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Watersports & Boat tours in Sesimbra

Fishing in Sesimbra

Holidays in Sesimbra? If you like fishing, this boat trip with fishing in Sesimbra is for you. Our local fishermen will give you the best experience!
75 €

Dolphin watching in Sesimbra

Dolphin watching in Sesimbra is a boat tour that’s among the most popular things to do in Sesimbra among the nature-lovers to explore the wonderful coastline of stunning beaches and impressive cliffs.
35 €

Boat tour in Sesimbra

This boat tour in Sesimbra is one of the best ways to explore the stunning coastline of wonderful beaches and impressive cliffs of this hidden natural gem.
50 €

Coastal canoeing in Sesimbra

Canoeing is a sport which allows you to be in perfect harmony with nature by observing the surroundings, smelling the aromas, touching and listening, in an enjoyable way.
50 €

Coasteering in Sesimbra

Coasteering in Sesimbra is a great way to explore the coast of the Arrábida region. You’ll be swimming, climbing, doing rappel, jumping into the water.
50 €