on the northern bank of the Sado River estuary to the Atlantic Ocean.

In fact, Setúbal produces a lot of salt and the fish harbor is the most crowded and lively spots during the morning hours.

Things to do in Setubal Portugal

Setubal at night

We definitely recommend you to visit the fish harbor if you are an early bird. Early in the morning, the first fisher boats come in, here you can see that Portugal still has a strong fishing culture.

For years, and still nowadays, the port of Setúbal is one of the busiest in Portugal and has one of the biggest fish fleets in Portugal.

Beyond fish and salt, Setúbal is notable for the industries of pulp, paper, cement, phytopharmaceutical products, thermal power, shipbuilding and ship repair.

The city center of Setúbal, Cidade Antiga (Old Town), is located at the back of Praça da República, next to the harbor.

To go to the old city center you have to cross the busy Avenida Luisa Todi. In the old city center you can find a few beautiful squares, courtyards and ancient streets with traditional shops. In general, the cityscape is still determined by modern neighborhoods with high-rises and modern shopping centers with trendy coffee shops.

Cidade Antiga Setúbal

Setúbal – Cidade Antiga

In terms of accessibilities and transport, most sights in Setúbal are within easy walking distance of the pedestrianized center. The bus station is only about 150m north of the city center and the main train station about 700m north of the city center of Setúbal.

To go to Tróia, frequent ferries shuttle across the Rio Sado from terminals around Doca do Comércio.

Things to see in Setúbal

Setúbal has several churches, fortresses and monasteries that are worth a visit. For instance, the Igreja de São Julião (St. Julian’s Church), the main church (matriz) of the city, is an 18th-century church located on the Praça de Bocage in Setúbal.

Another place to visit if you like some local history is the Monastery of Jesus (“Mosteiro de Jesus” in Portuguese) which served a monastery of Poor Clare nuns.

It is one of the first buildings in the typical Portuguese Manueline style, the local version of late Gothic that includes details related to the ocean that played and still plays a big role in the Portuguese History.

Mosteiro de jesus setubal

Setúbal – Mosteiro de jesus

We also like the “Forte de São Filipe de Setúbal” or Castle of Saint Filipe in English –  a mandatory visit – located on a dominant position on top of a Hill, right next to Setúbal, on the left side of the estuary of the Sado River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Transformed into a guesthouse in the twentieth century, the panorama and feeling from the 16th century fortification is outstanding. The superb views over the town, the Setubal Bay, Troia Peninsula, the Sado River and the Atlantic are a must-see and we’re sure you’ll click a good amount of pictures there.

Also the “Santa Maria” Fort, located in the idyllic Portinho Arrábida, overlooking the sea, built in 1670, by order of King Pedro II, to protect the coastal zone, is surely worth a visit.

This Fort is nowadays the local Oceanographic Museum and a center for marine biology, part of the Arrábida Natural Park, definitly a nice thing to do in Setúbal.

Arrabida Setubal

Setúbal – Arrabida

Experience Setúbal

Beyond the cultural things to see mentioned before, Setúbal has many other things to do, specialy for nature lovers and active travelers.

For ocean lovers, departing from the harbor of Setúbal, you have all kind of things to do. For instance, there are many boat tours from Setúbal. Most of the boat trips are related to dolphin observation since there is a resident dolphin pod or the Sado River (Natural Park).

During the whole year round, there are boat trips to observe and watch these wild dolphins closely on several kind of boats. We recommend the lovely catamaran operated by a local tour operator with years of experience and that knows the dolphins better than no other.

During the summer months, you have many things to do in Setúbal, even do some snorkeling from these boat tours from Setúbal.

vertigem azul - dolphin watching from Setubal - Things to do in Setúbal

Things to do in Setúbal – Dolphins Setúbal

If you’re looking for a more romantic Thing to do in Setúbal on the water, we suggest the sunset boat tour. In fact, to see the sunset, the best way is really on the catamaran with a glass of champagne, next to the one you love.

No better things to do in Setúbal than seeing the resident pod of dolphins and enjoying the sunset at the same time.

vertigem azul - dolphin watching

Boat tour in Setúbal Portugal

For the ones who prefer the mountains than the ocean, there are also many day trips. grab a bike or put on your hiking shoes to explore the trails of Serra da Arrábida.

