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Watersports and boat tours in Aveiro

Full day fishing tour in Aveiro

The most common species that we catch on this fishing tour in Aveiro are the golden bream, plaice, sole, sea bass, the lamprey and eel.
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150 €

Dolphin watching in Aveiro

During this boat tour dolphin watching in Aveiro you’ll have the opportunity to encounter several cetacean species around Aveiro on a fishing yacht.
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50 €

Half day fishing in Aveiro

Aveiro is known for traditional salt pans and fishing. Nothing better than to go fishing in Aveiro to feel the authenticity of the city.
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35 €

Boat tour in Aveiro – Lagoons of Vouga

Come aboard on our boat, offering you the best boat tour in Aveiro, to explore the enchanting Ponte da Barra, Jardim Oudinot and go where the river flows to the Atlantic.
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17,50 €