The Ultimate Sailing in Portugal: The Tall Ships Races Lisboa

The Tall Ships Races Lisboa

Have we already told you we love Lisbon? And have we already shared how much we like the ocean and sailing to enjoy it to the fullest? We’re sure we have. Sailing in Portugal is one of our favorite hobbies and one of the reasons why we founded Today we’ll share an event that we consider the ultimate of sailing in Portugal: the Tall Ships Races in Lisbon.

The tall ship races Lisboa

The tall ship races Lisboa

The Tall Ships Races agrees with us that sailing in Lisbon is epic. From the 22nd to the 25th of July Lisbon will become the capital of sailing while welcoming this event. Founded in 1956, the Tall Ship Races is a regatta of tall ships. The mission of the Tall Ships Races is to keep the traditions and practices related to the sailing of tall ships alive. This mission has remained constant over the years. Nowadays the Tall Ships Races are still known for promoting the training and traditions of sailing and seamanship.

The regatta involves young people from all over the world and is organized by Sail Training International. Sail Training International is a world leader in the organization of regattas and research, publications, and events for the international sailing education community.

The Tall Ships Races are held annually, having different routes along European countries. In 1956, Lisbon hosted the first edition of The Tall Ships Races but tall ships date from the last quarter of the 19th century. With the industrial revolution, Tall Ships were replaced by steam engines. And with the First and Second World Wars, several damages were caused to the tall ships while they remained docked or were used as war prizes. After the Industrial Revolution and the wars, the first editions of the Tall Ships Races had the main goal of keeping the Tall Ships sailing traditions to give younger generations the opportunity learning sail skills.

It was in 1954 when the Portuguese Ambassador in London and an English Lawyer launched an event to reunite the tall ships that still existed and in 1956, the first race took place from Torbay – south of England – to Lisbon. In this race participated 12 Tall Ships and 8 other small sized ships.

Nowadays, these races gather about 100 Tall Ships and a crew of over 3.000 young sailors from all over the world. In addition, the event gathers hundreds of thousands of people who visit Lisbon during the races to enjoy the impressive vessels and the art of sailing in Lisbon.

The Tall Ship Races are one of Europe’s largest, free family festivals. This year, the epic sailing event in Lisbon will take place during the 60th celebration of The Tall Ships Races. Being a popular worldwide event for people who like sailing, The Tall Ships Races Lisboa 2016 will once more reaffirm Lisbon as Atlantic Capital, the gateway to Europe. In fact, sailing in Lisbon is popular for the whole family and across many generations.

During the Tall Ship Races, the crew members of the participating ships and visitors from all over the world will learn more about Lisbon’s history on the sea but also its future. In fact, Lisbon takes advantage of its geographic location, making it a great place for sailing in Portugal.

The start of the Tall Ships Races in 2016 will be in Antwerp, Belgium, known for its history and contemporary creative environment. Following the first race, the Tall Ships race will be welcomed in sunny Lisbon where Portuguese discoverers set sail more than 500 years ago. Then, the fleet of tall ships will race to Cadiz, Spain, to finish in La Coruña for the grand finale.  

Sailing in Lisbon

Sailing in Lisbon

Will we see you in Lisbon from July 22nd to 25th for the best of sailing in Portugal? Or… if you prefer to go sailing in Lisbon yourself, book your sailing trip in Lisbon now!

Fishing on Madeira Island with Captain Dave

We love the islands of Madeira. We’ve already shares our personal experience on the islands before. Now, we’ll focus on one of the best things to do on Madeira: fishing with captain Dave!

Madeira is one of the two archipelagos of Portugal. The other archipelago is called Azores and is a bit bigger and further away from Portugal mainland. The archipelago of Madeira is composed by two islands where people actually live on, Madeira and Porto Santo. There are also a few islands that are not inhabited. The capital of Madeira is Funchal which hosts a big and modern marina.

Things to do on Madeira Island

Things to do on Madeira Island

The islands of Madeira are known for their mild subtropical climate all year round. It’s thanks to this pleasant climate and stunning nature that Madeira is very attractive for active travellers. Some of the utdoor experiences that Madeira hosts are hiking or running in the mountains, playing golf or water activities like surf, SUP, kayak and boat tours.

It’s no doubt that Madeira is the perfect holiday destination for nature lovers the whole year round. The mild climate allows you to pick your holidays to Madeira whenever suits you best. You may opt for the famous fireworks during new year or the uncountable flowers in spring.