Either by bike or by foot (walking or running), you can get on a small-group, half or full-day tours to admire the breathtaking scenery of the Atlantic coast of the Tagus River south bank.

These outdoor activities will take you into the wild mountains that surround Setúbal to breathe pure air while enjoying stunning views and flora.

There is a broad variety of tours in Setúbal, some more oriented towards nature and others more towards gastronomy and wine tasting, for example. 

winery Setubal - Things to do in Setúbal

Setúbal – Winery

Eat. Yes, Setúbal is a great eating destination! The fish from Setúbal reeled the Romans to to the City back in 412, so it’s no surprise that seafood here is outstanding.

The Setúbal Peninsula is a true sanctuary of flavors, where the local gastronomic secrets are shared on every street corner in typical restaurants where the sea is expressed everywhere. In Setúbal, we tasted the best fish dishes and shellfish from Portugal.

The confectionery is an exquisite ancient art which, combined with the wonderful local wines promise to take you to heaven during the meal. Some typical local dishes include “Choco frito à Setubalense” (Fried cuttlefish) and romantic N atural Oysters. Also, if you’re not fond of fish and wine, you won’t be disappointed by the meat meals and local beers 😉

Choco frito à Setubalense Things to do in Setúbal

Eat in Setúbal – Choco Frito


Every year, in Setúbal you have a traditional and local festivities, called Feira de São Tiago . The Feira de São Tiago is celebrated in the last week of July and first of August. Usually this festival takes 10 days and is full of fun, gastronomy and music.

For nature fans, every year, usually in October, Setúbal welcomes Observanatura, an event dedicated to ornithological tourism, with different points of bird watching in the Sado Estuary. This yearly event is a true meeting point between nature tourism businesses, NGOs, publishing companies and optical material and nature tourists, around the values of biodiversity and it preservation.

Around the city

There is a broad variety of beaches surrounding Setubal, but all share one common feature which makes them unique: they are all part of the Arrabida Natural Park.

Our favorite is surely the Portinho Arrabida, selected as one of Portugal’s Seven Natural Wonders. Its stunning surrounding involves an inlet that serves as a mirror of the green of the mountain. This beach is also a great spot for scuba diving, as the Natural Park is home to unique flora and fauna submersed into the clear waters of Portinho.

portnho da arrabida

Things to do in Setúbal, Portugal

Another nice spot is the Beach of Figueirinha. As the ocean usually is calm sea and the beauty of the surrounding countryside breathtaking, Figueirinha is one of the most popular beaches in the region, making it quite busy during the high season.

The beach provides excellent conditions for swimming and the long golden sand beach invites for a long walk or run.

The quality of this beach is proven by the fact that it was awarded with the Blue Flag which guarantees excellent quality condition, both for enjoying the beach and also for the observation of marine species.

Beyond the intense nature experience you can live in Setúbal, either on the ocean, beach or mountain, you’re only 45 minutes away from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, where you can live a profound cultural experience too.

So, why Setúbal?

  • Get to know one of Portugal’s hidden pearls;
  • Cheap flight to Lisbon airport, only 45 minutes away and affordable accommodation;
  • Ideal for nature lovers since Setúbal is located in between the hills and ocean;
  • Perfect for active holiday makers because there are amazing things to do in Setúbal like hiking tours and water sports;
  • Great destination for food-tourists – great local wines and fresh fish and seafood;
  • Silent beaches and absorbing scenarios if you need some time to relax.
Sunset tour in Lisbon 5

We experienced an amazing sunset tour in Lisbon

It was a nice and sunny day in Lisbon and at night we had a delicious dinner by the river with a nice view. I saw boats passing by and I thought to myself, that would be an awesome thing to do. Sailing along the river on a sunset tour in Lisbon and seeing the city from another perspective.

Together with my boyfriend and two friends we decided to do a sunset tour in Lisbon on a smaller boat. I really like to have some quality time with friends and I think sailing on a smaller boat makes that possible! We went to the Doca de Belém and with only 8 other people we went on the boat.

