Kayaking Safari with dolphins and turtles

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Are you ready for a Kayaking Safari with dolphins and turtles?

Are you on holiday in Tenerife and looking for something nice and special to do? Let us take you snorkelling in Tenerife to get up close with dolphins and turtles in their natural environment. Come and join this kayak and snorkelling tour in Tenerife.

Departing from Los Cristianos you will be kayaking along the picturesque Guaza cliffs. From this perspective, you will have a spectacular view of the island and the Teide volcano.
  • Observe dolphins from your kayak and go snorkelling and swim with sea turtles;

We will paddle towards the area where can find up to 30 species of dolphins. The crystal clear waters just off the coast of Tenerife are the perfect snorkelling spots in Tenerife to see these lovable creatures. 

While the bottlenose dolphins are the easiest to spot, other species also inhabit the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Examples are rough-toothed dolphins, striped dolphins and common dolphins. As the dolphins are wild animals, views cannot be guaranteed. However, there is a 95% chance that you will encounter animals on your trip.

In contrast to boat trips and jet skis, kayaks don’t make any noise. That way we will not frighten or disturb the dolphins. Instead, we are often rewarded with dolphins jumping high into the air or swimming directly underneath our kayaks

To start the snorkelling with turtles or dolphins, you will go into the water and look for sea turtles and bull rays. Usually, within a few minutes, some curious green turtles arrive and get very close. They will keep swimming around and in between us. Also, the bull rays regularly glide elegantly along the sea bed underneath us. 
You will find beautiful coral reefs. Snorkelling in Tenerife is the best way to explore marine life. Take beautiful postcard-like photos (photos are also taken for you during the tour).

Do we need to convince you more? Tell your friends and come on this Kayaking Safari with dolphins and turtles!



  • Se estiver calor, estejam à vontade para dar um mergulho no mar fresco;

  • Observar estes mamíferos no seu habitat natural é uma experiência mágica;

  • Esta experiência dá acesso a áreas exclusivas longe das zonas mais turísticas;

Não esquecer

  • Esta experiência não inclui comida e bebida. Estão à vontade para trazer algo de casa;

  • Por favor, façam o check-in 15 minutos antes do início da experiência;

  • Informações do operador como o número de telefone e morada completa constam no e-mail de confirmação;

  • Recomendamos trazer protetor solar, fato de banho, uma toalha e chapéu;

  • Recomendamos trazer máquina fotográfica para tirar fotos deslumbrantes;

  • A idade mínima é de 14 anos;

O que está incluído

  • Inclui briefing de segurança, colete e seguro;

  • Inclui todo o equipamento necessário para um kayak tour: kayak, remos, colete salva-vidas, e guia;

  • Disponibilizamos equipamento para fazer snorkeling;

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Kayaking Safari with dolphins and turtles
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