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Beste Aktivitäten auf dem Meer San Diego

Experience San Diego

San Diego is the epiphany of California’s sunshine state! It’s a colorful and charming city with a mild and welcoming climate. Even though it’s America's eighth-largest city, it managed to maintain its coastal small-town charme. You can walk around the city and see surfers walking bare feet to their favorite surf spot, which gives you this feeling of an everlasting holiday! 
The gastronomy and culture in San Diego are rich, and filled with unique ideas and new concepts! The melting pot of different cultures are reflected in the streets of San Diego, so you can spend a day just strolling around the city and still be amazed at every corner. Of course there are also a lot of great things to do in San Diego, like visiting the many museums and parks the city has to offer! 
  • Our favorite beach: Encinitas
  • Our favorite restaurant: Menya Ultra
  • Our favorite boat tours in San Diego: Dolphin & Whale Sunset Cruise in San Diego
  • Our favorite watersport in San Diego: Two-hour jet ski rental in Coronado

Language and currency in San Diego

The official language in San Diego is American English. So if you speak your basic English, you will easily get around the city. Given its proximity to Mexico, there are also a lot of spanish-speakers all around the city!
The currency in San Diego is the USD, and you can easily exchange your currency in the local banks. Credit Cards are also widely accepted in most sites of the city. It is recommended to change currencies in the town at the banks, as the exchange rates at the airports are usually higher. 

Getting around in San Diego

The city of San Diego is quite big, and the different sites are quite far away from each other. There is public transportation available throughout the city. The Trolley is the cities metro-system, and is super easy and well-connected. You can reach 50 areas of the city with the three trolley lines, making it a great choice to get around San Diego.
Rideshare apps like Uber and Taxis are also easily accessible in San Diego and a great way to get around the less frequented parts of the city. Of course you can also rent a bike and use it for shorter distances within the city.
If you want to explore the outskirts of the city and the natural attractions outside of the center, the best way to get around San Diego is by renting a car. With a car you’re quite flexible and get to visit the more secret spots of the San Diego area.

Best things to do during your holidays in San Diego

San Diego is a true paradise for all kinds of reasons! There are 70 miles of stunning beaches along the coast, and in the city itself you will find attractions for all kinds of people! Whether you love parks, culture, history, music or food - San Diego is the place to be! Together with the mild climate, it makes for a perfect holiday destination.

Balboa Park
One of the most famous attractions in San Diego is Balboa Park. This urban park at over 1000 acres includes museums, gardens and the famous San Diego Zoo. Let your mind wander while you stroll through the beautiful gardens of Balboa Park and admire the unique variety of flora. Some of the sights within the garden are free, and some museums as well as the zoo charge an entrance fee. But even if you just walk around the park without visiting one of the many museums, it is worth a visit! There is always something to see when you visit Balboa Park, and it’s one of the Must-Dos in San Diego! 

Hotel del Coronado
The famous Hotel del Coronado, also known as The Del, is a wooden Victorian beach resort located in the city of Coronado. It is the second largest wooden structure in the entire United States, and one of the most famous attractions of San Diego. In the past it used to be one of the most exclusive hotels, where presidents and celebrities from all over the world used to stay at. Today, it’s still a hotspot in the modern San Diego architecture, and also still a very popular hotel for tourists from all over the world. If you visit Coronado, a walk past The Del is definitely worth it. Or maybe you even book a room for your stay in San Diego?

What you should NOT do in San Diego: Visit SeaWorld San Diego
Usually we suggest the best things to do in San Diego, but in this particular case, we want to tell you what NOT to do in San Diego: Visit SeaWorld. SeaBookings stands for ocean protection and the protection of marine life. Keeping intelligent and highly social mammals like Orcas, dolphins and whales in small tanks, and training them for the sheer entertainment of visitors is not sustainable nor ethically correct.
And please don’t think that these companies do this to protect the species. If they take so much money for “shows” with these animals, it’s not about the animals, it’s about making money. There is a big movement trying to end captivity of marine animals, and everyone of us can do their part. Not supporting SeaWorld and similar marine parks is a first big step. 
If you want to show your kids whales and dolphins, book a boat tour instead to see whales and dolphins in the wild, in their natural habitat. Don’t pay to see captured animals being held in small tanks. To find out more about why you should NOT visit SeaWorld, you can check the website of the organization Empty The Tanks. Thank you for caring and for standing up for marine animals. 