Feel welcome on this cute motor catamaran

Feel welcome on this cute motor catamaran

There were seats in de back and front of the boat. We were sitting on the front of the boat where the couch was covered with bean bags. The environment was immediately what I hoped for. Nice people on board and everyone was excited to see the skyline of Lisbon and an amazing sunset from the boat.

When the sunset tour in Lisbon started it was still nice and warm and because there is always a breeze on board it made it even more comfortable. During daytime, it was so hot, that a refreshing boat tour was just what we needed.

The other people on board were also enjoying

The other people on board were also enjoying

When everyone was sitting relaxed and enjoying the view, André explained us about the highlights of Lisbon. We passed by MAAT, the 25 de Abril bridge and Cristo Rei. Look how amazing this view is while passing under this impressive bridge. Another thing what really impressed me was the sound of cars, buses and trains that are driving over the bridge!

The beautiful bridge

The beautiful bridge

After a nice explanation of some of the highlights, André offered us a cold drink and some snacks. There was even this fish pate with different kinds of flavors; typical of Lisbon, delicious! It was so nice because everyone was chatting with each other and I could see that everyone was enjoying this sunset tour in Lisbon to the fullest.

Enjoy the magical colors!

Enjoy the magical colors!

The most wonderful thing for me was the tower of Belém. I didn’t know that from the river this tower looks even more beautiful. It appears that all the buildings are built with the best side facing the river, so from the boat, we could admire these amazing highlights even more. Did you know that the tower of Belém was built as the first line of defence from invaders on the river Tejo? This beautiful tower is even more impressive to see from the river during sunset!

sunset tour in Lisbon

Great activity to do with friends!

Thank you so much, André, for the nice stories you told us during the sunset boat tour in Lisbon and thank you, Daniel, for navigating safely over the river showing us all the places we needed to see. The next time I visit Lisbon I will surely do a boat tour with you again. Maybe in the morning as you really recommended this? 😉

SUP Tour in Lisbon

SUP Tour in Lisbon – Discovering Cascais

Lianne was happy to tell us about her experience on the boat tour to see the dolphins in Setúbal. After that, we send her immediately to Cascais to experience a SUP Tour in Lisbon!


Proudly standing on my board!

I heard a lot of stories about stand-up paddle and I couldn’t wait to experience this myself! I asked some information at SeaBookings about a SUP tour in Lisbon. Therefore SeaBookings immediately arranged a SUP class in Cascais (which is very close to Lisbon). Besides the SUP tour, it was also worth it to visit Cascais!

The train from Lisbon to Cascais

To avoid long waiting lines it’s best to skip these lines and buy your ticket in advance (this is possible at every metro station). You only have to charge your public transport card with credit (“zapping”) instead of rides. With this money you can travel by train and bus. Every 20 minutes there is a traindeparting from the station Cais do Sodré to Cascais. Cascais is a very nice place to be if you want to escape the busy life from the city (Lisbon). Here you find beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe, swim and of course also stand up paddle! So, because SeaBookings told me so, I put money on my travel card so I could take the train immediately. As you can see on the photo below, the waiting lines are longggg…

If I had to wait in the line I would probably be too late for my first SUP class!


People trying to buy a train ticket to one of the beaches along the “Linha”

A one-way ticket only cost me 2€. And if you are travelling by train I can recommend you to sit on the left side of the train to enjoy the stunning ocean view!. And because SeaBookings already gave me these recommendations, I could enjoy everything before I even had arrived!

The SUP tour in Lisbon, or more precisely, Cascais

From the train station in Cascais it is not difficult to find the SUP school. After a walk for about 5 minutes, there was a warm welcome along the beach of “Duquesa”. I just arrived from Holland to Portugal so it was necessary to have some good sunscreen protection on the water! I didn’t want to become a lobster!


Praia da Duquesa

And there we went, with two other people we each receive a paddle and there was a very good briefing by Nuno. He told us the do’s and don’ts on a paddle board! It’s not difficult because the briefing only took about 10 minutes time. That is the benefit of stand up paddle. It is not difficult to learn. There was even a boy of 10 years old joining our group!


