Shark cage diving in Gansbaai

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Are you ready to go Shark cage diving in Gansbaai?

This Shark diving experience in Gansbaai will take you to see sharks up very closely, inside of a cage attached to a boat.  The experience starts in Gansbaai. After check-in, we will provide you with an important safety briefing and serve you breakfast.

After receiving all the important information and eating breakfast, we will go for a short walk to Kleinbaai Harbour. There, we will get aboard on the boat, offering you the best cage diving experience, to see the amazing sharks from nearby. Once the boat has arrived at a good shark spot, the crew will start to attract the sharks by feeding them with tuna and other fish

When the first shark has been spotted, you will have the chance to get into the cage and experience the magnificence of these animals just meters away.
For those who fear getting inside of the cage, you can stay aboard the boat, as the sharks can also be seen from outside of the water. Onboard you will also be treated with drinks and snacks.

After all excitement, we will return to the initial meeting point, to eat a light lunch and see the video images of the day. We are certain everyone will feel some adrenaline and excitement during this experience. This experience will take about 4 hours. Our boat can take up to 18 people

This experience depends on weather conditions, as sharks are not kept in captivity, we can't guarantee you will see a white sharks, but the chances are high.
Try to convince your group of friends and/or family and let’s go Shark diving in Gansbaai!

* Round transfers from Cape Town are an extra ZAR800 per person.

●     Exciting cage diving with the sharks;
●     Snacks and drinks included;
●     Take fantastic pictures during this tour;
●     On-board commentary and safety briefing included.
Don’t forget:
●     Bring sunscreen, swimming gear and a towel;
●     Bringing something warm may be smart too;
●     This Shark diving in Cape Town gets often fully booked, that’s why we recommend to book in advance!
●     Check-in should be done at False bay 15 min. before departure;
●     Detailed operator information, including phone number and address, is included on your confirmation email.


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Shark cage diving in Gansbaai
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