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Boat tour with snorkeling in Sagres

Snorkeling in Sagres is a lot of fun and suitable for all ages and levels of experience so it’s a great thing to do with your family while in the Algarve!
From 25 €

Discover scuba diving in Sagres

This program to “discover” scuba diving in Sagres allows you to explore the wonderful and mysterious underwater world without having to go through an intense and prolonged training.
80 €

Snorkeling from Albufeira

Snorkeling in Albufeira gives you the opportunity to observe the colorful and fascinating sea world just beneath the ocean’s surface.
30 €

Scuba Diving in Albufeira

Scuba Diving in Albufeira will give you a great experience in one of the warmest and most beautiful waters of Southwest Europe.
From 40 €

First dive Albufeira

The first dive Albufeira program consists of theory lessons, practice in the pool with the full equipment and a dive in the sea to a depth of 12 meters. No certificates are required.
100 €