Nuno giving us a beach lesson

At the beginning, you can choose you to go on your board with your knees (if you thinks it is scary to stand immediately). This way you definitely don’t have to be scared to fall because it is easy to keep your balance. Well, but eventually you have to stand right? The trick is not to look down! Just keep on looking forward and it’s a piece of cake! Only my legs were a bit afraid so they were trembling (but let’s forget that part  because I looked like Bambi for just a few seconds). But luckily I wasn’t alone! This is so normal and because of that, we did some exercises to look like a pro eventually.
IMG_20160821_122012With Linda from hungary, ready for our first SUP experience!

And all of the sudden someone said: “Don’t forget to enjoy the view!”  At that moment I looked around me and I thought: WOW! It is as if you are walking on the water and floating between the boats. Really, an experience to never forget!

It is not difficult and if you ask me, a good way to enjoy the sea because you can see it from the other side instead of the beach. The next time I’m going to do a SUP tour I will go for more hours. This time it was only one hour but it felt like 5 minutes! It is also possible to do a tour for about 2 or 3 hours. That would be perfect! If you want to do more than only stand up paddle then try to combine this with some yoga!

Thanks to SeaBookings and the SUP school this trip was amazing and I will never forget it! Many thanks for this! Oh and also, many thanks to SeaBookings for the great tips you gave me. That way my first SUP experience was more than perfect! I am looking forward to the next SUP tour in Lisbon or Cascais!

This was the experience of Lianne who really liked the SUP tour in Lisbon! Would you like to join a SUP tour in Lisbon? Book now!

Do you also have a nice SeaBookings experience to share? Let us know!

Obrigada, Lianne, for another great review and SEA ya soon!


Dolphins Albufeira

Dolphin watching experience in the Algarve

This summer we decided to try out the Algarve, Portugal for our yearly family summer holidays. We did some homework before booking everything and figured out that the best timing, also considering my job and my husband’s, would be the last two weeks of July. So, we then booked our flights, back in January and were lucky with a great deal for the four of us. We were going to travel with our two daughters, Laura (12) and Sarah (9).

Regarding the exact location in the Algarve, we followed the suggestion of my friend Caroline, who last year spent an amazing two weeks in Alvor. Alvor is a little typical fishing village in between the two cities Lagos and Portimão, about one hour drive from Faro Airport. We stayed in the apartments Caroline recommended and which were great since we had a shared pool and the girls loved it!

Alvor Portugal

Alvor is worth a visit, especially during sunset!

There are a lot of things to do in the Algarve, many cute villages and towns to visit, waterparks, stunning beaches for all tastes and delicious and good priced restaurants. The main highlight was, with no doubt and for the four of us, the dolphin watching tour from Albufeira. Again, we followed the recommendations of my friend and booked the earliest trip, at 8AM. The dolphin watching trips are very popular and that’s why we booked three days in advance on the internet, on SeaBookings.

On the day we booked, we woke up very early but it was not a big thing because we were all very excited to make a dream come true and meet wild dolphins in their natural environment. We prepared some nice sandwiches for breakfast to eat in the car since it was a 40min drive. In the Albufeira Marina it’s easy to park your car and we were 15min before departure at the tour operator’s office. After a safety briefing and short introduction about what to expect, the fully booked boat left the Marina on time.

Dolphin watching experience in the Algarve

The RIBs are really fast. The girls loved it!

The boat we went on was a so-called rigid inflatable passenger boat originally designed for rescue reasons and adapted to this activity. There are also other boats on which you can go dolphin watching like sailboats and catamarans. All kind of boats have got their pros and cons, but the pros of this boat are surely its security, speed and the fact that we sit very close to the water allowing an even more intimate interaction with the dolphins.

Within about a quarter of an hour, we found the first pod of wildlife. We were pretty lucky and got to see 10 to 15 dolphins that came so close to the boat that we were almost able to touch them. Thanks to the clear water we could not only see them on the surface but also underwater. To our surprise, there were two dolphin-moms that brought their babies along! It was beautiful to see how the mother and baby dolphins move together as is they were one.

It's hard to make good pictures!

It’s hard to make good pictures!

