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Watersports & boat tours in Sagres Portugal

Boat tour with snorkeling in Sagres

Snorkeling in Sagres is a lot of fun and suitable for all ages and levels of experience so it’s a great thing to do with your family while in the Algarve!
From 25 €

Discover scuba diving in Sagres

This program to “discover” scuba diving in Sagres allows you to explore the wonderful and mysterious underwater world without having to go through an intense and prolonged training.
80 €

Learn surfing in Sagres

On holidays in the Algarve? Have you already spotted some cool surfers? Would you also like to learn how to ride some waves? Let’s go surfing in Sagres!
55 €

SUP Algarve’s secrets tour

This SUP Algarve's secrets tour will take you to visit hidden beaches, and venture inside dark caves while standing on your board. Includes beach transfer.
50 €

Coasteering the Algarve Coastline

If you like adrenaline and the ocean, try this! Coasteering the Algarve's coastline is a true boost of adrenaline while you’re progressing along the shore.
50 €

Dolphin watching in Sagres

Dolphin watching in Sagres is an ocean adventure searching for wild dolphins and observing them closely in their natural habitat. Fun for the whole family!
35 €

Sunset boat trip in Sagres

This romantic boat trip in Sagres will show you the best of the beauty of the coast with impressive rock formations and pretty beaches by sunset.
40 €

South coast boat trip from Sagres

The boat trip from Sagres will take you to the most alluring Atlantic coast of Portugal - the Costa Vicentina. There is time to enjoy a refresching dive!
25 €

Cape St. Vicent boat tour in Sagres

This boat tour in Sagres is a great excursion to explore the most South-west point of Europe - Sagres and its famous Cape of St. Vincent.
25 €

Surfing Algarve

This full day of fun in the waves will show you the best of surfing Algarve. You'll get a beach class and two surfing sessions in the Atlantic. Everybody go surfing, surf in Algarve!
55 €