Due to its geographical location, boat tours and watersports are some of the best things to do on Madeira. Fishing in Madeira is one of the most popular boat tours as it’s suitable for groups. So, grab your family or group of friends and come fishing in Madeira with captain Dave!

We know Captain Dave for a while now and he’s indeed a Captain. You can immediately see it by his looks. Dave is an ocean lover. He’s an ocean lover who loves to share his passion for fishing in Madeira with people who com to visit the island. Captain Dave has over two decades of experience in fishing in Madeira and is eager to share his stories as a fisherman.

fishing in Madeira

Fishing in Madeira

Captain Dave has been traveling a lot but Madeira is his home and also the place he loves most for fishing. In fact, Madeira has been known for its fishing qualities for many years. Did you know that many Big Game Fishing World Records for giant Blue Marlins were caught in Madeira?

Madeira’s waters are very calm and the different depth surrounding the island give it a very broad variety of species. Most of the fish is caught within 3 miles of the coast of the islands. Regarding the species we catch while fishing at Madeira, sport fish range from marlin, the blue and white ones, tuna, swordfish, spearfish and wahoo. Sometimes, while fishing on Madeira, we even catch small sharks and red snappers. On night trips, we may even catch giant squids.

Fishing madeira

Fishing Madeira

With Captain Dave and his friendly crew, you are guaranteed a professional and also very personal fishing experience on Madeira. Their dedication on seeking the greatest fish in the best areas around the island is notable.

Come aboard of the “Cabo São João” boat. This is one of Captain Dave’s favorite boats, a Bertran 31´ customized fishing boat, with the best quality and conditions in the fishing tackle.

As Captain Dave is a true ocean lover, conservation is an important issue to him. David is a member of the International Billfish Foundation and the International Game Fish Foundation. Also, on all fishing tours on Madeira with Captain Dave, Tag and Release policy is practiced with all billfish species. The only exception are if there is no chance of survival or if it is a potential world record fish.

Coastline from madeira island

Coastline from madeira island

Need more reasons to come fishing on Madeira?

  1. As long as the ocean and weather conditions are suitable, fishing from Madeira can be done whole year round;
  2. The fishing trip from Madeira Island with Captain Dave is suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Do not worry if you have no experience, Captain Dave and his crew are eager to teach you what to do;
  3. Captain Dave’s biggest fish of the 2015 season was a Blue Marlin that weighed 900lbs;
  4. On this fishing tour from Madeira you can catch a wide range of fish: swordfish, blue and white marlin, tuna, spearfish.
  5. Sometimes you may even have a bigger adventure and even catch small sharks and even giant squid fished on night fishing trips.


Have an amazing fishing tour on Madeira!

The best of Algarve boat tours

Are you one of the lucky ones who are visiting the Algarve this summer? Be prepared. Your holidays will be awesome! To enjoy the stunning white sanded beaches and impressive rock formations to the fullest, let us share the best of the Algarve boat tours with you. In fact, the boat trips in the Algarve are a must whilst enjoying your holidays in the South of Portugal.

The best of Algarve boat tours

As you probably already know, the Algarve is the southernmost province of continental Portugal. The Algarve is the southwest point of the European continent too. Its geographical location in the South of Europe and being surrounded by the Atlantic gives the Algarve one of the best climates in Europe. Very mild all year round and with a lot of sunny days per year.

Surrounded by the deep blue Atlantic on its South and West, the Algarve also includes some very pretty islands and islets. The region with most islands is near Faro. It’s called the Ria Formosa lagoon. This nature reserve has over 170 square kilometres and is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. The Ria Formosa is a stopping place for hundreds of different birds.

Given its enormous richness in nature, the Ria Formosa Lagoon near Faro is a popular destination for nature lovers. Some people choose the Algarve as their holiday destination for a very particular reason: bird watching. In fact, bird watching is one of the most popular boat tours in the Algarve. The bird watching boat trip in the Algarve allows you to discover the broad diversity of the permanent and migratory birds of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

This Algarve boat trip has a very special skipper. The skipper of this boat tour in the Algarve is a biologist and he will be your guide, teaching you about the species you’ll encounter. The Ria Formosa is an important spot for migrant birds from or to Africa which can be nicely observed from this boat tour in the Algarve. More than 200 bird species can be found on one unique day.

