Learn surfing in Sagres

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Are you ready to go surfing in Sagres?

Are you ready to catch some waves and experience the thrill of surfing? Look no further than this Surf School! We are passionate about providing top-notch surf classes at affordable rates from October to May. Our one-day class is only 55€, while our three-day class is 150€, and our five-day class is a steal at 225€. Want an extra class? It's just an additional 50€. 

But wait, there's more! For those who want to experience the magic of surfing at sunset, we offer a special session for only 55€, depending on surf conditions. From June to September, we slightly raise our prices, with a one-day class costing 60€, a three-day class costing 165€, and a five-day class costing 250€. If you want an extra class during this period, it's only 55€.

Our classes are 3 hours long and include all the necessary equipment, including a board and wetsuit. We even offer a pick-up and drop-off service between Sagres and Lagos, insurance, and a certified surf instructor to ensure your safety and comfort.

At our Surf School, we have been providing quality surf classes since 1997 and are certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation. Our instructors are experienced and qualified with salvage certificates, so you can trust that you're in good hands. We are open all year round and are dedicated to providing the best surfing experience in the Algarve.

So pack some snacks and a bottle of water and come live your dream of surfing. We promise you won't regret it! Book your Sagres Surf Lesson now!


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Learn surfing in Sagres
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