I think we spent about fifteen minutes with this pod of dolphins when the skippers suggested us to go a little more in the west direction because there were strong indications that would encounter another dolphin species there – bottlenose dolphins. The passengers agreed and as such, after sailing for about twenty minutes in West direction, some seagulls helped us to spot another pod of dolphins and in fact, it were the bottlenose ones. It’s common to find dolphins near seagulls because usually it on spots with plenty of fish.

Some came really close to the boat

Some came really close to the boat

This pod of dolphins was a little smaller (about 8) and had no babies but the dolphins gave us a real show jumping around the water! It was great! We had a lot of fun and made very nice pictures to show at home. We followed this group of dolphins for a while until it was time to head back to the Marina. On this last bit on the boat, the skipper made some fun curves and slides and I and the girls screamed as if we were on a rollercoaster!

The sights are stunning!

The sights are stunning!

When we got back to the Marina, it was time for some coffee and we stayed on the beach in Albufeira for the rest of the day.

If you are questioning booking a trip with dolphin watching, just call and book. You won’t regret it. It’s an amazing experience, both the boat trip itself and the special encounter with dolphins.

Best, Caty Jones (UK)

sailing excursion in Albufeira

We went on a sailing excursion in Albufeira

When Carlos called us to become part of the SeaBookings’ family, we were super excited to get to know his vintage sailing boat. So, we decided to join Carlos and Bijuca, his guide, on a sailing excursion in Albufeira with friends.

private sailing in Albufeira

Carlos’ authentic 47’’ long sail yacht from 1978

Carlos and Bijuca do half day sailing tours in a group or private charters for a half or a full day. We decided to join them for a half day sailing excursion in Albufeira on Carlos’ authentic 47’’ long sail yacht from 1978.

Even the interior of this sailing yacht is vintage!

Even the interior of this sailing yacht is vintage!

The boat is truly unique. Docked at Gate 5 in the Marina of Albufeira, this charming sailing yacht was already waiting for us. The boat is super spacious and the major part of it is made out of wood which gives it a very special touch. There’s space in the back by the rudder, even more in the back next to the dinghy or in front on the deck. And did you know this boat has 2 masts?

sailing trip in Albufeira

Did you know the boat has two masts

Carlos and Bijuca, our hosts are true sailing lovers. Carlos came from Huelva to Albufeira to follow his heart and work with boats. And Bijuca, originally from Lisbon, did the same. This sailing excursion in Albufeira is different than most other boat tours in the sense that the guides will not be continuously talking. The guides are happy to share all they know about the beaches and rock formations you’ll sail by and any other curiosities you’d like to know. If you prefer, you can just sit back and listen to the waves and the wind.

sailing charter in Albufeira

You can choose where you want to sit

We did this tour with a group of friends and Lu, a 4-year-old. We had a great time. Some of us at the rudder, chatting to Carlos and Bijuca to find out more about this special boat and others chilling at the front deck. It was a beautiful day and surely one of the highlights was to anchor and go for a dive. Even the 4-year-old jumped into the refreshing water and enjoyed the feeling of swimming in the deep waters of the Atlantic. Another highlight was the impressive sights of the coast of the Algarve. On this 3 hour tour, which ended up being, 3,5 hours, we even had time to cruise by the famous cave of Benagil! Unfortunately, there was no wind at all so we could not set sail and switch off the engine. However, on most days in the Algarve, Carlos turns of the engine on the way back to Albufeira so you can enjoy the feeling of sailing. Feeling the power of the wind is unique!

The wind and the sea make you hungry and thirsty. Luckily, Bijuca and Carlos had thought of this and served cold drinks all along the tour. On halfway, Bijuca turned up with a big board full of cheese, salmon, ham and all kind of savory snacks and even fresh fruit skewers. On the half day trips, these snacks are not included, only a drink. But on the charters, you’ll have this delicious treat!

We strongly recommend this sailing excursion in Albufeira if you’re looking for an authentic sea experience during your stay in the Algarve. It’s a great thing to do with family and friends. Doing the tour with a group or on a private basis depends on the size of your group and your budget. Obviously, on a private basis is even more unique as you can go where you want and stop where and when you want.