For nature lovers who prefer mammals rather than birds, the dolphin watching boat tours in the Algarve are one of the best things to do in the Algarve. The Atlantic, surrounding the coast of the Algarve, is home to several species of wild dolphins. Common dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins are most frequently spotted on these boat tours in the Algarve. If you’re lucky you may even encounter other species like whales and sea turtles.

The dolphin watching boat tours in the Algarve are very popular among the families. Both the parents and children will surely be amazed about these special encounters with these magical mammals. The dolphins are totally wild and not fed which means that these boat tours in the Algarve are a true adventure as you’ll never know in advance what species you’ll encounter. Dolphins and other mammals are spotted on almost all trips as the skippers of these boat tours in the Algarve are very experienced. Please bear in mind that there’s always a small chance of having tough luck and not finding any. If this happens, the boat trip is worth it anyway as it’s fun itself and the sights are amazing!

The length of the Algarve coastline is approximately 155 kilometres. Beyond the westernmost point of Sagres, more precisely the Cape St. Vincent, it stretches a further 50 kilometres to the north. These 50km of west coast are very popular for watersports like surfing and windsurfing. The southern coastline is notable for picturesque caves and grottoes. The regions around Benagil and Lagos are the most popular for their impressive marine caves and rock formations. These grottoes and caves are best accessible by doing one of the many boat tours in the Algarve.

There are several types of boat tours that go to the Benagil marine cave. Benagil is a beach near Lagoa and it’s famous for its cave which is only accessible by boat. Regarding the Algarve boat tours to Benagil, there are small fishermen boats but also big catamarans. What’s best depends on your own preferences. The typical cave boat tour in the Algarve takes you to over 20 stunning Algarve caves. The boat tour will take you in and out of the most impressive caves. As you get into a grotto, the sun illuminates the ocean water, creating amazing effects of different tones of blue. We’re sure you will love it. In the most famous caves, the skipper will shut down thes engine of the boat. Like that you can admire the cave calmly with no noise and take great pictures!

In the region of Lagos, the caves of Ponta da Piedade are the most popular ones to visit on a boat tour. Ponta da Piedade is a place where high rock cliffs of over 20m reach into the deep blue Atlantic. Ponta da Piedade is a magical setting of light brown rock sculptures that meet the blue waters of the ocean below, being one of the main attractions of Lagos.

By boat tour is the most popular way to visit Ponta da Piedade in Lagos. The grotto boat tours in the Algarve to Ponta da Piedade are the most popular boat tours in Lagos. These Algarve boat tours depart from several beaches and the Marina of Lagos. The grotto boat tours in the Algarve are an inexpensive and fun way to enjoy the colossal rock formations and coastline of Lagos with your family and friends. Prices start at only 10€ per person. On these Algarve boat trips experienced fishermen will maneuver their way through the amazing caves whilst telling their names and secrets. In fact, across time, local fishermen have given names to some of these rock sculptures. The most popular ones are the Chimney and the Grotto of Love.

Bom Dia Boat Trips - Lagos - Boat trips in the algarve- Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Bom Dia Boat Trips – Lagos – Boat trips in the algarve- Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

For those who are in love or curious about the Portuguese cuisine, there are the BBQ boat trips in the Algarve! The BBQ boat trips in the Algarve take between 4 and 6 hours, departing from Lagos, Portimão and Albufeira. These boat tours in the Algarve are ideal for families and groups of friends. On most of the tours, you’ll depart on a big boat, a sailing boat or a catamaran, and cruise along the coast. Once you’ve reached a nice spot, the boat will anchor. Depending on the boat tour, you can either jump onto a smaller boat to explore the caves and then go to a private beach to enjoy a BBQ lunch or simply enjoy your meal on the big boat. On the longer boat tours, there is time for a swim, beach games and snorkeling.

Albufeira Beach BBQ - Beach BBQ abufeira - boat trip from Albufeira- boat trips Albufeira – Albufeira

Albufeira Beach BBQ -Beach BBQ abufeira – boat trip from Albufeira- boat trips Albufeira – Albufeira

The Algarve is a great holiday destination for ocean lovers and there are Algarve boat tours for every taste and preference. If you’ve got any questions or suggestions about the boat trips in the Algarve, feel free to contact us. If you’d like to book some of the Algarve boat tours, we recommend you to book ahead to ensure your spot and avoid fully booked boats.

Enjoy your holidays in the Algarve!