The best boat tours in San Diego

There are many amazing boat tours in San Diego. We at SeaBookings have the best boat tours in the San Diego region for you! If you’re visiting the colorful city with your group of friends looking for a fun time, we highly recommend the Daytime Booze Cruise In San Diego. Spend a fun afternoon with a bunch of like-minded people looking for a blast, while cruising along the unique coastline! 
We also offer unique boat experiences in San Diego for all kinds of occasions - from weddings, to corporate events and other kinds of celebrations, we got you covered! If you are planning an event and looking for a boat event in San Diego, just send us an email! 
Another great boat experience in San Diego are the many whale watching tours. Did you know that there are quite a large number of whales and other cetaceans that pass in front of the coast of San Diego? On our whale watching tours in San Diego you get to admire them up close, in their natural habitat. It’s the best way to observe dolphins and whales!

The best watersports in San Diego

Of course there are also many great watersports you can do in San Diego. It’s especially known for the good surfing spots, although it’s mainly recommended for advanced surfers. 
If you still want to explore the sea in a fun way, rent a jetski in San Diego! We offer unique jet ski experiences in San Diego bay and Coronado. You can choose to rent a jet ski for 2 or even up to 4 hours.
Renting a jet ski in San Diego gives you the opportunity to explore the coastline while having a ton of fun racing through the waves. Jump and steer your jet ski and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins! It’s one of the best ways to explore the coast of San Diego in the Pacific Ocean!

What and where to eat in San Diego

San Diego has a lot of amazing restaurants and local dishes to offer. Thanks to its close proximity to the sea, there are a lot of seafood dishes to choose from. Fish tacos are super popular in San Diego. You will find some of the best fish tacos of the city at Oscars Mexican Seafood. It’s one of the most popular spots for seafood lovers in San Diego! 
California-style pizza is another classic dish in San Diego! It’s actually a pretty healthy take on traditional pizza, with a rather thin crust and local and fresh ingredients. Some of the most popular toppings you will find on California-style pizza are artichokes, avocado and goat cheese, mainly organic and local produce! At Pizzeria Luigi in San Diego you will find one of the best California-style pizzas in San Diego!
If you’re looking for a great breakfast spot in San Diego, make sure to stop by The Mission - North Park. Here you will find hearty and sweet breakfast options, that are still healthy! From delicious fluffy pancakes over scrambled eggs and breakfast burritos - the choice is huge, and everything is delicious!

Enjoy the beautiful beaches around San Diego

In total you have about 70 miles of beaches all along the coast of San Diego. Wherever you go, you will most likely find beautiful sandy beaches and great spots for surfing. We have listed the best beaches in San Diego for you! 

La Jolla Cove
One of the most famous beaches in San Diego is La Jolla Cove. This beautiful little bay is especially popular amongst swimmers and snorkeling enthusiasts, thanks to the clear water and the protected marine life. It’s part of a protected marine area, and thanks to that hosts a big variety of fish and other underwater species. Snorkeling in La Jolla Cove is a unique experience and attracts people from all over the world. Keep your eyes open for sea turtles and Leopard Sharks when you go snorkeling! 

Torrey Pines State Beach 
The Natural Reserve of Torrey Pines State Reserve is actually located still within the city limits of San Diego, but thanks to its protection it remains one of the wildest stretches of land in California. The coastal region includes a lot of pristine beaches and impressive cliffs, and if you’re visiting San Diego you should definitely visit the nature of Torrey Pines State Reserve. They Torrey Pines State Beach is a beautiful sandy beach in the protected Natural Park, where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty and enjoy the view over the wild Pacific Ocean!

Coronado Beach
Another famous beach of San Diego is actually located in Coronado. Coronado Beach is a very popular beach right in the center of the town, where you can enjoy meeting a lot of interesting people! Tourists and locals alike love this stretch of white sand to relax, play beach volleyball, enjoy fresh drinks and have a great time! There are even Picnic spots if you want to have a little meal at the beach. It’s a great social gathering place in Coronado and worth a visit!

Whatever you decide to do during your holiday in San Diego, we promise you will love the boat tours and watersports. Sunshine and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

Die besten Bootstouren und Wassersportaktivitäten in San Diego